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24-12-2018 00:00

Happy Holidays everyone!

Time for the usual treasure hunt, look at the picture and pick your spot!
1 spot per person
Ends when Mrs Claus leaves and the winners and prizes will be announced shortly after.

We will try to keep the table as up to date as possible, but please look to see if your spot is free. If you do pick a spot that is already taken we will slot you in to the nearest available spot after adding everyone else who has picked a spot at the time we're updating.

Good luck!!

A1lastknight A2Vonstuker A3Quirinius A4boss_hogg A5Zero Two A6Devastator A7Baspall A8 A9FarmerKA10Rouby A11Dragosani A12DigitalJesterA13Atto A14 A15Tintin2007A16 A17aussiebeast A18AssilimA19
B1Masque B2SirBatfink B3Zomb B4Cousin Bubba B5barun511 B6Marley B7Brina B8Palamedes B9breezeB10Amr B11Soonrgon B12beatrizsperezaB13 B14 B15 B16CataLan B17oliver_queenB18 B19bdwhite34
C1NinjaPoseidon C2lizardking C3kkman C4Bassman C5Man C6SpidyC7Kvarek C8Coyoteo C9Hephaistos C10 C11 C12bellabell3C13JackGrimmC14TheBeastC15 C16iota C17 C18Borneo C19mrs claus
D1owl22 D2Rossi D3Maehm D4Dirk D5blubbber D6FoxyD7a_f_c D8Missylee D9fraggelmupp D10drowqueenD11WarlordthurstonD12Ceba D13 D14 D15tim408 D16Pendragon D17 D18 D19
E1LiahE2SkitzE3ghost69erE4Talk2Bill E5Nuthouse E6Red E7 E8Quadiam E9Integral E10 E11Z3llE12 E13Skyla E14Synth E15Isaac E16Vermin E17AcupofJoe E18 E19loveless
F1Dash F2Bliss F3BummieF4Greensky F5Thorntree F6king198 F7Chornaya F8RagF9Clydex F10FattyF11 F12DukeDomo F13VoodooF14 F15 F16 F17Resylencia F18Truant F19
G1Genie G2Okies G3Mr Tiddles G4Mona G5PuddlesG6Shinji_Ikari
G7bigguyda G8G Bob
G9Spooff G10Glenn G11ryry117 G12TempestMare G13meh G14Larissa G15pook1eG16 G17Gaztplymouth G18 G19
H1Prowler H2jamestowner H3Redcap H4poley H5remo H6Prometheus H7Gods Messenger
H8zoefmaister H9chaosgothic H10Totsmom H11NeslonH12Zakkary H13SeraphineH14SmeagolH15 H16 H17destiH18Cruz Nairb H19Stefan
I1Ignis Mundi I2AetrisI3anitamoorehouse I4Gargonite I5Maradoona I6Esentic I7BladeSlayer22I8muffin dudeI9umbraI10Acrobatic Hobo I11PaddyI12LeapOnOver I13master1987I14Lemony I15 I16incubusking I17 I18 I19
J1Jamha J2blurkies J3Lag J4OverTurn J5Arioch J6Kumiko J7Takisha J8Zebby J9CrazyChick09 J10John
J11Zuvan J12misteeqJ13piewie J14LCA J15vuksoJ16 J17 J18Lady AetrisJ19Errant
K1cybrix K2Muto K3Androz K4Anarchy K5Redwingz K6Blaidd_Drwg K7Bcnu K8Rope K9One Snap Pea
K10adik K11OLdemon K12TermaMatrixK13Tha_Junky
K14Unknown_Noob K15 K16 K17Kundar K18Cari K19
L1ThundurusL2freddo814 L3Cheech L4LiteOfGod L5Kevalaa L6Knight of the Abyss L7Algol L8Gumby L9Blackout Vision L10xavier L11LadyHawk L12Hxde L13Vampyre L14Lilypurr L15Lodes L16 L17MNMLL18 L19
M1estonem M2CastM3Common SenseM4Makhai M5HolyEvil M6DrzuessM7Valkyrie M8Psych M9qcmM10Avaricious M11Sayyadina M12PandikeM13angelcorpse M14TheCaptainM15Rydda M16CheezyRN M17bobbothegreat M18ZakuM19
N1PoC_WezN2DeimosN3Charest N4Jim N5radiognomeN6AmiraN7Twitxhy N8samantha2112N9The GrimN10dolmarionN11Flipper N12Astiel N13 N14ch24N15JeshickahN16 N17 N18 N19Gilly
O1 O2Lady Jynx O3 O4A wild JRO5unit xxi O6redhdsrbtrO7 O8masterhateO9 O10 O11edwin_dwianto O12 O13chanmr O14Kat O15 O16Burt O17Balcarres O18 O19cannibalanimal
P1MrZee P2Edge P3Thenidiel P4MillP5devildog P6lilfirecrackerP7Ham P8yandiman1 P9Foozard P10 P11penske P12CaptainSlow P13 P14StoloP15Deedar P16 P17 P18kitz2112 P19
Q1Queenie Q2Quiffin Bounce Q3Tisanto Q4Whiskey Q5king1104Q6Tellwood Q7 Q8MaartenQ9SpendyQ10Fingers Q11queeng Q12 Q13giZmo Q14SweetshotzQ15Sal Q16TheGhettoBadger Q17 Q18AtomicPunk Q19
R1monsters2343 R2Lord_Tyranno
R3KarisadeR4Raj R5smitts R6Sergeant SamR7wikid R8Marauder818R9MMAD419 R10Crystal R11 R12Scary R13cas R14 R15 R16AnkitR17 R18 R19
S1Sahuagin S2BLOODYSKYS3gurlygurl S4skylineer S5Karmatiic S6Andrew S7Woody S8hillysS9MyrinaS10Toffy S11Sobersobs S12 S13JoveS S14RyuukS15 S16 S17Thief S18GreatScottie S19

