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28-02-2017 20:48

I would love to see a change (or see your opinion) over negative fame about summoning orbs for non-pirate peeps that perform such task! Let me explain a bit my thoughts...

As I'm a professional summoner getting pleasure to invade some working place for my syrnians, I began to be quite a legendary "work disturber" for the community. Getting more and more infamous might be a part of the pleasure to pop some orbs over the land here and there.

So here is my idea : getting more negative fame popping higher-end creatures would be nice. I didn't think about having this outrageously changed, but a little tweek could be cool!

Here are some exemple for single fighting creatures :

- Rats = Keeping the same as it is -5 fame
- Gnomes = -6 fame
- Elder eagles = -8 fame
- Bonebreakers = -10 fame
- Griffins = -12 fame
- Gold scaled gamans = -15 fame
- Christmas and halloween creatures = -17 fame

Indeed, for group orbs, or eventually events orbs, there could be something similar on tweeks letting us, mages, getting a bit more sensitive fame for "higher disturbance"!

Thx for your respectuous inputs!
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28-02-2017 21:19

I am going to quote myself from my post over on Forum -> Feedback -> Creature Orbs, because I think it fits on this thread, too:

"...What I think should be changed with creature orbs is the -fame part: I would suggest changing the -fame calculation to be determined by how many people's work is stopped by setting off the orb.

"For example, the evil mage setting off the orb could lose 1 fame for each person working at the location. Then, if nobody is working there, the mage loses no fame. Perhaps each new person who tries to work at the location could contribute to the -fame of the player setting off the orb--not sure if that's a good idea, though.

"Maybe for fighting locations, where fighters aren't forced to stop working to clear the orb, the mage could gain fame instead of losing it for setting off orbs (or at least at locations where the creature summoned is comparable to the normal creatures being fought there). This would make sense, since those players would be happy to get the extra xp from an invasion."

I don't have much objection to Marsular's idea here, but if there is going to be a change to how fame results from setting off orbs, I'd like to see it changed to give those of us who want positive fame to take advantage of orbs in a way that doesn't incur a negative fame penalty. I think combining my quoted idea here with Marsular's could make that possible in a way that makes sense for what fame represents.

Edited on 28-02-2017 21:19
28-02-2017 22:48

Borneo talked about some of the skill event orbs, maybe if those are implemented they could offer positive fame while ivasion orbs would offer negative fame.
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28-02-2017 22:57

The fame system really needs something and I think these changes are a step in the right direction.
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28-02-2017 22:59

Onslaught, I don't think it should be that simple, because I think -fame should correlate to doing things that people don't like.

Setting off a woodcutting orb at a woodcutting location would be something the woodcutters there would like (unless it sets off a forest that is too high-level for them, or if they're named "esnow"), in which case it would make sense to get +fame from it. By the same reasoning, though, setting off an invasion orb at a combat location that correlates well with the invading creatures would tend to be popular, so it would make sense for the mage setting off the orb to get +fame.

Using a woodcutting orb at a fishing location would not be popular with people trying to fish there, and so should give negative fame for the player setting off the orb.
01-03-2017 20:24

I really like C4's ideas, and I agree the fame system needs major updates!
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02-03-2017 03:46

so with c4ls idea, setting off a skill orb would say something like"a good and honorable mage set off a woodcutting orb, have a great time everyone!"
one idea i would like to throw out there, is customizable messages from the mage, evil or good when they are set off.

Edited on 02-03-2017 03:46
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02-03-2017 05:37

What about an orb that lowers the timer for people at a spot or increases drops/combat drops? Could scale the percentage with the player's magic level, etc. etc. A play on the Evil Mage somewhat and could give positive fame.
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09-03-2017 20:03

I would love to see Positive fame implemented into orbs some way. the usage might actually go up. There are more members with positive fame than negative.

Of the people who have positive or negative fame ,768 of them 569(74%) have positive fame, 199 (26%) have negative fame.Not sure how many have no fame but I would suspect the %'s would be similar.

(888 users logged in the last 7 days) not that all these players have negative fame more to show player base.

So I think it would be nice to implement something for the higher percent player base
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Thank you!
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Forum -> Feedback -> Negative fame treatment for orbs

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