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Mr Tiddles
04-02-2018 04:01

A short story of an old Idea I once had

Page 1

In the Islands of Syrnia there is a forgotten swampy land that has long since been forgotten by the rulers of the islands.

Long since have these areas been guarded by the Moons pull on the Sea's. However, Every now and again the seas rest and lower their guard. Thus a crack in the earth where water once hung about appears in whats known as the Outlands.

The Entrance is too small for a man to fit through. It would seem there's a shine and glimmer about the edges as you examine the entrance. There seems to be value in these rare stones so maybe, it would be worth stopping here to carefully remove this ore while making your way through the tunnels of this watery grotto.

Page 2

You now have spent quite a lot of time out here and it's getting dangerous. With the Feeling that any warrior could pass by at any moment to slay you down while your back is turned you decide to forget mining the rock walls even though they are Jagged and sharp from your pickaxe strike, You decide to try and squeeze through the Gap.

While trying to squeeze past the rocks you are cut open with a harsh wound thanks to the sharp Green ore.
While trying to squeeze past the rocks you are hurt for 80 damage
Just barley able to patch your wounds you take a look around the tunnels. You can take no horse through here. This adventure will be on foot from here on it seems.

Page 3

On foot Hoofing it through this tunnel. You notice the cold and damp region is constantly pushing pressure on your skin. The feeling of a claustrophobic hug by the darkness may be your last feeling while traveling through these dark tunnels.

You feel lost. Moving slowly step after step, until suddenly your encountered by a goblin. He doesn't seem to be friendly as your forced to draw a weapon as he growls. He doesn't seem to speak a language. A wild creature mad with rage and no other reason to fight except to feed upon you and take what you have for itself.

To yourself you wonder.. Does this creature.. think? I'm scrumptious?


Short work with your blade the Goblin is now dead.

It's discovered. There is indeed life here. Forgotten by everyone, in the shadows, creatures of dark and evil power have found a home.

A new adventure around every corner. What.. is.. next?

Page 4

Onward as you pass along the tunnel you search carefully for clues of others being present. you find a strange book on the ground? The words on the pages say the following.

The suns light keeps evil at bay, but that light can only shine for so long. In the Lunars light of the twilight hour, The most nasty of creatures emerge. Goblins and trolls. And yet worse than them.. Demons.

The king of Demons wears a suit of armor made from a metal that bleeds from the earths core. below is a picture of the demons armor.


There's but 1 defense for fighting this demon. And that's an unbelievable Offensive attack from the demons mortal enemy. The demons have always hated the Dragons that roam the depths of the earth along side them. For the dragons can walk easily in the light of man yet they choose to crowd the darkness where demons stay imprisoned. The dragons claws have indeed grown sharper and evolved to handle the likes of a demon.

Before venturing deeper into this cavern I'd suggest you find the forgotten dragons, and slay them until you can find a shining claw of great power. Otherwise you'll end up like me. A man with no name who's only tribute left are the words I've written in this book for others to find. Hopefully in the hands of a hero.

Final page of chapter one

You decide to take warning of the last message written in this strange journal. Before venturing deeper into the bowels of this hellish domain you decide to be better equipped. Without the claws of a dragon you will indeed stand no chance of defeating the foes who roam here. on the final page of the book is another drawing of the weapon you'll need to slay the demon king.


Chapter two, The Queen's Claws

The quest for discovery has begun. You started off with a simple cave and ended up creating more questions than answers. The task before you now has become much, much bigger. You have to find a dragon with a special type of claw before you can continue on with your quest. You know where the dragons domain is but you have no idea what dragon this book you found is speaking of. You decide to check over the book one more time to see if there's any clues.

The book holds no more secrets but you notice that what you thought to be the final page was infact not the final page. It seems there was one page ripped out at the end.

Onward you decide to track down the dragons in hopes of more clues. something you've missed maybe?

Moving to arch caves 5.1

The Platina gaman has died, You've found a piece of the missing page.

on the piece of paper you can make out a few words. However, alone they make no sense. you'll need to find the remaining pieces before continuing.

platina , Syriet, Obsidian, Puranium. each gaman seems to have gaurded 1/4th of the final page.

Finally you now have the final page of the book.

It reads as follows...

Chapter two, page 2

The dragons roam around the lost tunnels of arch 5, However the queen has a different throne upon which she guards. As the strongest and deadliest of the dragons she guards her young. The tunnels to where she guards the young dragon, is something many have searched for yet never found. A magical barrier blockades the entrance. The old tunnel was the lost caves and arch 5's circular pit. She has since moved to a new area with mans discovery of the tunnels. Working together, hundreds of men and women were able to re dig out the pathways in which lead them there. Leaving behind the dragons she raised for protection she had hoped they would be enough to stop any hero of man from crossing the next barrier.

More questions and yet even fewer answers given. Maybe it would take another hundred men and women to excavate the tunnels farther. The last hero under the name of Hazgod was able to rally people from all over to re open the lost caves the first time. Maybe your the new hero of this Era to provide a thirst for adventure in the hearts of Syrnians big and small.???

On the wall a name with a few words are written.. it's been clawed away by the dragons but you can read a few of the words written there.

B*rn*o... The ris* of a new h*ro is upon us... Lead ***m here a*d bring l*ght to t*e Darkness..

Edited on 02-03-2018 19:58
You and 5 players are attacking a Roodarus (211) at Castle Rose.
Mr. Addy
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Ricktimus Prime
05-02-2018 21:01

Shorter Version
Page 1

It's in the Outlands at low tide.

Page 2

Wear Shoes

Page 3

You want beef bro?

Page 4

Bring a torch.

Final Page

Kitty's got claws.

Edited on 08-02-2018 15:25
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07-02-2018 01:32

go Tiddles, great concept man
Proud leader of PsyKo, once a Goon. Never alone.

You have Married Damnation!!

The Dark One lives again!!!!

The Roodarus died
Abomination got 1 Roodarus horn!
12-02-2018 23:56

Intriguingly presented - I like the illustrations too
[2]17:20 JAMESHANKS50[~home]: Gumby - Thankyou for all your hard work and lutro appreciates everything you've done for us :)

[2]20:07 piranhattack[*TF*]: In my day, wood was so cheap because it basically grew on trees
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