[3]12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

[2] 06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar

Holiday House:
Mr. Addy
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27-12-2018 04:15

Here are the winners and prizes in the random number generators order.
Prizes will appear in inventories soon.

Adding prizes takes time so please Do Not message or whisper staff asking when you will get it!

CTRL + F to see if you won!

Location Winner Prize
C1 NinjaPoseidon 1000 Raw Salmon
I5 Maradoona 5 Locked Christmas Present
E3 ghost69er 10 Locked Christmas Present
C5 Man 10 Locked Christmas Present
F2 Bliss Sleigh snow globe 2018
S2 BLOODYSKY 1 Candy Cane Spade
E8 Quadiam 1 Candy Cane Hatchet
O19 cannibalanimal 1 Striped Silver Fish
K13 Tha_Junky 1000 Cooked Tuna
D11 Warlordthurston 500 Tomato Seeds
M8 Psych 1000 Raw Shark
M16 CheezyRN 1000 Cooked Swordfish
S6 Andrew 1000 Cooked Tuna
J18 Lady Aetris 1 Candy Cane Hammer
R4 Raj 1 Retiarii Trident
M13 angelcorpse 25 Locked Christmas Present
J6 Kumiko 1000 Cooked Tuna
K6 Blaidd_Drwg 10 Locked Christmas Present
B5 barun511 1 Mrs Claus Bonnet
P4 Mill 1 Mrs Claus Mittens
L2 freddo814 1 Equites Sandals
A17 aussiebeast 5 Locked Christmas Present
J10 John 1 Wreath Shield
K9 One Snap Pea 500 Tomato Seeds
M7 Valkyrie 1 Equites Shield
D5 blubbber 25 Locked Christmas Present
J13 piewie Snowman snow globe 2018
N3 Charest 10 Locked Christmas Present
A13 Atto 1 Retiarii Extended Manica
S8 hillys 1 Mrs Claus Skirt
H3 Redcap 1 Puppy Claws
L17 MNML 1 Candy Cane Lockpick
P2 Edge 1 Equites Manica
D10 drowqueen 1 Snowman
N6 Amira 500 Strawberry Seeds
D9 fraggelmupp 1 Hoplomachi Long Spear
H18 Cruz Nairb 1 Candy Cane Hammer
C13 JackGrimm 15 Locked Christmas Present
Q14 Sweetshotz 15 Locked Christmas Present
D12 Ceba 1 Hoplomachi Manica
R2 Lord_Tyranno 1 Snowwoman
D8 Missylee 25 Locked Christmas Present
E4 Talk2Bill 1000 Cooked Swordfish
D2 Rossi 1 Wrapped Tinderbox
P3 Thenidiel 500 Strawberry Seeds
I9 umbra 1 Samnite Shield
I14 Lemony 5 Locked Christmas Present
M1 estonem 1 Silver Santa Christmas Stocking
F17 Resylencia 1 Candy Cane Pickaxe
H6 Prometheus 1 Tinsel Net
G3 Mr Tiddles 1 Silver Rudolph Christmas Stocking
J7 Takisha 1 Samnite Legs
I11 Paddy Event of your choice (See Below)
M18 Zaku 1000 Raw Shark
M6 Drzuess 1 Silver Snowman Christmas Stocking
R3 Karisade 15 Locked Christmas Present
M4 Makhai 20 Locked Christmas Present
L5 Kevalaa 5 Locked Christmas Present
L11 LadyHawk 20 Locked Christmas Present
A5 Zero Two 15 Locked Christmas Present
N1 PoC_Wez 1000 Raw Salmon
O14 Kat 20 Locked Christmas Present
S17 Thief 500 Apple Seeds
N10 dolmarion 1000 Raw Shark
