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17-03-2017 16:51


I don't know what the reasoning for the quest screen was, but I think it should be altered so you can easily see what the quest is supposed to be. The fact that you have to highlight the hint (and it's still hard to see) is just silly. It serves no real purpose.

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17-03-2017 17:38

To add,

On my phone if I highlight it does nothing

Can copy it and paste to notepad but also a pain
19-03-2017 05:41

I don't think the quest page has been updated, at least for as long as I've been playing. So, I know that we weren't playing on smart phones back then. I can attest that highlighting was just probably a little way to make make it a little more "elusive". Although, now that many play on phones or tablets where it does not work the same way, it could use an update. Even if it is just making the text visible which wouldn't be a major overhaul.

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19-03-2017 11:29

I would like the whole quest system revisited seeing as everything else is planned to be looked at.

more quests, better difficulty spikes, risk for reward, better NPC interaction to tell a story.

A lot of the quests seem rushed and granted for their time period they did the job but where is the pazazz when it comes to enticing a placer to do a quest?

for the main post I did a quick mock up of something I would like to see.

Edited on 19-03-2017 12:15
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19-03-2017 19:07

Just for clarification, the reason why you need to highlight the hints is to allow people to check which quests they have active without seeing the hint. The hint is there for those who are stuck and wish additional help.

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12-01-2021 08:46

Not sure if this belongs here - although I know it doesnt belong in 'manual updates'

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Making a name for yourself is all well and good but there are legends within the guild that tell of masters who can not only blend in(to) the shadows but they can open any lock and empty any shop, these masters are long gone but the Guildmaster is a descendant of these legends and has offered to teach you about unlocking locks. Provide him with the materials and you can become one of those legends of tales.
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