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15-01-2018 12:43

Originaly Posted by Rictor

Ok, I tend to find quite a few things that need a small tweek, so instead of posting most threads I will simply make a list.

Feel free to give your opinions and add to the list as you see fit.

Note: Anything with a Strike means it has already been added.

1) Combat foods should be in order of hp value. ~Rictor

2) Combat foods should make another row after 10 food items to keep from jumbling together. ~Rictor

3) When using shop search, if you buy an item you can no longer return to your search. Since they took the backspace away this should be tweaked. ~Rictor

4) Clicking stop fighting after this creature often throws you back into a fight anyway, causing death in some cases. ~Rictor

5) Combat is the only skill you cannot see your exp counter on, believe this should be added above the HP. ~Rictor

6) Opening forum can only be held in 1 box, clan and public. Should be like the rest of the popups and be able to open as many as you choose. ~Rictor

7) Smithing exp does not always go up with items/levels. Each item should increase in exp accordingly. ~Rictor

8) The numbers for the chats are a little off, it doesn't really matter but they have been the same for so long its quite confusing now. World should be returned to [1], Trade to [2], and region to [4] ~Rictor (Removed due too being too late now)

9) When you type to a chat that you do not have activated your chat line disappears, it should stay there and let you select a new chat to add it to. ~Rictor

10) If you try to make a note or forum post and forget to add a topic, the entire note/post is lost. It should stay there and let you add a topic. ~Rictor

11) Battlemage fights should be arranged in no more than 15 CLs apart unless you get into very high levels, such as 80+ ~Calgor/Cruz

12) Ignore list should be able to hold more than 40 people after donation, or at least add a new donation level to reach unlimited. ~Rictor

13) Eully market should be able to sell more than 1 item at a time. As well as all other NPC shops. ~Roen

14) We should be able to change the color of our chat(only what we see). There is no reason we should have to use whatever the CSS is or be stuck with them. ~Rictor

15) Speed level and experience should be added to moving screen (only if walking without a horse).

16) Items in shops should be ordered by their type. Iron armor together, gems together, seeds together. Ect. This would make shopping a lot easier for everyone.

17) More information could be added to mouse over items. EX: Instead of Onion, it would say Onion 4hp. Instead of Platina Axe, it would say Platina Axe 70/50. ~Ciaran

18) If you do a botcheck at the end of a fight (countdown to next creature) it throws you back to town menu instead of continuing to fight all creatures. This could be fixed to enter you back into a fight. ~Poj

19) Just like combat, if you get a botcheck while searching shops/adding to your shop/trading at TP, It throws you back to town menu. Should resume where it left off. ~Poj/yoda

20) There is no current way to search for specific items such as Iron dagger -5 TT. I suggest this be added somewhere between level 25-50 on the trading level ups. 25 is a lot of levels and this would be quite useful. ~Everton

21) We should be able to change the topic of our forum posts when needed. Such as Caps, misspelling, and just plain topic changing. Both Clan and general. ~Ciaran Mod Edit; This is possible via a Ticket to Forum Department, but not Clan threads

22) When a player joins your clan, there should be a message in clan chat saying [3]21:01 PlayerX has joined the Clan!

23) Maybe a dropdown menu for Market threads in forums would be helpful. That way you can label your post as an auction/selling/buying and such so people know. Rather than seeing random names like "seeds". ~Ciaran

24) When shop sells something enchanted or +dur the shop sale message should state that. ~EvilGenius1

25) When sailing with more than one boat, the order of boats should be fastest -> slowest for easier traveling. ~EvilGenius1

26) Would be great if all items were saleable to Eully, gold/Elven/Koban..etc. ~Preff

27) When trading you should be able to add items just like you add/remove them from your house, this would make things a lot easier. ~Everton

28) When you unlock the view inventory of houses through donation, it should also show how many free slots are in that house. ~Aussie

29) How about swapping places with fight one more and fight all.

