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05-03-2019 00:01

Happy 14th Birthday Syrnia!

Take a look at the image and pick the spot you want!

Everyone can pick 1 location, if the location you chose is taken you will be slotted into the closest available spot.

This contest will run til today and tomorrow, closing at 00:00 on the 7th. Prizes and winners will be posted on the 7th.

As usual we will try to keep the table as updated as possible but please check the guesses above you to make sure your spot isn't already taken.

A1CastA2ArwenA3teohweichinA4BrinaA5AmrA6AndrozA7ToffyA8Tritega A9LilithA10StefanA11ArchaiosA12DigitalJesterA13LilypurrA14KvarekA15Tintin2007
B1BasicB2SirBatfinkB3ZombB4BalcarresB5barun511B6GumbyB7BaspallB8bellabell3B9bobbothegreatB10bdwhite34B11SoonrgonB12EmsarrevB13Mrs DashB14breezeB15Dwarvenwarrior
C1MasqueC2Cousin BubbaC3gurlygurlC4a_f_cC5OG ZeusC6MonaC7Marauder818C8CheezyRNC9CalC10BlissC11Reynn Dogg C12Warlordthurston C13lilfirecrackerC14bencedin C15Redwingz
D1ClydexD2TypoThePotatoD3monsters2343D4DirkD5blubbberD6G BobD7HolyEvilD8fraggelmuppD9SherlockiamaD10drowqueenD11bigdavedee D12Robbing WoodD13SpidyD14blurkies D15pipster
E1dacheezballE2BombersE3EdgeShotE4AscotvaleE5StuballE6RedE7KittieE8ryry117E9IntegralE10AmiraE11Z3llE12PsychE13Kundar E14SynthE15ela
F1FattyF2JolitoraxableF3AttoF4lizardkingF5MaartenF6aussiebeastF7devildogF8GargoniteF9beowulf F10EsenticF11Eugenekoh2F12SlowF13casF14redhdsrbtrF15Kat
H1DiamondDemonH2SpendyH3NinjaPoseidonH4xavierH5ProwlerH6destiH7Cruz NairbH8One Burnt PeaH9HxdeH10QuadiamH11Blackout VisionH12LaurenciusXH13kagisconH14RagH15Ham
I1Ignis MundiI2OverTurnI3skylineerI4QuiriniusI5BadboodaI6Knight of the AbyssI7Shinji_IkariI8NuclearBadger8I9RyuukI10kkmanI11FlipperI12RaptorhayzusI13CheironI14 I15pook1e
J1JohnJ2JamhaJ3KarisadeJ4LilyanJ5woowoowigJ6samantha2112J7TakishaJ8yandiman1J9Lady AetrisJ10CrazyChick09J11SweetshotzJ12LadyHawkJ13PrometheusJ14LCAJ15Errant
K1adikK2owl22K3NuthouseK4VoodooK5wikidK6RaickeK7sweetsydeK8MarsularK9freddo814K10kozmikK11Unknown_NoobK12TermaMatrixK13koman13K14Rope K15Cari
L1jamestownerL2KRAZY_AMYL3TruantL4Common SenseL5oliver_queenL6VenusL7DragosaniL8FoozardL9LambL10Logger8sL11TravellerL12kitz2112L13SkylaL14TheBeastL15Lodes
M1montimusM2FingersM3Laura831M4MakhaiM5MarleyM6XuneM7VerminM8MNMLM9Acrobatic HoboM10ResylenciaM11Jeep LifeM12JiveTurkeyM13Mr DashM14CharestM15Miss Bubbles
N1CheechN2OkiesN3VelttoN4KumikoN5LagN6yara01 N7MMAD419N8RoubyN9AriochN10Iordache11 N11GeelaN12IsaacN13SalN14StoloN15Gilly
O1BlueSharkO2Zero TwoO3AetrisO4ZebbyO5PhillyFan930O6CaveDwellerO7PandikeO8tim408O9ThiefO10incubusking O11TwitxhyO12GreenskyO13 O14 O15Metzel
P1A wild JR P2OfflineP3SherBearP4iotaP5AnkitP6AndrewP7BcnuP8poleyP9AvariciousP10Thiel P11Mill P12ChornayaP13smittsP14TheCaptain P15ApplePieGuy
Q1QueenieQ2Quiffin BounceQ3WhiskeyQ4misteeqQ5Fire StarQ6Jim Q7Billy_LeeQ8Tora Q9nighthunterQ10neggie333Q11zoefmaister Q12Tha_JunkyQ13StuntsQ14ScaryQ15giZmo
R1RedWyrmR2matt25876R3RajR4EdgeR5Rex HomicidiumR6babyjj6789R7BizkiteaterR8mehR9TisantoR10dante1140R11PanteraR12LeapOnOverR13RikkiR14ThundurusR15Lord_Tyranno
S1SahuaginS2AussieSheilaS3LiahS4Mr TiddlesS5By Tor S6Lipizzan S7dixieroseS8KabebS9DeedarS10MutoS11Soju S12DarkFairyKaliS13JoveSS14personerS15Domantas

[3]12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

[2] 06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar
Mr. Addy
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07-03-2019 00:38

Here are the winners and prizes posted in order of the RNG. Use Ctrl+F to see if you are on the winners list.

Prizes have now been given out, please let me know if there are any problems.

Sorry everyone, what happened was I have the table in a template on my computer for these contests and I cleared it after each use. Last time I did that I missed the grid locations, so when I copy/pasted the winners and prizes in, I assumed I have already added in the new winning locations as they were already in the template.

