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24-12-2019 04:15

Happy Holidays everyone!

Time for the usual treasure hunt, look at the picture and pick your spot!
1 spot per person
Ends when Mrs Claus leaves and the winners and prizes will be announced shortly after.

We will try to keep the table as up to date as possible, but please look to see if your spot is free. If you do pick a spot that is already taken we will slot you in to the nearest available spot after adding everyone else who has picked a spot at the time we're updating.

Good luck!!

A1Prowler A2oliver_queen A3Dracarys A4boss_hogg A5Amr A6Dark Neroxus A7dolmarion A8Alissera A9LadyHawk A10master1987 A11 A12Jaenelle A13maeb A14Naphta A15Tintin2007 A16 A17aussiebeast A18Bratuuu A19Johan
B1bdwhite34 B2KingBatfink B3Zomb B4Zakkary B5chanmr B6Foxy B7Prometheus B8Amaranthe B9Bliss B10Bombers B11Soonrgon B12bobbothegreat B13piewie B14Gero B15 B16barun511 B17 B18 B19
C1RenKhoda C2Miknah C3Mona C4Ascotvale C5Bassman C6CheezyRN C7Lords Red Night C8Liu Bei C9JackGrimm C10Koban Knight C11Loki C12Liah C13Arivae C14MrsWiggy C15Appy C16 C17Truant C18 C19Bizkiteater
D1Dirk D2Billy_Lee D3monsters2343 D4Mill D5blubbber D6Savage D7Mithrae D8Missylee D9Jehan D10ShiversD11drowqueen D12Ceba D13gurlygurl D14 D15 D16 D17Puddles D18DukeDomo D19
E1Cousin Bubba E2Charest E3Shinji_Ikari E4Hellixtrips E5kagiscon E6Stuball E7John E8 E9Integral E10Synth E11owl22 E12richrich E13Traveller E14bellabell3 E15LaurenciusX E16incubusking E17cubanb E18 E19Professor
F1a_f_c F2kitz2112 F3Felix F4Brina F5Red F6Simple F7devildog F8Preff F9bigguyda F10Bcnu F11The King Fin F12Xune F13Stunts F14Kevdawgg F15Fatty F16 F17 F18Apocolypse F19Voodoo
G1EzSilver G2Bigbarrelgutted G3vukso G4Toffy G5Catsocks G6Archaios G7Gods Messenger G8Greensky G9Kilroy G10Glenn G11Spooff G12firefighter62 G13meh G14Vonstuker G15 G16By Tor G17Gaztplymouth G18 G19
H1Rouby H2jamestowner H3Da_Mole H4Grand Zeno H5lizardking H6wikid H7St0rmz_ H8Ryuuk H9One Burnt Pea H10DiamondDemon H11skylineer H12Marsular H13hillys H14Scary Bacon H15stone666 H16 H17Ham H18 H19Zenith
