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21-02-2017 15:40

Total gold stolen from other players pockets and purses
Total gold stolen from shops
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Anarcho FooBear
21-02-2017 15:44

Total items stolen?
Total time spent in jail?
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21-02-2017 15:44

Mine are easy enough to keep track of that I already have them.
21-02-2017 15:44

This sounds awsome!!! Give inspiration to upcoming thieving and also pride/bragging rights for thieves!
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21-02-2017 16:03

Number of guild jobs undertaken
Guild job success %
Most targeted player (number of thieving attempts)
Most thieved player (amount of gp stolen)
Highest xp reward for a guild job
Most gp earned for a guild job
Longest jail time for a guild job
Highest number of guild jobs in a week
Highest number of guild jobs in a month
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21-02-2017 22:08

nice ideas im a sucker for stats
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22-02-2017 01:33

I'm game for this
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Cruz Nairb
22-02-2017 07:23

Sounds good to me.
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22-02-2017 16:33


I like the idea.
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22-02-2017 16:40

C4L - How many

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22-02-2017 17:29

Total gold stolen from other players pockets and purses: 0gp
Total gold stolen from shops: 0gp

Some of the other suggestions might not be as easy to track if they include attempts to thieve NPCs...
22-02-2017 23:52

More stats! I love in-depth statistics.
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20-04-2017 23:25

I second that! Would love to see my impact >
20-04-2017 23:58

More stats is always a +1 from me
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21-04-2017 10:15

These would have to start from 0 for all players (due to lack of records), but it is definitely a fun idea & would help liven up thieving a little more.

As such, I'd be on board with it
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21-04-2017 19:08

21-04-2017 20:25

+1 I love stats
22-04-2017 03:45

K.I.A. Ned Kelly[CFH]-thieved the shop and got 86868gp-and got 28920gp-and got 30159gp-and got 22858gp-and got 160177gp-In Tribute to Syrnia's Greatest Thief-Ranked 2nd overall in theft-7m+ xp-My friend and fellow thief, gone not forgotten.
23-04-2017 10:49

Would be nice to separate the actual Thieves from the Lockpickers, your TRUE Syrnia resource!
29-04-2017 13:52

Lets do this
Doctor_Who tried to thieve you at Sanfew

You have successfully thieved the shop and got 35129 gold !

Fingers won and got a Desert arena medal and 200 combat experience
R2 D2
07-05-2017 01:45

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