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30-10-2019 02:23

2 new fishing spots are available, Mariners Locker and Mariners Depths.

Mariners Locker
You get here by sailing from Burning Beach. You can pay the 1000gp fee to sail here or use your long boat to get here for free.

Once here you can fish with your long boat with a net or rod to catch four fish:

Name LevelToolExpCooking levelCooking expHP
Bone Fish60Net1406018016
Coral Fish65Rod2006520017
Wolf Fish70Net2207022518

Mariners Depths
You can sail here from the Locker, it takes 1000 gold or it's free with your long boat. There is another 4 fishing you can catch here with your long boat and a tool:

NameLevelToolExpCooking levelCooking expHP
Lantern Fish90Rod4509545021
Lantern Squid105Net50011050023
Salmon Shark140Net1050145105027

Sailing back to the Mariners Locker from Mariners Depths or to Burning Beach from Mariners locker is free whether you use a long boat or the NPC ship.

Cooking the fish uses wood and can be done at any cooking location except Thabis.
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Forum -> Announcements -> Mariners Locker and Depths

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