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13-03-2017 02:13

Hi all, I have an idea for the trading skill and looking for a bit of feedback on my idea, please be kind.
So, my idea is relatively simple. Maybe a mixture of the trading skill and construction. Now I know that is sort of how it is currently but but here is the twist.
Anyone can have a shop but can you have a restaurant to take your in game wife/husband?
Maybe for instance if your trading was level 40 and construction was 40 and your cooking was 80 then you could become a professional chef in-game. Instead of slots available (like the current shops) it's seats available.
Smithing Factory:
Perhaps you've wanted to lead a team of highly skilled smiths, well maybe with trade and construction at 50 and smithing at 100 you could build yourself a smithing factory and maybe for 10k you could buy a NPC worker (maybe up to 4 of them) and you give them orders.
Same idea as above but instead of a factory a mine, and you could buy NPC miners.

Obviously the whole safe idea still needs to be there.

I am aware of one massive down-side to this... The price of everything could go down... to counter this I was thinking maybe have a VERY long timer so it isn't actually befitting you for example you yourself could do it 3 times fasts but this way you don't need to worry about auto attacks or something.

I know there is many floors with this idea and I'm not saying it's perfect but can we have a little think and maybe give suggestions on how to improve it to make it a good solid idea.

Thanks folks
Mr. Addy
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13-03-2017 02:20

What would the finished product do?So far I see no reason for this =-/
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13-03-2017 02:22

just to change things up a little so it isn't one massive list of shops, it could me a drop down menu of the different type of shops in that location... Nothing fancy and granted not a necessity just a simple idea is all
13-03-2017 13:24

as a recent enthusiast in the trade skill, i'm still going to have to say no to this :/ From what you have written down it's not really well thought out, nor does it seem useful.. sorry man.
13-03-2017 13:54


what about the ability to define what type of shop you create is?


at a certain level of trading you can filter out what shops you see and what you want to search for?

maybe the type of shop defines what items can be added to them.

all of which is affected by the trading skill alone.

level 25 shop filter system to hide certain shops

level 10 trading: allows players to create 3 new shop types

. Food (Allows players to sell food, cooked and grown only)
. Meat Shop (Allows the sale of raw fish and foods includes grain)
.Smithery (Allows the sale of all smithables and their ore and bar counterparts)

level 18 (Allows the players to create 1 new shop)
. farming supplies (all seeds and shovels)

level 32 players can add Museums to their list, this allows all items added in but can not be sold.

level 40 players can create their own flower shop

thats just an idea concept to incorporate new shop elements to the game

Edited on 13-03-2017 15:31
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13-03-2017 18:12

Benguin, this is basically what I meant, I do aplogise to everyone if that wasn't clear, I'm not good at this kinda thing but it just allows a nice difference to the game whilst keeping it the same mostly no ups or downs and no really function to it other than it's something new
13-03-2017 20:46

In my opinion this would be an unnecessary complication, we can already search for items in shops why expand the list of shops to look through?
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