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Mr Coffee
18-11-2017 07:50


I have just learned that a player that hasn’t played for awhile has passed. Some may remember the player, mom. (not totsmom) mom was admitted to Hospice care on November 16th, 2017, suffering from effects of cancer. She had been having breathing issues, difficult to breathe. She had been fighting the cancer for some time.
She had a lot of fun playing the game, attacking creatures, and exploring areas that she really should not have. So, if you remember mom, drop your favorite memory of her.
RIP mom, your long fight is over.
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Mr. Addy
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18-11-2017 11:29

Its always sad when we lose a fellow player, I do recall mom although I only had limited interactions with her, she was always pleasant,polite and friendly.

Rest in peace mom.
RIP Rami/Liz: You were a true angel on earth and it was an honor to know you.

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Mr Tiddles
18-11-2017 16:57

I never had the chance to talk to Mom or know her but this always makes me sad when I hear news of Syrnian (or anyone known to others) passes away. I have no story to tell sadly but may she Rest in peace.
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18-11-2017 20:12

Oh man always so sad to hear about a fellow player. I remember seeing mom around, never had to chance to speak much with her though. I hope all who knew her find peace soon.
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25-02-2019 01:42

I miss you everyday my friend xoxo
25-02-2019 01:50

25-02-2019 02:40

rest in peace
You have killed 1000000 monsters/creatures,
25-02-2019 04:41

rest in peace mom
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21-03-2019 16:58

damn, peace be with you.
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07-07-2019 22:19

I am glad for your peace, I am sad for missing you.

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