Fight 1 more creature - [Fight all creatures] - Return to Mordor cave

[Fight all creatures] - Fight 1 more creature - Return to Mordor cave
This way fight 1 more is in line with the new fight all link that was added. ~Kyouji

30) Would be a nice donation option to be able to order your inventory in the way you see fit. Possibly give it the option of alphabetical, or self arranged like drag and drop when needed. Just make sure it doesn't switch back every time the screen refreshes. ~Nba - Not doing custom but have made it so it can be ordered more logically

31) Should be able to change the price of an item in shop without removing it and adding it again.

32) Would be nice to have a check list next to messages, with a check all feature. That way we can delete all and still save important messages. Possibly a donation option as well. ~Ciaran

33) Battle Mage events should be scheduled in a pattern. All classes should have a turn in order continuously. Instead of just 1 class getting 3 fights in a row and others 0. ~Everton - It's just random

34) When bidding on something in CoT, as soon as you bid it returns you to the general menu, this should be changed so that you can continue browsing in your current type selection(IE ore, other, etc) ~Rictor

35) Believe Elven gate pass should be a different color. At a quick glance they both look the same unless right next to eachother. Much easier if it was say red or blue or something. I'm sure this would help color blind people a lot as well. ~Rictor

36) Baking bread is one of the only skills that does not have a picture. Shouldn't be hard to fix that. Also when cooking bread it does not show your cooking exp/exp to next level. ~Trosey

37) When trading it should have a quantity box just like adding to your house, and then you just click the item in your inventory to add it. If you have a lot of items to trade, trading with the drop down menu is very tedious. Gold of course would still have its own box. This would make for faster more efficient trading. ~Everton

38) As it currently stands, bread heals the same hp as cabbage, even though it takes a higher farming level, and you must travel to the end of a auto-attack island to bake it. The hp value should be raised to possibly 5-6hp. ~Fritz

39) Construction has a design flaw after level 55. It costs more wood to get the same number of slots in houses above 50K slots. This doesn't give much reason to train above level 55. Should be changed so its worth it to get the higher levels. ~Raimche

40) All fighting links should be made to let people know it is a fighting link. Links like "Enter the woods" can easily be mistaken for a woodcutting spot and lead to someone's death. ~Pipster

41) The link to "Enter the fortress" at Kaldra is in direct line with the botcheck button. People may click twice by mistake and end up fighting a Cloaker leading to their death. Moving it slightly up or down could easily fix this. ~Novus

42) When walking if you are using -TT items, once you get to 10 seconds any extra -TT gear continues to lower your exp, usually leaving you with 0 exp while walking. There should be a cap to where you only lose exp until you get down to 10 seconds, after that your not technically lowering your time, so exp should not be lowered. ~LadyR/Ookami

43) Would be a great addition to make chat names clickable. When clicked it added that person's name to your chat bar with a @ after it. EX> Click Ookami -> Ookami@ would be added to the chat bar for easy whispering. ~Ookami/Ciaran

44) When checking players stats by clicking their name at locations, it would be nice to also see their CL level somewhere. Possibly above their armor/aim/power stats. ~Orange

45) There is an announcement for when a player joins/leaves a clan. How about adding one for when a player is kicked as well. ~Evilgenius1

46) When smelting gold at Arch Caves 4.7, if there is a chest there, upon completing a botcheck, it does not finish the timer and give you the gold bar. This could easily be fixed with a prebotcheck popup that doesn't interrupt any skills. Just a link appearing somewhere, maybe below fame. Once clicked it brings up a popup botcheck and lets the skill continue, if you fill it in it counteracts the next botcheck and resets from the time you fill it in. The popup would appear maybe 5 minutes before the botcheck? ~Evilgenius1

47) Cooking links should be listed in order of level to cook. Shrimp -> Shark. Instead of random order. ~Chad18

48) Iron and Silver armor are very close to the same color. Would be best to make silver brighter. ~Everton

49) When adding items to your shop, the price/quantity should be above each box. After scrolling down and not seeing it many people make mistakes about the order.

