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22-08-2017 22:23

Arch Enemies wants you!

So who are they and why do I care? Great question! Well, let's answer that right here and now. Arch Enemies was made by Treve (Evert in a past life) and XxSapphirexX. They have 13 years of combined experience within Syrnia. So if you're looking for a place you can be where you'll have not only good, reliable information, but the backing to get through the tough times, then this is the place for you!

Arch Enemies offers a new approach to handling new players and a pretty open door policy on the help they provide, materially and informationally. This is a great step towards changing how new players interact with others, and the game itself, and is aimed at creating a brand new atmosphere for everyone. Each player contributes as they're able and at their discretion, no demands for particular donations or work times. You'll still be free within AE!

So again, why do I care? Becase all this means that you can begin having fun with Syrnia right away, without removing the fun of many challenges, and that you'll be able to grow quickly and smartly with AE.

So come join AE and and become part of the fun and future!
RIP Rami/Liz: You were a true angel on earth and it was an honor to know you.

I am Evert!
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Only users can reply.

Forum -> Clans -> Arch Enemies

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