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05-03-2017 06:38

Simple thing.

A way to send multiple people the same message, maybe have a box which sends your 1 message to everyone in your clan for example.

I understand that this could be misused (spam messages) so maybe only the clan option ^^


Edit: Clan leaders could give permissions for this?

Edited on 05-03-2017 06:42
Mr. Addy
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05-03-2017 06:40

please, no
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05-03-2017 07:27

No for me on this
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05-03-2017 14:02

No for this, if a clan leader needs to get a message to clan that is what we have clan forums for.
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05-03-2017 14:55

Yes, but only for clan / clan leaders.

Edited on 05-03-2017 14:56
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05-03-2017 18:41

Our community is definitely small enough to curb abuse of this if it were implemented. I would suggest a cap on the number of players you can message at once, with the possibility of raising or even removing the cap via donation options.
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05-03-2017 22:30

I dont think this is needed.

As for giving this to clan-leaders. Isn't that what the Clan-News is for?
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06-03-2017 02:02

Yes, but some of us are too busy to check clan. Messages grab our attention on the other hand.
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06-03-2017 11:16

I like this idea, sometimes I want to message certain people within the clan and would like them to be able to reply and others to read that response as well as me
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Tiptoeing Rhino
06-03-2017 21:52

I think it would be great.
In clan only for leaders at least, maybe make a column on clan members page for the leader to choose who can get the priveledge.

could Tie it into a donation option how many you can send at one time.with how many you can hold.

Unlocked 100 Hold up to 75 recieved and 10 sent messages-can send 10 at a time
Unlocked 250 Hold up to 100 recieved and 15 sent messages-can send 15 at a time
Unlocked 250 Hold up to 125 recieved and 20 sent messages-can send 20 at a time
Unlocked 250 Hold up to 150 recieved and 25 sent messages-can send 25 at a time
Locked 250 Hold up to 175 recieved and 30 sent messages-can send 30 at a time
Locked 250 Hold up to 200 recieved and 35 sent messages-can send 35 at a time
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Zebby :)
06-03-2017 22:22

I think this idea fits well with being a donation option.

At least if players use it to spam, they are helping to support the game in the process.
06-03-2017 22:40

I think this would be a good idea for guilds to use, but not for the general membership messages. Yes, there is the Clan News feature but for some reason people are just too lazy to take 3 extra seconds each day to check clan news. If group messages are enabled for inter-guild use, at least the message notification will show they have a message.
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06-03-2017 23:35

Im on the fence.

If this get added I guess it could be useful in certain cases.
If it does not then I wont be arsed at all.

Also on a side note I have been a clan leader in the past and am one now. I have never, in my 10 years of playing needed this feature. (Just my voice of reason)
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06-03-2017 23:44

The way we run our clan, I agree with Roku. We could have used this option multiple times within the last month.

As a new clan, it's great to send messages with updates/changes within the clan. As we grow, things are constantly changing, it sucks having to message 10-20 players within a few minutes one at a time.

More of a "quality of life" update more than anything.
07-03-2017 02:20

Again as a voice of reason we could have an automated game message informing new clan news has been added.
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Tiptoeing Rhino
07-03-2017 08:38

not a bad Idea Treve, but I think that might cause more spam by sending messages to clannies who have not logged in for awhile filling there inbox as well as sending it to members who it might not be important to. inturn making them not look at news when they got the letter.

for an example -- I want to organize a party to go to arch 4, we have 12 of 72 members who are capable of going down there. If it is posted in clan news where every one gets the message that would be 60 messages that did not need to be sent.

I am not sure if all the extra messages stored on server would cause the game to lag, similar to the lag we were getting when SHs would lag game anytime someone used a SH
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Zebby :)
07-03-2017 15:31

I like the idea of clan leaders being able to send multiple messages to clannies.

As a former clan leader, I remember that getting clannies to read clan news and clan forum often felt like pulling teeth. Multiple messages would make things so much easier.
07-03-2017 18:13


EDIT: If the message was so important you would either post in clan forums or take the time to send one at a time.

Edited on 07-03-2017 19:45
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08-03-2017 05:35

Reading over the arguments...couldn't this be accomplished with a "(1 new news post)" under the clan tab?
Tiptoeing Rhino
08-03-2017 19:22

Not all clannies look at the news, I am the leader and I can go a week myself with out looking at it.

Now that I have had time to think about we have been over thinking this.The simplest way if this does get implemented would be Clan leader only. Clannies can send leader a message to send to all others.

If you think sending one at a time is the way to go, try this- get a copy of my clan members use the header --Zebby's message test-- and send each of them a copy of this post. I know my clan is bigger than most but you only have to do it once, so would compare to 2-3 mass messages for most clans. Hope to hear from you soon.

Edited on 08-03-2017 19:26
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*Megalomarts at all jail locations
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Thank you!
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