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The Couch Yeti
14-03-2017 18:50

Just like we have for inventory, but a calculator that counts up hitpoints as they are added into trade and displays in the trade window what the total amount is.

Just like the thought of it.
Mr. Addy
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14-03-2017 19:01

Seed xp would be nice as well^^^
14-03-2017 19:18

Sure, why not? Also still waitng for the HP values in SH to be added as well

Edited on 14-03-2017 19:18
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14-03-2017 20:28

This would be helpful, yes.
14-03-2017 20:46

I agree this would be awesome, raw and cooked hp as well as seed exp
14-03-2017 20:49

This would be very helpful!
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14-03-2017 21:19

Good idea!
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15-03-2017 00:48

Think this is a pretty good idea. Perfect option as a donation feature.

Edited on 15-03-2017 00:49
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15-03-2017 00:59

I support this.
15-03-2017 03:46

It would be a pretty good add on.

Save some time i suppose.
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15-03-2017 09:43

Good idea!
15-03-2017 16:08

One concern I have about this is that people who are trading food items (or seeds, or whatever is being counted) will be lazy and simply rely on the counter to figure out how much food they are adding to the trade, instead of figuring out what to add in advance, and just using the counter as a check to be sure they did the numbers right.

Then, the person they are trading with ends up having to wait longer at the trading post than if they had done it right and knew exactly how much food to add before they started the trade.
15-03-2017 17:04

Absolutely stupid idea!!!

Sorry but never seen one of these feed back topics where everyone was in agreeance and i started to feel painfully uncomfortable..

Nice idea yeti
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The Couch Yeti
15-03-2017 18:18

Calvin, I absolutely disagree with you.

Why would anyone go to a trade for something and not know prior what amounts they are buying or the amount of gold required?

I would -never- go to a trade carrying gold not knowing what I'd spend out of many fears, majority of them being thieves.
So, just think this was a pointless argument, no offense meant man.
As no one in right mind buys something without knowing what exactly are they spending their money on.

In Edit below;

This is to help Buyers and Sellers moving mass quantities of raws/hps in varieties, to ensure they -are- getting exactly what they pay for
I think it'd speed trades up.
(oops, added 140 hps to much, remove 10 swordfish.)
(Oops, I forgot to add 21,454 hps...where'd I miss it at? Ah there it is.)

I hate re-trading because I miss something the first time. It leaves opening for to many thieves.

Edited on 15-03-2017 18:21
15-03-2017 20:31

I have often arranged for trades, and the player I am trading with offers to pay in food, which is perfectly acceptable to me. Sometimes the player works it out in advance (if I pay for something with food, I am always quite specific about letting the player I am trading with know exactly how much of each food I plan to trade before we get to the TP, and exactly what I expect to get in exchange), but occasionally I show up at the trading post, and they haven't figured out what denominations of food and how many of each they are going to trade to make up the amount they are paying.

My observation isn't even intended as an argument against the idea as posted--but I think it would be inconsiderate of players to use a feature like this as a way to do their calculations for how to get the right amount of food for a trade into the trade, as the other player will be sitting there waiting for something that could have been figured out without imposing a wait on the trade partner.

My point in making the post was more to encourage players to be considerate in doing trades, and get as much as possible figured out in advance of entering the trading post so as not to waste any more time of the player with whom you are trading (or your own time, for that matter) as absolutely necessary.

By the way, there are some players who are very good at doing trades in a way that minimizes the time spent in the trading post--Treize comes to mind as being very good at this, but I have had opportunities to trade with others, too, and if I tried to list them all, I'm sure I'd leave some out. I also understand that players who don't trade as often may not have thought through all the ways trades can be expedited, and I don't hold grudges against people just because it takes longer to trade with them than I'd like--but I do appreciate people who try to improve in that regard, too. Hopefully, if I've ever taken longer to do a trade than you would have liked, you'll have the same view of me.
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