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23-11-2019 22:58

As title. Nuthouse mentions this in the other post, but reposting here since I think its the clearest and simplest change, and it could use some targeted feedback.

Recommend: 80-99| 100-119 | 120-149 | 150+, but anything works

Edited on 24-11-2019 08:19
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Mr. Addy
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23-11-2019 23:06

Please do this...

I played syrnia when I was 12 years old. Came back at age 18 or 19 because I missed how fun the BM is. Now im CL 88, its back and I have to fight against players in pura… Im still in gold armor.
23-11-2019 23:56

Forum -> Feedback -> BM feedback

Probably coulda gone there instead of having multiple posts.. (which has already been mentioned in the other post)
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Dark Neroxus
24-11-2019 00:01

no just because you posted it in BM feedback and made a post here xD
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24-11-2019 00:35

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24-11-2019 07:20

Yes. Would like to see everyone have a chance. Not fair to ask people in gold to go against people who can pretty much breathe on them and kill them.
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24-11-2019 23:15

totally a yes from me.
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OG Zeus
25-11-2019 04:38

The (CL) bracket for sure needs adjusting.
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Forum -> Feedback -> Create BM splits post CL 80

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