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12-06-2019 04:53

The start of this story

Once upon a time, well actually about 15 years ago, there were 3 wizards of great power. Myzad the Fearless, a master of Water spells, an ale drinking specialist and brawling brawler. Midnight is a Grand Druidess, bending Nature magic to her will and generally looking after all things free and wild. Kreechor, a Koban Archmage with a talent for Earth magic and a love for intrigue and treasure. They had all been taught their magical abilities by the greatest wizard of our times, The Dark One. The Dark One had recently attempted to take control of Syrnia but failed and all sign of him had disappeared from the land (that is another story for another time). With the three now free to shape Syrnia how they desired, they went their separate ways.

Water Wizardry

Myzad bought a boat he named Crab Nest Cutter and weighed anchor just off the coast of Skull Island. Here he could join in Pirate raids and drinking at Skull nose with good friend, Captain Keelhail. After a while he craved a more challenging fight so when not raiding or drinking, in another words, when nursing a hangover, he was working on his greatest magic achievement, the Water Rift.

The Water Rift spell created a dimensional one way portal from another world into the world of Syrnia. He tested his first rift in Thick jungle, hidden away from prying eyes and success, creatures from another world started moving through the rift. Lizardmen of all shapes and sizes set up camp in Thick jungle. So began Myzad's quest to set rifts in different locations and see if a strong and therefore worthy challenge for him and his Pirates would ever come through one. Spider type creatures at Sorer Lair, Griffins at Mordor, small dinosaurs on Exrollia and other assortments of monsters all over the world but none were the real fight Myzad was looking for...


The last rift he would ever placed was at Sanfew, and through it came adventurers called Players. These humans while seemingly weak at first, craved treasure and grew in strength at an extremely quick rate. Here was a race of creatures that Myzad could fight and loot for all their treasures. While he wanted to challenge them, he also needed them to stay around and alive to grow stronger (and get better/more treasure) so started working on his next great Spell: Global Resurrection.

This spell only worked on Players and had the effect of resurrecting them at Sanfew with all their memories intact but without their treasure (later modified to include Crabs Nest when Captain Keelhail started recruiting Players). This way they could become stronger over time and Myzad could enjoy looting them over and over.

Nurturing Nature

Midnight Silverbeam would be considered the nicest of all the wizards. Helping anyone and any creature in need. She just loved nature in its entirety and the one person she could never have, Myzad. Midnight desired to live with Myzad above all else but it was a one way love, as Myzad's true love was and always will be the Sea (or so Midnight thought, but that comes later in the story). So she mounted her giant Bald eagle and flew to the top of Mount Vertor where she created a tower to live in. Here she lived in peace, visiting Bluebell at Eully and teaching the fairy some basic enchantment spells. All was right in the natural order of the world until Myzad started messing with things.

Midnight watched as these new Players stumbled and bumbled across the land of Remer and instantly felt pity for the poor creatures. Some had issues working out how move to a new location while others couldn't work out how to use a hatchet or cook some shrimp.

So Midnight created a small island with basic tasks and signs with easy instructions to help these new players assimilate. She named the place Newcomers Island but later changed it to Tutorial island as the Players like things explained simply. She then moved the Sanfew rift onto this island and watch with success as Players learnt how to work and play in Syrnia much easier.

But moving the rift angered Myzad, how dare she move his rift without his permission. He demanded she return it instantly. Midnight was used to Myzad raving and ranting (typical male) so had already come up with a plan to appease him. She promised a spell that would result in Myzad being able to loot more items from Players. With the help of Bluebell, Midnight cast a spell called Fairy Feather.

Fairy feather caused every item in the world to become weightless and miniature when picked up and when not in use. With this spell in effect, Players could carry an unlimited amount of resources and when they died, dropped to the ground in a huge pile. It also meant that multiple and large items could be placed in small chests, a nice unexpected side effect. This pleased Myzad and he returned back to Skull satisfied.

Earthen Elementals

Kreechor left the surface world and headed back into Arch caves, taking over The Dark One's lair in Arch cave Deep. Here he continued studying all the Dark Ones books and experiments in peace, while being guarded by his Kin. He would have been happy to be left alone there for years but once again, Myzad's meddling upset things even in Arch caves. At the time, only Kobans and their favourite food (bats) inhabited the caves. That was until one of Myzad's rifts introduced Spiderlings and of course, those annoying, cave entering Players. He needed his secret lair to remain undiscovered so went to work creating better defences in Arch caves.

Firstly, he caved in the passages between Arch cave 4 and Arch cave 5 forever sealing the dragons away (at the time anyways). Then cast permanent darkness and confusion on all locations in Arch cave 3. Unfortunately, even getting lost for hours didn't deter the Players from plundering Arch 4 and it's riches. Time for Kreechor to up his game and create an army, the greatest Syrnia has seen since the Elven/Ogre war during The Dark Ones reign.

Using the elements he had around him, he combined the earth itself, shaped into humanoid form, added Silver to the outside of them (Silver being the easiest ore for magic to enchant) and then inserting gem fragments into the head and cast an animate object spell to create the very first Gaman, A Silver Scaled Gaman. It was huge breakthrough, these were strong, dangerous and reliable. He started making many of them and sent them to collect materials to make more and different varieties. Kreechor then sent the weaker versions to the higher levels of the caves while saving the strongest ones for Arch 5 and Arch Deep. The Silver Scaled Gamans while not the strongest, were his favourite and became his own personal guards.

