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16-10-2019 11:20

Hi all, clanleader of Snake. We have two others who help me run the clan Dregozone a level 105 cook, KingBatfink a level 120 smith.

So this is not my usual we take all post, even though we do. We have now evolved into being able to handle all levels. We are needing FIGHTERS. FISHERS, MINERS, WOODCUT as well as one person to help keep food flowing by growing crops for the exp in farming.

To new players all are welcomed. We are a swap what you have for what you need. We can help with the low level under 40 level stuff free. Above that no freebies, exchange preferred.

Message KingBatfink or Dregozone with info on what your goals are, how you might help us and any needs you might have.

Look forwards to seeing you slithering into an established clan that was started to help new players and is now the only place I could be permanently.

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16-12-2019 00:01

Can I join, please?
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Forum -> Clans -> Snake recruiting.

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