50) Possibly add something to the ignore list to show how many spaces you have left until its full. ~Rictor

51) Would be nice to lower the fight links under the food a little to stop accidentally eating food while trying to click them when not fighting all creatures. ~Roen

52) You know the deal, when a URL contains the code for a smilie, the smilie appears in the middle of the URL. Suggested tweak: The smilie code is only replaced by the smilie gif when preceded and followed by a space. ~Ciaran

53) Just like on Remer island, it would be nice if on all island the location you were at was highlighted in red. OLs would make very good use of this as it can sometimes be confusing to notice where you are. ~Ciaran

54) We should be able to use BB codes for all forums types, signature, clan forums, journal, etc. ~Ookami

55) You are currently unable to make a list with BB codes, without adding it to each line. Would be nice to extend the code to reach until the end of the no matter where it is. Making lists/paragraphs much easier. ~Veridis

56) In Valera Training grounds the drop down monster selection has been replaced with buttons for each monster, Could the same be done for Ketil? ~Everton

57)For Forum searches, after searching for a topic and selecting one to view could we have a back to search results link added? ~Everton

58)Use the same thing from the Journal page on the changing of the signature page, so that it counts down the remaining characters allowed as you type. ~Novus

59) Be able to drop gold again. - removed so you have to use trading posts for something, not adding back

60) Forum searches > After searching for a topic and selecting one to view could we have a back to search results link added? ~Everton - Duplicate of 57

61) It would be way better if the page you are looking at on a forum topic was white, so you know where you are. Also .. when you reply on a topic with a lot of pages, it should return to the "last" page .. so we can read our own reply ~Gieleke

62) Should either be able to turn off forum Pages (or change number of post on a page) ~Gieleke

63) Ability to check on the progress of your Cave of Trade auctions without having to travel to the Cave of Trades. Possible add that to the check house slots donation option? ~Novus

64) Would be nice to have an option at the Battlemage to see the logs of different locations within the Battlemage arena. It would be nice to view these, to see how the arena fight unfolded, how you where killed or how the arena battle was won. ~Moc1

65) Would be nice to have the same thing from the Journal page on the changing of the signature page, so that it counts down the remaining characters allowed as you type. ~Novus - Duplicate of 58

66) Change the search function in clan forum to the same as the normal forum search. ~Ookami

67) Add walking pics to Heerchey Island. ~Tintin

68) Would be great if when you copy paste a forum topic into chat it gave a clickable link to that forum topic. -

69) You cannot equip an item after picking it up from the ground, you also can't re-drop it. You have to wait until inventory refreshes or you hit [F5]. - Can't do this. It is to verify that the item is actually in your inventory.

70) Tuna and Giant Catfish are both 10hp, when the next fish is Lobster at 12hp. Would seem it would make more sense if Giant Catfish was 11hp as its more exp and there is a gap in fish hp. ~Selena

71) Can we change it so we are able to see our previous guess even after we can guess again. I for one know I have a terrible memory and am sure I guess the same number more than once, let alone finish a chest without guessing the correct number. ~Rictor

72) Whispers should only be activated when the "@" is used immediately after one of the first two words. ~Ryanscool - Some people have 3 "word" names

73) Current events (Donation option) should be viewable via stats.. If and when you leave your initial log-in window up, you must refresh to view newer stats. This also refreshes your game screen which can cause problems. ~Ryanscool - Donation option

74) The "There are 30288 players carrying more gold than you..." stat should be changed so it only shows active players (players that have logged in within the past week). ~Poj/veridis

75) Something that has got to me often is after relogging chat is relocated to region, which leads to a choob. Should have it so users can choose a default really ~Wyks Mod Edit; Refresh now returns you to Clan chat to reduce Chat Choobs

76) Add the "Forum -> [sub forum] -> [topic]" to the bottom of clan forum topics like the general forum has. ~Muser

