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30-10-2019 07:37

I know we are all curious and have tons of questions about the updates and events so I figured I'd share some info - this time.

Mariners Locker and Mariners Depths. This, along with the addition of the long boat to get there and work, is a gap fill for levels of fish for both fishing and cooking. The timing has nothing to do with Halloween. It was simply added at this time because we had the necessary help to do so.

Maadi and the construction and trading level training upped to lvl 80.
This update was done with other future updates in mind and is the first step in these.

New Scary and King spiders added to Sorer Lair.
These 2 creatures are added to increase opportunity to fight and have more variance.

Bald Eagle Invasion monsters.
Added bald eagle boots to the mix as a perk for speed training. Also bringing back the concept of rare but helpful items.

Flowers images update.
First step in making sure all of the flowers and images are how we want them to be so we can move forward and include all flowers and bouquets at the various florists in the game

News page fixed as part of the transitioning of the information updates to come. The Manual has some updates and is constantly being worked on to become more useful.

New direction on special items.
While this isnt an update, many are wondering why special event items are no longer able to be silked. The idea is that holiday items are not to replace regular items but instead provide a temporary boost. Breakage is a long-term concept that needs to be addressed and I am working the math out now. You have a choice, put the item in your collection or use the boost and take the risk it breaks. I remember the days when we were crushed when a Koban Axe broke and I like that choice - collect or risk it.

Halloween events specifically.
Rose Gates Serpentehelm Farms event - This represents the new direction of finding ways to help people work on skills during the holidays and get some cool stuff without fighting.
New Monsters - Part of the long term, well publicized idea to have several different options available for each holiday and be able to change from NPC and monster set to another from year to year.
Spectre chests - introduction of large amounts of chests to help boost thieving and have a chance at cool items but also keep them rare.
New NPC - same as monsters
Maranda - The world is a lesser place without you.
Mr. Addy
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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Announcements -> Updates

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