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Forum -> Feedback -> The adding of a new thieving NPC for Saint Patrick's day idea?

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10-03-2017 02:08

Ok so I was watching tv and an idea popped in my head, what if there were to be a new chase able NPC like the new Santa or Worlock but for Saint Patrick's day? The NPC that we could chase would be either Saint Patrick's himself or what else may work is a leprechaun. If let's say the leprechaun is added this year (which prob won't happen if Borneo does decide on doing this) then next year Saint Patrick will come next year and the leprechaun the year after and so on. So If you thieve the leprechaun successfully then you could get gold instead of just items, this could also be a chance to implement more items into the game? Oh and like Halloween and Christmas, and Easter you can on party island or something there could be let's say a rainbow with a pot full of items that you can choose from, like gold pieces, gold bars, gold ore, or gold tools? So the categories could be gold pieces, gold smithing items, and gold tools, and for the people who can't use the tools or smithing stuff, then they can get gp instead to buy what they can use in trade chat or something.

Borneo, staff members, players, if you have any questions about this please ask. Hopefully this could lead into something big or new? Thanks for your time, smeagol
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10-03-2017 02:37

I'll chime in and say no- Halloween, Christmas, and Easter are the big holidays(aside from the birthday) and quite honestly I don't feel we need something for each holiday/not big holidays(to me it's not a big thing)...Even so, I do like the ideas presented, just don't feel that it is a big holiday that needs celebrated in a game
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10-03-2017 10:41

maybe just increase the drop rate of 4 leaf clovers
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10-03-2017 11:08

let me lay down my 2 cents

I have helped admin a game in the past and saw every holiday celebrated, it made a hell of a lot of work for the staff and in turn took the factors that make a holiday event away.

Now do not get me wrong it worked for that game and I believe it is still going strong and doing well but however here I do not believe celebrating every possible holiday should be a thing, do something small and fun for the day if need be b ut do not start adding in factors that make a holiday event because then that will make those events lose their magic.
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10-03-2017 15:49

I agree with Benguin, adding new chasing NPCS is just going to take away from the excitement. If anything, I'd like to see new ideas for holiday events, and for many holidays I would prefer just some small invasions.. maybe new critters based on the holiday, but that's not even necessary.
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10-03-2017 16:34

see my post in forum off topic re st paddy s day, shamrock drops and leprechaun creature shillelagh as a weapon, but anything would be good for the craic
10-03-2017 20:50

I'm with Dash.
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11-03-2017 04:29

What Benguin said exactly(as I know exactly what he's referring to and I meant to add that into what I said, lol)- It just takes away from what admin, etc. can do vs adding a crap ton of events, etc. for every single holiday
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