I1Gumby I2nighthunter I3Dusk I4Svava I5Neslon I6Foozard I7Baspall I8iota I9Sherlockiama I10hijohn23 I11Blackout Vision I12beowulf I13Metzel I14anitamoorehouse I15 I16Sal I17LingLing I18Jamha I19
J1woowoowig J2I Hate Bob J3Raj J4Acrobatic Hobo J5Tisanto J6grumpy J7Takisha J8qcm J9Burnt Cod J10Jeep Life
J11Edge J12LeapOnOver J13poley J14Evil Mage J15matty J16TheBeast J17Jim J18LagJ19Errant
K1Lady Jynx K2tdb22 K3Cari K4Affliction K5Thundurus K6Zebby K7TermaMatrix K8Godshand K9freddo814 K10kozmik K11koman13 K12Rope K13ryry117 K14Karmatiic K15 K16MNML K17SelsK18Skebenga K19
L1lister L2Yuuko L3tim408 L4Cast L5Brandon L6Talk2Bill L7Dragosani L8Flipper L9pook1e L10 L11Lilypurr L12Kat L13Darwinn L14Balcarres L15Lodes L16Esentic L17Xerano L18Tike L19TheCaptain
M1Dorset Madman M2AncientWarrior M3HolyEvil M4montimus M5Spooky Ghostie M6Marley M7MMAD419 M8yandiman1 M9Tipsy Lights M10pipsterM11Intro Vert M12Moon Shadow M13Spidy M14Hatertot M15DigitalJester M16Skyla M17Surgeslayer2 M18mrs claus M19misteeq
N1poetic justice N2JoWickerman N3neggie333 N4chaosgothic N5Nuthouse N6Lamb N7Twitxhy N8Chornaya N9Redwingz N10AvengedAngel N11Dyla N12cracker0509 N13Vampyre N14ExcessBadger N15Ankit N16Ozymandias N17Nymph N18zoefmaister N19
O1Queenie O2Azbekkiem O3Pendragon O4Valkyrie O5KevalaaO6Borneo O7Mrs Dash
O8Totsmom O9Jeffreyj O10Kvarek O11smitts O12breeze O13cas O14TheGhettoBadger O15sweetsyde O16Oberon O17Clydex O18 O19Maradoona
P1QuiriniusP2Okies P3CalliopeP4Palamedes P5Aetris P6DragonicKnight P7lastknight P8Arioch P9Billse P10Pandike P11Badbooda P12Goosh P13rodos P14Warlordthurston P15Deedar P16Tha_Junky P17Atto P18Resylencia P19button_86
Q1A wild JR Q2Assilim Q3fraggelmupp Q4Latvian_Knight Q5kkman Q6Fabius Q7Quadiam Q8Lipizzan Q9Black Q10lilfirecracker Q11Thor Q12loveless Q13redhdsrbtr Q14Quiffin BounceQ15 Q16Stolo Q17Fingers Q18Blaidd_Drwg Q19
R1steel1 R2Lord_Tyranno R3Krayte R4Hagar R5Lilyan R6Spendy R7BrennusR8Bock R9Letedy R10Penguins In Boots R11ela R12Basic R13Rag R14 R15elftron R16Jorman R17Sayyadina R18remo R19
S1Veltto S2Merek S3Sephiroth S4vatsuak S5tiggger S6JoveS S7me_again S8Decyfer S9Masque S10Gargonite S11kailas S12adik S13Thief S14BlueSharkS15black dragon S16Thorne S17personer S18GreatScottie S19Sahuagin

