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13-11-2017 12:18

Arch 5. The deepest caves. The darkest of dark. Only occasionally lit by the various colors of dragonfire and the torches of those who venture there: hardy fighters and some less hardy followers who avoid dragons and if possible gamans, hoping to quickly mine the spawning ores made accessible by gaman killers.

There were rumors lately that a new variety of gamans had appeared, scaled with puranium.
This called for Syrnia's most famous traveller and tradesman to come and investigate. See him striding confidently through the darkness (he has a torch, so you can see). Now he pauses. There is something – someone – ahead. A dark shadow leans against the cave wall, a waft of rum drifting down the halls.


Indeed. The captain of the pirates has made his way down as well. Looks like he quelled the chances of mutiny for a while.

Aye, C4lv1n. Anyone else around?

I chanced upon Marsular but he made camp and wanted to rest.- Seen any Puranium scaled gamans yet?

Once or twice but there must be more.

Suddenly screeching fills the air. Gamans! C4lv1n is excited. - They sound different. The new ones?

Aye. - Deedar stows away the rum grinning. - And they are hunting something. No need to worry. It is a tough guy.

Let us join! - C4lv1n starts to run but the gamans are faster. Six of them round the corner just ahead. A wild battle ensues.

Barely did the last gaman fall that C4lv1ns eyes light up. - See those greyish smirches on them? Looks suspiciously like a new ore!

He has not yet ended his sentence when Deedar takes off at a run, clutching his pickaxe. C4lv1n sighs. - Somehow I am always last. So Deedar will get that fame too.

But when he catches up to Deedar standing over the carcasses of another two pura gamans the captain of pirates is disgruntled. - I was too late. He already made off with it.

Who? Hopefully none of those leeches! Or did Marsular wake? Though I doubt he is already skilled enough for this here. - C4lv1n pokes at some tiny grumbs of the new metal that have been expertly separated from some pieces of rock.

Ugh. No. I saw his mohawk. Was just leaving when I arrived. That was cracker0509. He practically lives down here.

C4lv1n is slightly upset. - Really, he should have stayed to tell about it! I want to know everything! It looks like there was just one ore to mine. Were you two not pals for some time?

Sort of. - Deedar shrugs and plainly does not want to go into the subject.- Let us look for some more gamans!

C4lv1n hesitates. - Maybe I better try to track where those new gamans came from. I suspect there are some caves we have not found yet.
Mr. Addy
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14-11-2017 23:16

Nice story-telling there, really entertaining! And indeeeeeed.... I was "sleeping tight" when everyone made urgent noise for the pura gamans and titanium racing

Now I'm "awake", but unexperiemented enough to be able to break the walls emprisoning the grey shade rare metal . Made me feel like I'm still sleeping in a long lasting nightmare (11 levels to go still), hahah!


Edited on 14-11-2017 23:16
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Forum -> Legendarium -> The first titanium ore

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