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12-03-2017 23:41

Seeing as minor updates are happening I thought I'd throw this one into the mix.

A few months back we had a blind person join Syrnia using a text reader to play, they were enjoying themselves for the first hour or so, able to turn off images, figure out the ui and play the game. Then came the botcheck.
There was no way for them to figure out the numbers, so unfortunately they had to quit.

I don't know how many people this has put off the game in the past but I do know it's not easy to work it out sometimes even for me and I don't have any visual impairments, sometimes requiring clicking enter a few times to get the right combination.

Having a button to click for an audio botcheck would fix this.

I don't know how difficult this would actually be to implement but it would be a nice update all the same.

- Thorneh.
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12-03-2017 23:47

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13-03-2017 00:21

13-03-2017 01:39

This is definitely a good idea and will increase accessibility to the game. Because not only does it help blind players, but also players who have sight issues but are not declared blind. Fully support.
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13-03-2017 01:50

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13-03-2017 02:03

It could also be a help for when the 3 & 8s and 1 & 7s look identical to each other even after a few tries.
13-03-2017 05:05

This is a good idea. It's sad to see people have to leave because of impairments like that.
13-03-2017 12:30

I'd love to see that but I think if it was to implement it I think a big overhaul should also be done in the background navigation flags of the game... That way hopefully a person who is vision impaired also could have logical navigation too that they can use

Though this would probably be a big project, it would be nice to see it being more disability friendly but it would require major and thorough design of the game's structure
15-03-2017 21:24

I like this
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15-03-2017 21:39

I don't see any downsides to this.

15-03-2017 23:01

This came up before, there has to be potential to exploit this.
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15-03-2017 23:59

Nuthouse, not really. How could there be? It would appear just as frequently as regular botchecks, with the added bonus of making the game more accessible to visually impaired players.
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16-03-2017 08:43

I have to say yes . i think being able to help those enjoy the game go for it
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16-03-2017 12:05

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27-01-2018 20:44

I like this because the bot-check is often hard to read and I have to just guess.
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27-01-2018 21:13

Im glad this is being brought up again, huge yes from me.

Im honestly disappointed that this feature hasnt already been added
27-01-2018 23:12

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28-01-2018 04:53

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28-01-2018 05:22

Almost a full year has passed on this one. Highly doubt it's being added
28-01-2018 05:57

People doubted this game would ever get an update

Lets see what happens
28-01-2018 07:06

Yeah i like the idea of this, we have donation options to have a shorter bot check with numbers, would the same idea work with audio as well?
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06-02-2018 19:13

I can't think of anything bad about this idea, it's a yes from me too
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06-02-2018 20:29

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06-02-2018 21:22

Dark Nero
06-02-2018 21:58

yes from me.
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