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25-12-2017 06:53

This year I added the new collection events for items that that the game is overstocked in and we received a new collectible item for the removal of a lot of in-needed items in the game (thanks for the idea Prometheus). This took a lot of work because to make it function it had to be done manually by myself and Bex. I would really like feedback from the community as to their thoughts about it and whether we should continue this type of event. I use our coder and his most crucial resource - time - to work on things that need his attention. This addition was at little cost to that resource and can be easily duplicated with other such events.

Let me know what you think
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25-12-2017 06:56

While I am happy to have new items and something new to go for, I do have some constructive feedback.

These were hard to obtain for old players and especially new players. I understand it is a good way to purge "old items" but that is assuming people hoard these items and have easy access, especially as a new player.

I have also seen a lot of comments from individuals that they have the materials needed for globes but cannot access it because their house is in a town that is being invaded by about 14k creatures. Makes life difficult.

That being said, while I love the concept I think there should have been something that is considered accessible to some of the newer players. Furthermore, after spending at least 5 hours fighting gnomes yesterday I found not one red striped fish. Given so many were in the game to have it be a part of the collection event, I feel that the drop rate was not enough to participate for some folk.
25-12-2017 06:56

I liked it and its Amaazing
Thanks for it Born,Bex and Coders.....
25-12-2017 06:57

I love the Snow-Globes, and would happily see them or new ones next year! Something similar could happen with the other holidays, although perhaps not Snow-Globes.
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25-12-2017 07:02

I love the fact that you put time and effort into this but if it’s only a 1 time deal it will make it rare, like the 10 candles cake for example, a 1 time thing. But if it happens every year for the next few years depending on how long u want to do it it will be nice to get rid of old collectors items making them more rare and cost more.

So with this being said I’d like to see this as a one time thing maybe bring it back let’s say every 5 years? Or like on syrnia’s birthdays, like every 5 birthday years.
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25-12-2017 07:09


I thought it a good idea well done. I didn't participate for globes as I wanted to put my time towards stockings and combat. Judging by trade chat and the demand and prices for items it was successful.

Also, it is good to have a way to clear out a bunch of accumulated stuff of the last few years. My only critique would be if you didn't already have enough of said item to qualify for said globe or close to it, it wasn't worth the time to me. Again, to me as I didn't want a globe.. As with all collecting in this game it is a matter of preference.

To sum, I thought it great.


Edit: The use of santa patches for a globe collection made it harder to get them to make stocking sets.

Edited on 26-12-2017 07:41
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25-12-2017 07:11

I loved this surprise! thanks a lot for implementing this, it gave out a lot of importance to the Christmas holiday items, which don't get much attention anymore, like the Christmas tree and patches and iconic red fishes

Do more! as it woke the community up and the chat has been non-stop! People have come out to pay ridiculous prices for something that was basically worthless few hours back.

Good job and thank you!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Years all

Edited on 25-12-2017 07:14
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25-12-2017 07:16

I think its a great idea. I would like to see future events like this for collectible items that use some of the more common excess items... and make them easier to obtain during the event. I think this gives a better opportunity for everyone to get the items they want without the holiday spirit crushing price gouging. As was pointed out, older players have more stuff, and some players had houses blocked by thousands of creatures.

Personally, I would also much like to see events like this replace chasing the NPC for collectible suits/pets, and put items that will be used up in the NPC drop. It may be an unpopular idea and probably difficult to find a balance for possible drops though.
25-12-2017 11:34

+1 Masque

This holiday event is biased towards long lasting high level players and collectors, I think it has sucked pretty hard so far.

This holiday was a fail in my opinion.

Goodluck getting new players to join.
25-12-2017 12:39

I agree with Masque.

Even as an experienced player I couldn't get the required amount of elven shoes and/or Santa hats after many hours of fighting Evil elfs.

I do like the effort put into creating something new and I think with a few tweaks it could become something great.

Maybe next time we could have collection events that get increasingly more difficult. That way new and older players can both enjoy the events.
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25-12-2017 13:57

Well said by previous posters. I like the idea, but if the goal is to get items out of the game and many of those items are locked in houses by invasions, then it is hard to meet that goal.

I would rather see the globes use the same concept as the stockings where one searches for the items to make the globes then can make them. Something that would give everyone the opportunity to get the globes whether a new or old player.

Many older players, including myself, have given away tons of patches and other Christmas items in past years to help others get the Christmas items. If, instead, we had selfishly hoarded all the items and before Christmas, prepared to try to pawn them off for the highest prices, we would have done very well with the globes.