Gaman in the Koban language means Gem (Gam) and Being (an) likewise Koban translates into Kin (Kob) and Being (an), in fact all Koban consider themselves family and no violence between Kobans has ever been reported.

Kreechor's feelings towards Players did a complete backflip shortly afterwards. One Player carrying an enormous amount of loot died in Arch caves and his natural greed was sparked once the death drop was carried into his lair by his servants. If Players were silly enough to carry THAT much treasure in dangerous areas, maybe it was time to encourage them into the Caves instead of trying to drive them away.

He then created a magic box that require a combination to open and contained a random treasure chest (locked item). The only fault with them was they were too easy and quick to open, so studying The Dark Ones tomes, he found reference to a time stop spell. Which he adjusted and applied to the combination chests so they could only be attempted every 20 seconds.

The Time Stop spell formed many ideas in Kreechor's devious mind and with the many resources, and creatures found within Arch caves, Kreechor started working on the most ambitious and complicated spell attempted by any of the mages. Incorporating Locked chests, combination chests, various rare ores, Gamans to guard the ores, Dragons and their mutated offspring (called Dinos by Players) he began casting the Kreechor Arch Cave Spawn Spell.

The Spawn Spell created locked chests to appear on the floor at random locations in Arch cave 2. Combination chests to spawn in Arch 2, 4 or 5. Ore veins to spawn in Arch cave 4, to attract miners deeper into dangerous areas. Gamans and ores in Arch 5 so he could collect them and make more gamans.
Dragons and "Dinos" were also caught in the spell having been weakened by The Dark One years before. The spell itself was so complicated that it takes a full minute before it comes into effect (hence it is cast on repeat every 15 minutes starting on the hour, but the spawns themself didn't happen until 1 minute later). The Dragons, having magical abilities tried resisting the spell and were partially effective in doing that as often the Spawn spell fails and no Spawns happen for that 15 minute period. The Spawn spell did affect other areas of Arch Cave but as they are undiscovered its best not discussed here

Kreechor had turned Arch caves into the greatest Death trap and he could relax in Deep cave to study while the gamans collected loot for him. A true masterpiece.

Trouble between the Trio

Midnight watched as her former colleges seemed to delight in the death of these poor misguided Players and pleaded with them to stop and let peace fully fall on the realms but to no avail. The loot these Players dropped all the time was too tempting for Kreechor and Myzad just loved fighting and watching them get stronger. Midnight did her best to help and encourage the Players so they could survive better.

Myzad was drawn to the bravery of the Players and with the help of Captain Keelhail, created the pirate stockhouse. They opened Skull island to these Players and even allowed one to become the Pirate General. It was a great success and Pirates became a loved feature of the lands. It also became the downfall of the mages, you see, one of the Pirate Generals was a dark-haired beauty by the name of Ladyraven143.

Myzad became infatuated with Ladyraven143, so started wooing her. It didn't take Midnight long to notice the connection between the lovers and the full fury of nature magic started flowing through her body. No longer was she going to watch and help, but time to unleash the true power of Nature and it was aimed squarely at Myzad.

She confronted Myzad on his ship, only to find him completely inebriated after a long night at Skull Nose with the Captain and General. She turned Myzad to stone with a blink of an eye and sailed the ship out to the reef. Summoning her eagle, she flew into the sky and with one last spell, caused the wood to warp on the bow of the ship and it sunk slowly into the sea.

She turned the eagle toward Heerchey Island, time to deal with Kreechor now.

Midnight fought her way through Arch 2, stumbled through Arch 3 (even her spells couldn't disable the magical darkness or confusion) and worked her way into Arch 4 from which she then walked through the wall to the start of Arch 5, nothing short of Kreechor's destruction was going to stop her.

But Kreechor had other ideas, having watched Midnight dispose of Myzad and fight her way through most of Arch caves, he started to prepare himself for the final battle. Casting every protection spell against nature and with his army of Silver scaled gamans, he was ready to confront her in Arch 5.

Midnight spotted Kreechor amongst his gamans and noticed the smug look on his face. He wasn't even casting or ordering his minions to attack, just waiting for her to make the first move. She had fallen into his trap and his home ground advantage, and she was going to pay for that mistake… or was she?

She started casting a spell, a long and involved one, all while Kreechor confident in his protection and abilities, just smiled, savouring the moment.

Her spell finished with a flash....


Kreechor and his army still standing there...

Then she smiled...

Never had Kreechor felt fear like he did that moment...

A silver scaled hand grabbed Kreechor's right arm, followed by another grabbing is other arm. It was at this precise moment Kreechor realised his mistake and Midnight had outplayed him. While he was fully protected from spells, his gamans were not and she had charmed them all.

Midnight ordered the two Silver Gamans holding Kreechor to take him back to his lair but never let go of his arms...EVER. The rest were ordered to follow and cave-in all the tunnels between Arch 5 and Deep caves and to stay guarding the lair.

Midnight left the caves, jumped on her eagle and was last seen flying to the north.

None of the three mages were seen again.

Until now...
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