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02-12-2019 11:51

Welcome to Syrn-IAY! The free-to-play interactive game where I ask questions and you give answers!
Unfortunately the previous thread was deleted but Syrn-IAY is back!

Every week, I will ask a question and anyone may respond with an answer.Those with the funniest, wackiest and most creative answers win! I will personally pick my favorite three answers to win.

This week's question:
#1 Since it's that time of the year again, what is on your Christmas wish list?
Prize: 5 Ltbs each

Remember I'm looking for the funniest, most creative answers. Good luck!
Prize contributors will be greatly appreciated!

Edited on 02-12-2019 13:21
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Mr. Addy
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02-12-2019 12:04

For invasions to launch when I'm awake
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[2]14:53 Amr[World]: this is called autism

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02-12-2019 12:10

Diablo 3 for the nintendo switch. Underwear. Gift card to my local bookstore. That is my WL. Underwear makes an annual appearance on my list >.>
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02-12-2019 12:29

I have been naughty, so I am looking forward to Santa giving me my coal...again ;)
R.I.P. Kelly
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02-12-2019 15:57

A +2 dura hockey stick... I keep breaking them
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One Burnt Pea
02-12-2019 17:30

Secret santa stuff from everyone so i can die with it again but this time its arch NE
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02-12-2019 19:15

I want Santas elves to respect my privacy!
03-12-2019 04:57

to find out what my wife spent all of our money on
03-12-2019 07:09

Im about that age where i hope i get socks and undies for xmas this year
Dark Neroxus
04-12-2019 11:13

A life.
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04-12-2019 18:37

some time to sleep!
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04-12-2019 21:30

For the Pope to admit it was all just a bit of fantasy role play gone horribly wrong.
05-12-2019 03:43

To go one day without choobing!
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