So the results are still the same as it was done with an RNG, I just didn't update the locations.

Congratulations winners!

Location Winner Prize
J13 Prometheus 500 Silver ore
K2 owl22 Gnome summoning orb
D4 Dirk 30 Blue gift
Q15 giZmo 20 Locked small chest
C6 Mona 300 Strawberry seeds
G13 Bratuuu 5 Beryl
M2 Fingers 500 Platina ore
L14 TheBeast 500 Coal
S8 Kabeb 300 Cucumber seeds
I9 Ryuuk 300 Strawberry seeds
J3 Karisade 300 Pear seeds
R6 babyjj6789 500 Platina ore
G14 Vonstuker 500 Gold ore
G10 elftron 5 Avril
P15 ApplePieGuy 300 Pear seeds
F15 Kat 500 Silver ore
S6 Lipizzan 500 Coal
C10 Bliss 500 Iron ore
D14 blurkies 500 Coal
H10 Quadiam 5 Beryl
F11 Eugenekoh2 500 Coal
C7 Marauder818 20 Locked sarcophagus
P14 TheCaptain 500 Gold ore
R7 Bizkiteater 500 Iron ore
F12 Slow 5 Beryl
L5 oliver_queen 30 Red gift
C14 bencedin 5 Avril
L11 Traveller 500 Silver ore
G15 GreatScottie 300 Cucumber seeds
I8 NuclearBadger8 500 Green pepper seeds
B10 bdwhite34 20 Locked ancient chest
N12 Isaac 500 Gold ore
M4 Makhai 5 Diaspore
N4 Kumiko 300 Pear seeds
J12 LadyHawk 500 Silver ore
R5 Rex Homicidium 5 Diaspore
I2 OverTurn 20 Locked ancient chest
B6 Gumby 300 Cucumber seeds
S14 personer 5 Beryl
F9 beowulf 20 Locked small chest
J9 Lady Aetris Event of your choice
C2 Cousin Bubba 20 Locked sarcophagus
I12 Raptorhayzus 5 Diaspore
S10 Muto 300 Pear seeds
N8 Rouby 300 Eggplant seeds
Q1 Queenie 500 Gold ore
B4 Balcarres Elder eagle summoning orb
G5 remo 500 Gold ore
P11 Mill Event of your choice
J11 Sweetshotz 30 Red gift
L2 KRAZY_AMY 500 Coal
P10 Thiel 30 Blue gift
J8 yandiman1 30 Blue gift
F14 redhdsrbtr 300 Eggplant seeds
O2 Zero Two 500 Platina ore
G3 ghost69er 20 Locked small chest
E1 dacheezball 30 Red gift
F2 Jolitoraxable 500 Green pepper seeds
Q11 zoefmaister 20 Locked small chest
C5 OG Zeus 300 Strawberry seeds
M13 Mr Dash 300 Strawberry seeds
K4 Voodoo 500 Platina ore
H15 Ham Event of your choice
E11 Z3ll 300 Eggplant seeds
P2 Offline 5 Diaspore
P3 SherBear 500 Green pepper seeds
G1 CaptainMW 20 Locked small chest
S12 DarkFairyKali 300 Strawberry seeds
R9 Tisanto 500 Iron ore
P4 iota 500 Silver ore
H14 Rag 20 Locked moldy chest
R8 meh 20 Locked moldy chest
A2 Arwen 300 Eggplant seeds
J15 Errant 300 Cucumber seeds
I7 Shinji_Ikari 20 Locked ancient chest
M10 Resylencia 20 Locked moldy chest
I1 Ignis Mundi 30 Blue gift
S7 dixierose 20 Locked moldy chest
Q9 nighthunter 5 Beryl
M5 Marley 500 Iron ore
Q6 Jim 30 Red gift
M12 JiveTurkey 500 Platina ore
S5 By Tor 300 Eggplant seeds
O12 Greensky 20 Locked sarcophagus
E5 Stuball 20 Locked sarcophagus
O11 Twitxhy Event of your choice
D12 Robbing Wood 500 Iron ore
I5 Badbooda 30 Red gift
M6 Xune 300 Pear seeds
C8 CheezyRN 5 Avril
B1 Basic 5 Diaspore
S3 Liah 5 Avril
A10 Stefan 30 Blue gift
H2 Spendy 20 Locked ancient chest
R2 matt25876 300 Cucumber seeds
N7 MMAD419 5 Avril
F3 Atto 20 Locked ancient chest
G12 loveless Event of your choice
H1 DiamondDemon 20 Locked moldy chest
O10 incubusking 20 Locked sarcophagus

Event of your choice prizes:
You may choose a skill event and level requirement (e.g. type of ore, level of the forest, etc.) or a creature and the location and time for it to hit.

If you are one of the 3 people who won an event of your choice, these come with a few minor conditions:
- The time given needs to be in game time.

- Events can't be holiday creatures, these creatures are not available to event mods outside the holiday they are linked too.

- Large creatures can't be placed on Remer.

- Events can't be placed in Arch Caves 4, 5 or in Lost caves.

- If you choose a dragon, it must be placed in Arch caves 3.

- The amount sent will be 1000 for most, but may depend on event chosen (e.g. if you pick a group fight it will be 1, rare/harder to obtain resources will be lower).

- If you want your event before the current events are finished you need to choose an empty location.

- To book your event, send a ticket with the event, location and game time of your choice to Game Info.

- If you sell your event, send a ticket to Game Info to let us know who you sold it to once the payment is made.
[3]12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

[2] 06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar
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