77) Ability to disable only work images, not just all images. - Jeffreyj

78) Stats that show how long/when you joined a clan. - Chaz - Doesn't store this info so can't display

79) Change the chat bar to be black/grey with a white outline, and then change the color of the text as u type to be the same as it will be when u hit send (based on what channel u have selected). Will help lower the amount of wrong chats - silkcom

80) "I want creature pictures when battling! (And no, the pic won't clutter the screen. The stupid text is what clutters the screen. Who care's how much damage was done ten round ago? All we need is the previous two results & the current countdown timer. Adding (x exp, x for next level) might be nice to see as well.)" -NateHarper

81) Why not change the message system so you can reply to somebody and not have to dig through your brain to remember what the previous msg said? - harmoony

82) When a chest is at Arch cave SW you must of started the quest with Teps to be able to guess a number. Easy fix I would guess. -Fiery

83) Anasco island should be added to full world map. - CheezyRN

84) For every town replace City with the actual town name thus reducing the number of lines in every town by 1. - MoorCat

85) Ability to edit description of clan forum. So if you create a forum for Player stats and in description you make a typo or wish to change it, should have ability to do so without having to delete entire forum and recreate. - PhoenixJewels

86) Delete working images in the Outlands.
If you are working there and having a floating chat the chat will be on the timer making it hard to see how long your timer is unless you scroll.
However if you scroll down you can't see who is at your location and you can't move on the minimap making you an easier target.

Deleting working images will make everything viewable and clickable without the need to scroll. - Jeffreyj

87) Stats to show how many days you have been in a clan. - chaz

88) Sort the houses list by island in the stats popup - aussiebeast

89) Dropdown box to select farm size to be added, rather than upgrade progression - aussiebeast

90) Sh showing amount of Raws and Hp available would be great. - Rajnish5622

These are all the ones I can think of at this time, please leave feedback by numbers given. Feel free to suggest more. I shall try and add dates for future additions but not sure how to add them fur current items that have already been added.

Thank you all for your feedback and assistance.

Edited on 17-01-2018 08:37

Edited on 17-01-2018 12:12
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15-01-2018 19:41

- in stats popup, show name of in-game spouse (and possibly date married)

Edited on 18-01-2018 20:36
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15-01-2018 20:12

Would be nice if you could add the date a tweak was made after the tweak was made.
17-01-2018 07:16

Sh showing amount of Raws and Hp available would be great.
03-03-2018 04:04

We can already check contents of a clan Stockhouses from the Clan Options section. It would be nice to see what is required for completion of the stockhouse building/upgrade.

ie. Clicking on the link (for example) Burning beach (xxxxxx/xxxxxx)
might show:

Upgrade to 500000 slots in progress
Still to be added:
- 25000 wood
- 1500 rocks
- 250 steel bars
- 500 bat hides
Why would I shoot a bloke BANG, then carry him to the bloody car and wizz him off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? It defeats the purpose of having shot him in the first place.
03-03-2018 15:03

^ That would be so good!
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07-03-2018 20:27

Have a confirmation before a Clan News item is deleted.

Possibly link it to Clan forum moderator permissions.
Why would I shoot a bloke BANG, then carry him to the bloody car and wizz him off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? It defeats the purpose of having shot him in the first place.
12-06-2018 16:52

picture of fighting again
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12-06-2018 20:42

Get rid of the remaining combat pictures.
05-03-2022 04:39

maybe adding a deconstructing feature for any armor or weapons
05-03-2022 05:09

Elaborate.. from what I get at that I’m not a fan but please go into more depth
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20-05-2023 20:49

Bumping for #31 please, having to remove and then re add 1k+ items was a nightmare xD
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20-05-2023 21:22

There are a lot of great suggestions in that list.
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07-08-2023 09:02

If a player adds someone to their ignore list i suggest not being able to see the players name in the Players at this location area.
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