J3 Lag Event of your choice (See Below)
O16 Burt 1 Candy Cane Spade
M3 Common Sense 1000 Cooked Pike
L1 Thundurus 1 Christmas Cauldron
H7 Gods Messenger 1 Mrs Claus Coat
I1 Ignis Mundi 1 Tinsel net
P7 Ham 1 Christmas Candle
O4 A wild JR Event of your choice (See Below)
E14 Synth 10 Locked Christmas Present
G5 Puddles 500 Tomato Seeds
Q6 Tellwood 1000 Cooked Eel
F4 Greensky 1000 Raw Salmon
R13 cas 5 Locked Christmas Present
P5 devildog 1000 Cooked Pike
N8 samantha2112 1 Puppy Claws
F10 Fatty 500 Strawberry Seeds
L4 LiteOfGod 20 Locked Christmas Present
G7 bigguyda 20 Locked Christmas Present
I4 Gargonite 25 Locked Christmas Present
K18 Cari 500 Apple Seeds
C12 bellabell3 1 Mrs Claus Boots
C7 Kvarek 1 Candy Cane Pickaxe
E9 Integral 1000 Cooked Pike
A11 Dragosani 1 Retiarii Gauntlets
C6 Spidy 1 Hoplomachi Brimmed Helm
G15 pook1e 1000 Cooked Swordfish
O5 unit xxi 1000 Cooked Eel
J2 blurkies 1 Snowman
I13 master1987 1 Hoplomachi Leg Wrappings
E16 Vermin 1 Samnite Two Handed Sword
H17 desti 1 Candy Cane Hatchet
O8 masterhate 1 Snowwoman
A18 Assilim 1 Christmas Cauldron
Q3 Tisanto 500 Apple Seeds
B16 CataLan Santa snow globe 2018
J19 Errant 25 Locked Christmas Present
S4 skylineer 1000 Cooked Eel
L3 Cheech 1 Retiarii Boots
L13 Vampyre 15 Locked Christmas Present
G10 Glenn 1000 Raw Bass
O6 redhdsrbtr 1 Wrapped Tinderbox
A4 boss_hogg 1 Equites Tunic
H14 Smeagol 1000 Raw Bass
P1 MrZee 1 Candy Cane Lockpick
R6 Sergeant Sam 1 Puppy Claws
N19 Gilly 1000 Raw Bass

Event of your choice prizes:
You may choose a skill event and level requirement (e.g. type of ore, level of the forest, etc.) or a creature and the location and time for it to hit.

If you are one of the 3 people who won an event of your choice, these come with a few minor conditions:
- The time given needs to be in game time.

- Events can't be holiday creatures, these creatures are not available to event mods outside the holiday they are linked too.

- Large creatures can't be placed on Remer.

- If you choose a dragon, it must be placed in Arch caves 3.

- The amount sent will be 1000 for most, but may depend on event chosen (e.g. if you pick a group fight it will be 1, rare/harder to obtain resources will be lower).

- If you want your event before the current events are finished you need to choose an empty location.

- To book your event, send a ticket with the event, location and game time of your choice to Game Info.

Congratulations winners!
[3]12:21 fraggelmupp[TLO]: cant believe i agree with bex, but she is right!

[2] 06:58 Borneo[C.]: Bexy is a rockstar

Holiday House:
Only users can reply.

Forum -> Contests -> Official Contest #123

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