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15-11-2019 21:34

For those of you who missed the chat announcement, the development team have fixed the battlemage and it is working again! You can enter the Battlemage via Kinam for mainlanders or Toothen for pirates.

Because it's been a while I'll give a quick run through on how it works.

Firstly, no food, locked items or containers can be brought into the arena so make sure you store on the way.

There is a 15 minute timer before the start time for each fight, so make sure you are in the arena tent before the scheduled start time or you will miss out.

The fight is like an Outlands fight in that is it a free for all fight, but you don't lose anything when you die, so you are safe to wear your best fighting equipment to give yourself a better chance.

Happy hunting!
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Forum -> Announcements -> Battlemage

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