12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar

15:50 Evil Mage[~ADV~]: I am a pretty much useless tool on most days :P
Mr. Addy
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27-12-2019 00:33

Congratulations to all the winners! Prizes will be give out over the day, but this will take time so please don't whipser me asking why you didn't get your prize until at least tomorrow if you haven't received it.

Location Winner Prize
A7 dolmarion 10 Locked small chest
F1 a_f_c 10 Locked moldy chest
Q2 Assilim 10 Locked christmas present
N17 Nymph 10 Locked christmas present
J7 Takisha 10 Locked christmas present
Q11 Thor 15 Locked christmas present
A12 Jaenelle 1 Event of your choice
J9 Burnt Cod 15 Locked christmas present
C13 Arivae 10 Locked christmas present
D7 Mithrae 1 Candy Cane hammer
N2 JoWickerman 20 Locked christmas present
S16 Thorne 10 Locked small chest
B1 bdwhite34 10 Locked christmas present
J18 Lag 1 Rainbow rudolph christmas stocking
H7 St0rmz_ 10 Locked christmas present
L18 Tike 10 Locked christmas present
R18 remo 10 Locked christmas present
P19 button_86 10 Locked christmas present
E5 kagiscon 20 Locked christmas present
J2 I Hate Bob 10 Locked christmas present
E4 Hellixtrips 10 Locked christmas present
G14 Vonstuker 10 Locked christmas present
S15 black dragon 20 Locked christmas present
C11 Loki 10 Locked small chest
F10 Bcnu 10 Locked sarcophagus
F9 bigguyda 15 Locked christmas present
F3 Felix 25 Locked christmas present
I18 Jamha 20 Locked christmas present
P18 Resylencia 15 Locked christmas present
D4 Mill 10 Locked moldy chest
H11 skylineer 1 Event of your choice
P7 lastknight 15 Locked christmas present
K11 koman13 20 Locked christmas present
Q1 A wild JR 10 Locked small chest
O15 sweetsyde 10 Locked christmas present
R15 elftron 10 Locked ancient chest
N12 cracker0509 20 Locked christmas present
P1 Quirinius 1 Christmas Dove
P16 Tha_Junky 15 Locked christmas present
F7 devildog 25 Locked christmas present
A9 LadyHawk 20 Locked christmas present
A3 Dracarys 10 Locked ancient chest
B8 Amaranthe 1 Snowman snow globe 2019
D9 Jehan 15 Locked christmas present
J4 Acrobatic Hobo 25 Locked christmas present
P11 Badbooda 10 Locked ancient chest
J3 Raj 10 Locked christmas present
E10 Synth 15 Locked christmas present
J19 Errant 10 Locked ancient chest
H9 One Burnt Pea 25 Locked christmas present
H3 Da_Mole 20 Locked christmas present
F11 The King Fin 10 Locked sarcophagus
O6 Borneo 1 Rainbow snowman christmas stocking
E7 John 10 Locked christmas present
N16 Ozymandias 10 Locked sarcophagus
K9 freddo814 1 Candy Cane spade
N14 ExcessBadger 10 Locked small chest
B3 Zomb 1 Event of your choice
B12 bobbothegreat 10 Locked small chest
C19 Bizkiteater 10 Locked sarcophagus
P4 Palamedes 1 Event of your choice
I7 Baspall 1 Sleigh snow globe 2019
R8 Bock 10 Locked small chest
C14 MrsWiggy 1 Puppy claws
C4 Ascotvale 10 Locked christmas present
S6 JoveS 15 Locked christmas present
S8 Decyfer 10 Locked christmas present
L8 Flipper 10 Locked moldy chest
I5 Neslon 15 Locked christmas present
M2 AncientWarrior 1 Snowman
N11 Dyla 1 Rainbow santa christmas stocking
G3 vukso 10 Locked christmas present
L12 Kat 10 Locked small chest
F8 Preff 1 Tinsel Net
I8 iota 1 Candy Cane Staff
E3 Shinji_Ikari 10 Locked ancient chest
I3 Dusk 1 Snowwoman
N18 zoefmaister 15 Locked christmas present
S2 Merek 1 Candy Cane pickaxe
R3 Krayte 25 Locked christmas present
R7 Brennus 1 Santa snow globe 2019
B7 Prometheus 10 Locked christmas present
K14 Karmatiic 15 Locked christmas present
F19 Voodoo 1 Striped rainbow fish
N5 Nuthouse 10 Locked moldy chest
P3 Calliope 20 Locked christmas present
O9 Jeffreyj 1 Event of your choice
S9 Masque 10 Locked sarcophagus
I10 hijohn23 15 Locked christmas present
F18 Apocolypse 10 Locked moldy chest
B13 piewie 15 Locked christmas present
L6 Talk2Bill 1 Candy Cane lockpick
G2 Bigbarrelgutted 20 Locked christmas present
O7 Mrs Dash 10 Locked christmas present
K10 kozmik 1 Candy Cane hatchet
L7 Dragosani 10 Locked small chest
L9 pook1e 15 Locked christmas present
F12 Xune 10 Locked christmas present
A2 oliver_queen 1 Christmas cauldron
M16 Skyla 15 Locked christmas present

Event of your choice prizes:
You may choose a skill event and level requirement (e.g. type of ore, level of the forest, etc.) or a creature and the location and time for it to hit.

If you are one of the 3 people who won an event of your choice, these come with a few minor conditions:
- The time given needs to be in game time.

- Events can't be holiday creatures, these creatures are not available to event mods outside the holiday they are linked too.

- Large creatures can't be placed on Remer.

- If you choose a dragon, it must be placed in Arch caves 3.

- The amount sent will be 1000 for most, but may depend on event chosen (e.g. if you pick a group fight it will be 1, rare/harder to obtain resources will be lower).

- If you want your event before the current events are finished you need to choose an empty location.

- To book your event, send a ticket with the event, location and game time of your choice to Game Info.

Congratulations winners!
12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar

15:50 Evil Mage[~ADV~]: I am a pretty much useless tool on most days :P
Only users can reply.

Forum -> Contests -> Official Contest #126

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