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20-04-2019 09:11

Happy Easter!

Turns out I can tell the difference between the edit and the delete so when I went to edit the table I accidently deleted it.
If you entered but don't see your name, please enter again!

I'm sorry for the mess up

Time for the usual treasure hunt, look at the picture and pick your spot!
1 spot per person
Ends when the Easter Egg Thief leaves and the winners and prizes will be announced shortly after.

We will try to keep the table as up to date as possible, but please look to see if your spot is free. If you do pick a spot that is already taken we will slot you in to the nearest available spot after adding everyone else who has picked a spot at the time we're updating.

Good luck!!

A1Hxde A2Cousin Bubba A3Zomb A4Lamb A5Amr A6aussiebeast A7Sinistar A8Assilim A9grumpy A10Rex Homicidium A11AliGator A12DigitalJester A13dixierose A14pook1e A15Lord_Tyranno
B1bdwhite34 B2KingBatfink B3bellabell3 B4Foozard B5barun511 B6Marley B7breeze B8Muto B9freddo814 B10kitz2112 B11FarmerKB12Basic B13Bratuuu B14loveless B15
C1Masque C2ghost69er C3Spooky C4jamestowner C5CheezyRN C6Kumiko C7skylineer C8xavier C9CrazyChick09 C10Bliss C11TempestMare C12Balcarres C13Miknah C14 C15
D1Lodes D2lizardking D3gurlygurl D4Dusk D5JoveS D6Foxy D7Dirk D8diabloii D9Mr Tiddles D10TheBeast D11daniels D12Ceba D13kkman D14EzSilver D15Mithrae
E1tim408 E2ToberTheDino E3Genie E4Smeagol E5Jeep Life E6Thundurus E7Red E8Quadiam E9Integral E10iota E11Z3ll E12LadyHawk E13Metzel E14Liah E15
F1Cal F2JoWickerman F3GrLxxPwr F4rubella F5Steel F6wikid F7bigguyda F8yandiman1 F9GODofLIGHT F10Bcnu F11Nymph F12chaosgothic F13Headless Cross F14teohweichin F15Jamha
G1Vonstuker G2Lilith G3ZBKeeper79 G4incubusking G5Gods Messenger G6elftron G7devildog G8Palamedes G9meh G10Zakkary G11Elar G12Archaios G13cas G14Puddles G15Errant
H1BlueThunder H2desti H3Soonrgon H4Veltto H5Stuball H6Prometheus H7Cruz Nairb H8zoefmaister H9Kvarek H10Synth H11Prowler H12huntress H13 H14bifelis H15
I1Ignis Mundi I2owl22 I3boss_hogg I4smitts I5OG Zeus I6Lilyan I7Raptorhayzus I8TheCaptain I9Voodoo I1000hed I11Amira I12Cheiron I13Vampyre I14 I15Skyla
J1John J2blurkies J3sweetsyde J4fitkoh J5Zebby J6Tintin2007 J7Blackout Vision J8Twitxhy J9Sylphise J10nighthunter J11woowoowig J12TermaMatrix J13Clydex J14Evil Mage J15poley
K1adik K2Flipper K3Stolo K4Androz K5remo K6Cast K7Cari K8Truant K9One Burnt Pea K10Shivers K11Toffy K12Billy_Lee K13Tha_Junky K14Dracarys K15Kundar
L1Dragosani L2Aetris L3 L4babyjj6789 L5Nuthouse L6Scary Bacon L7Xerano L8Redwingz L9Logger8s L10CrunchyOreos L11Spidy L12Gaztplymouth L13Lilypurr L14Karmatiic L15Ham
M1montimus M2EdgeShot M3Wally M4Makhai M5Taze M6DiamondDemon M7Xune M8Rouby M9HolyEvil M10ryry117 M11Kat M12radiognome M13Mr Dash M14Mona M15GreatScottie
N1vatsuak N2OverTurn N3Domantas N4Cheech N5Quirinius N6St0rmz_ N7MMAD419 N8I Hate Bob N9 N10Brina N11Arivae N12Robbing Wood N13Mrs Dash N14Sal N15Gilly
O1Lady Aetris O2Baspall O3Jeffreyj O4Gargonite O5matt25876 O6Felix O7Dragoon227 O8Psych O9Common Sense O10Jim O11Chornaya O12Sweetshotz O13Darwinn O14Resylencia O15MNML
P1oliver_queen P2Knight of the Abyss P3Captain Morgan P4KRAZY_AMY P5dacheezball P6BlueShark P7Vermin P8unit xxi P9Takisha P10Maehm P11Arioch P12Spooff P13piewie P14 P15Deedar
Q1Queenie Q2Whiskey Q3Ankit Q4Atto Q5ela Q6Acrobatic Hobo Q7Talk2Bill Q8Quiffin Bounce Q9Greensky Q10Warlordthurston Q11Karisade Q12pipster Q13kamona Q14Reynn Dogg Q15giZmo
R1RedWyrm R2Zero Two R3Spendy R4Kevalaa R5Edge R6fraggelmupp R7me_again R8crostwyck R9personer R10Rikki R11Fatty R12 R13 R14TheGhettoBadger R15
S1Sahuagin S2Raj S3hillys S4Sphynx S5Tisanto S6seren S7neggie333 S8muffin dude S9Andrew S10samantha2112 S11 S12 S13Thief S14a_f_c S15Anarchy

[3]12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

[2] 06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar
Mr. Addy
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23-04-2019 06:10

Here are the winners and prizes in the random number generators order.
Prizes will appear in inventories soon.

Adding prizes takes time so please Do Not message or whisper staff asking when you will get it within the first 24 hours of this post!

CTRL + F to see if you won!

