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19-02-2017 21:10

[3]21:08 Cradle[-TL-]: They should make something like 5 minute botcheck option.

so Cradle can afk Beset ^^
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19-02-2017 21:11

I fully agree with jove!
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19-02-2017 21:49

here here I concur!
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19-02-2017 22:50

har, har, Brogs!
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19-02-2017 23:09

Why not?
20-02-2017 00:05

Would be nice to afk places like that at shorter intervals.

Its a yes from me.
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20-02-2017 00:05

See the first post in this thread.
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When in doubt, choke em out!

Critical hit: You struck and dealt 77 damage to the Undead priest.

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Mr Tiddles
20-02-2017 00:07

phone options have this with going screen turn off in 5 minutes options
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20-02-2017 05:05

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20-02-2017 09:15

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20-02-2017 23:25

yes! considering my experience in dieing from afking spots I shouldn't I'd love this
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21-02-2017 02:05

Why can't he just do fight one more?
09-03-2017 11:37

Why not? Make it a donators option like the 20 mins botcheck. Some people want more time between checks, others less. Those wanted longer times between botchecks got their way with the donators option, so I'm all for doing the same for those who want less time between botchecks.
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09-03-2017 15:47

No. Those that afk have to be punished. Giving them an option for easymode gets a thumbs down from me.
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09-03-2017 16:49

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09-03-2017 18:08

Oh yea. Could afk somewhere else. ;)
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25-02-2018 19:51

This would be a no from me, makes afk combat a lot easier just paying money, which is pay to win definitely.

Also it could break the game in the sense of adding crowding to locations because now people can afk it a lot easier at lower levels.

25-02-2018 23:27

I really don't see why not. Go for it.

At the same time, I'd love a, "force botcheck" option for efficiency when afking.
26-02-2018 05:19

Several valid reasons have already been pointed out as to why this wouldn't be a good option...but then again, I'm not sure if this was even a serious question.
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26-02-2018 07:26

+1 Felix
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The Shiv
26-02-2018 20:17

wouldn't it just be faster for people to pop their head every five minutes to eat? you're presumably fighting afk for the five minutes and doing a botcheck, so why not just pop in every five minutes?
26-02-2018 20:55

I think this is silly and see no reason for it personally.

However, I do like Pendragon's idea about a forced botcheck.
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26-02-2018 22:57

I think I would prefer a 7 or 8 minute bc.
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27-02-2018 05:38

Fight one more is a better option but 5 min bot check is stupid and sounds like a joke

Edited on 27-02-2018 05:38
27-02-2018 09:13

This is one of those things I wanna oppose because I feel like if you're gonna afk combat you should have to be able to survive a full botcheck. However since people can already achieve this with smartphone screen lock timers, we would really just be evening the playing field.
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Forum -> Feedback -> 5 mins botcheck option

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