In addition, Christmas has been an opportunity to pay newer players crazy amounts of gp to get Christmas items, but now it seems that hoarders are able to try to get crazy amounts of gp from newer players, so the tables have been turned.
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25-12-2017 14:09

Id like to reiterate that this in game holiday was a giant piece of coal
25-12-2017 14:25

I am a new player. I was so glad about Halloween events, and I am very very happy for this Xmass events. I dont care about collecting, but I enjoy to get all this items, new or old. So I am selling all, and will buy items that I need to lvl up faster.

So thank you very much for this events. It was perfect for a new player.
Thanks, and many more eents like this.
25-12-2017 15:18

I have really enjoyed trying to get the snow globes! its been a great idea, not easy but seems quite a few have managed to get globes.

I'm sure with maybe some minor tweaking this could be re-used in the future, so thank you Borneo and Bex for all your hard work, and to Prometheus for the original idea.

Looking forward to what comes next
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25-12-2017 15:48

Vermin wind your kneck in you miserable git, instead of being a miserable grin here, offer some suggestions like masque and the others. Just saying it's shit because I can't take part is pathetic.

Overall the idea was a good one, I do agree with masque the e execution could have been better or laid out more advantageous to players but I feel like it has still met the end result to some degree but it could have met it more.

I would love to see more like it in the future and despite the grinches, the effort that has gone in has been encouraging
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25-12-2017 15:59

25-12-2017 16:04

What about quests? Having a Christmas related quest that requires a bit of collecting and you get a prize?
25-12-2017 16:27

Great idea, well executed, pretty new globes, stellar work all involved!

I appreciated it tremendously!

Merry christmas!
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25-12-2017 17:05

overall a good idea, artwork was done nicely on the globes.

I'd like to see more events like this, but excuted in a way where you have to search or find the pieces to make something.

The globes really brought out the inner greed.
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25-12-2017 21:16

Thank you Borneo, Bex and Prometheus for this wonderful Christmas Event!

I really like the snowglobe art the Christmas Tree one is my favorite!

I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said; maybe increase the drop rate for the holiday items needed to help the players that either didn't save, are new or are more solo-adventurers get the snowglobes.

Christmas time is about family and what I do like is just how these events brings the players closer together since only one of each snowglobe can be received for each donation.

Merry Christmas everyone!
26-12-2017 02:00

Ok, I am biased. I liked the collection event. As far as people getting the materials, they are out there. Yes, I understand that there are issues getting into houses during invasions, and perhaps moving forward there can be a workaround for that. What that workaround is, I don't know. But, perhaps some of you bright idea guys and gals can come up with one. I think it got rid of a lot of useless stuff in the game. I hope that we can make this a reoccurring event during some of the other holidays as well, to purge those useless items as well.
Knowing now what we did not know before the event, we can get obsolete items out of houses/stockhouses etc before an event happens.
I hope everyone had fun with this collection event, that is the most important part of the game anyway.
Thanks! Have a blessed Christmas!
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26-12-2017 03:08

Awesome idea and to a degree it worked well. However I have to agree with other posts.

If you did not have the items it was damn near impossible to get. Once I found out the items needed are old stock and could not be gained with any real ease I personally did not bother at all with the event as like some other players I did not hold on you any of these items with a "Just in case" attitude.

I feel a bit sorry for the newer players who had little to no chance to partake in any of this unless assisted by other players or clan and I think not taking them into account was a balls up.

For those who had the items and they have been tied up in a house due to an invasion locking access was a bit of a blunder imho and could of been avoided by simply allowing access to houses during the events.
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26-12-2017 03:29

It's not impossible to get elven shoes, a few mobs do drop them and very well from what I've known...Sure drop rates on the red fish could be upped and a work around for the stuff in houses covered, but I'm thankful for the evenst, so thank you everyone! I'm saddened to see some grinches though =(
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26-12-2017 03:55

The drop rates were fine. The idea was to remove the "worthless" items and not create more. Doesn't make sense to introduce 100 new Striped red fish only to have 60 of them used in the collection. Think. That puts Syrnia at a net gain of 40 fish.
Disappointed by Borneo's comment stating Striped red fish would not be dropped at Holiday Lake again, though. Going to make it hard to collect them for collector's sake; however, one would assume Borneo does not enjoy collecting (at least an abundance of these particular items we have dubbed "worthless") due to the nature of these collection events in the first place.
Also, I'm not particularly fond of the artificial inflation these events created. I understand the need to remove the abundance of hoarded items, but does that really justify the outrageous prices? This can be blamed on an appeal to novelty, no doubt. In the end, I did not bother collecting, but I heard the art was done in good taste, so kudos to the artist.
26-12-2017 04:54

The snow globes look pretty, but i think mine are broken. Ive been shaking them for hours, and the snow wont fall!

Also, i like the idea, but would rather see that those that dont have the items already, can get them to make the stuff. Sure, i have a huge clan that hoards junk, but many others dont.

Edited on 26-12-2017 06:02
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