Location Winner Prize
D9 Mr Tiddles 1 Event of your choice
L8 Redwingz 1 Event of your choice
L2 Aetris 10 Locked ancient chest
Q5 ela 5 Avril
G15 Errant 1 Clydesdale
F2 JoWickerman 5 Avril
O11 Chornaya 20 Locked wooden egg
K5 remo 1 Quartz Fabrege Egg 2019
A3 Zomb 1 Egg thief net
R2 Zero Two 1 Egg thief bag
R11 Fatty 1 Clydesdale
B8 Muto 1 Clydesdale
O5 matt25876 10 Locked toolbox
P9 Takisha 1 Egg thief pants
I11 Amira 10 Locked small chest
P13 piewie 1 Easter chick
K9 One Burnt Pea 10 Locked moldy chest
K12 Billy_Lee 10 Locked wooden egg
J4 fitkoh 20 Locked wooden egg
J1 John 20 Locked wooden egg
G13 cas 5 Spar
M3 Wally 1 Clydesdale
Q6 Acrobatic Hobo 1 Egg thief gloves
C2 ghost69er 1 Egg thief shoes
S10 samantha2112 10 Locked sarcophagus
A1 Hxde 10 Locked sarcophagus
F6 wikid 20 Locked wooden egg
R7 me_again 1 Clydesdale
I13 Vampyre 10 Locked toolbox
O9 Common Sense 20 Locked wooden egg
L11 Spidy 1 Egg thief net
D7 Dirk 10 Locked moldy chest
I1 Ignis Mundi 15 Locked wooden egg
J15 poley 1 Clydesdale
J14 Evil Mage 5 Avril
N1 vatsuak 1 Clydesdale
M5 Taze 5 Avril
C8 xavier 10 Locked sarcophagus
B12 Basic 15 Locked wooden egg
J9 Sylphise 1 Clydesdale
H6 Prometheus 1 Clydesdale
B13 Bratuuu 1 Clydesdale
N11 Arivae 1 Egg thief top
F15 Jamha 1 Egg thief mask
J8 Twitxhy 15 Locked wooden egg
C12 Balcarres 10 Locked wooden egg
P3 Captain Morgan 1 Clydesdale
L6 Scary Bacon 1 Egg thief top
H4 Veltto 1 Clydesdale
H9 Kvarek 10 Locked wooden egg
E14 Liah 1 Spar Fabrege Egg 2019
N15 Gilly 15 Locked wooden egg
H3 Soonrgon 20 Locked wooden egg
S6 seren 20 Locked wooden egg
K2 Flipper 10 Locked moldy chest
D13 kkman 10 Locked small chest
E11 Z3ll 1 Clydesdale
F1 Cal 20 Locked wooden egg
H1 BlueThunder 5 Avril
R14 TheGhettoBadger 5 Spar
F10 Bcnu 15 Locked wooden egg
G9 meh 1 Event of your choice
M7 Xune 1 Clydesdale
F8 yandiman1 1 Event of your choice
A15 Lord_Tyranno 1 Egg thief shoes
C13 Miknah 10 Locked small chest
I6 Lilyan 10 Locked small chest
K4 Androz 10 Locked ancient chest
Q12 pipster 10 Locked moldy chest
L13 Lilypurr 1 Egg thief pants
B5 barun511 5 Spar
P8 unit xxi 10 Locked ancient chest
J3 sweetsyde 20 Locked wooden egg
Q3 Ankit 1 Egg thief bag
P7 Vermin 1 Clydesdale
M1 montimus 10 Locked wooden egg
K14 Dracarys 10 Locked small chest
O4 Gargonite 10 Locked sarcophagus
J13 Clydex 10 Locked toolbox
K13 Tha_Junky 10 Locked toolbox
Q1 Queenie 10 Locked ancient chest
D15 Mithrae 1 Clydesdale
J2 blurkies 10 Locked toolbox
S15 Anarchy 1 Clydesdale
R9 personer 1 Egg thief gloves
Q13 kamona 1 Easter chick
O10 Jim 1 Event of your choice
J5 Zebby 10 Locked wooden egg
L15 Ham 10 Locked sarcophagus
G7 devildog 10 Locked ancient chest
K7 Cari 1 Egg thief mask
B9 freddo814 1 Clydesdale
N4 Cheech 5 Spar
O2 Baspall 1 Clydesdale
N3 Domantas 1 Clydesdale
S9 Andrew 1 Easter chick
L7 Xerano 20 Locked wooden egg
K6 Cast 10 Locked moldy chest
S5 Tisanto 1 Moonstone Fabrege Egg 2019
N5 Quirinius 5 Spar

Event of your choice prizes:
You may choose a skill event and level requirement (e.g. type of ore, level of the forest, etc.) or a creature and the location and time for it to hit.

If you are one of the people who won an event of your choice, these come with a few minor conditions:
- The time given needs to be in game time.

- Events can't be holiday creatures, these creatures are not available to event mods outside the holiday they are linked too.

- Large creatures can't be placed on Remer.

- If you choose an Arch 5 creature, it must be placed in Arch caves 3.

- Puranium and titanium ore is not available (for you to choose or for us to send).

- The amount sent will be 1000 for most, but may depend on event chosen (e.g. if you pick a group fight it will be 1, rare/harder to obtain resources will be lower).

- If you want your event before the current events are finished you need to choose an empty location.

- To book your event, send a ticket with the event, location and game time of your choice to Game Info.

- If you sell your event you need to inform game staff via ticket to Game Info once payment is made so we know who to give the event to.

Congratulations winners!
12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar

15:50 Evil Mage[~ADV~]: I am a pretty much useless tool on most days :P
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