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03-05-2019 20:19

Mod Recruitment

We have a some openings in the mod team that we are looking to fill. There are only a few opening so if you are easily disappointed it might be better not applying.

We have a a few criteria that needs to be filled:

  • Have been a Syrnia player for 1 year+

  • A mature player with good player punishment history

  • Good at working alone and as part of a team

  • Able to commit to a very minimum 2 Hours Mod work per day (average)

  • Have excellent communication skills

  • You should send your expression of interest via ticket to Registration/Game information department.

    Your expression of interest should only include the following details:

  • Game Name:

  • Time playing the game (This should be copy/ pasted from your stats)
  • Example:
    You have been playing Syrnia for 39022 hours and 54 minutes.
    You joined Syrnia 4133 days ago, you are player number 173886.

  • Estimated Time available to dedicate to Mod/ day (average).

  • Your Location and time zone.

  • Please give the title to ticket Mod application

  • Expressions of interest need to be sent by 10th May 2019 at 12:00 game time.

  • Once your expression of interest has been received we will run a few basic checks. After the checks, application forms will be sent to those moving to the next stage of recruitment.

    Any questions can be sent via ticket to Registration/Game information department and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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