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19-02-2017 01:22

This is a simple poll about silks.

We have had them in game for years now and personaly I think they are the worst addition to Syrnia. Now I would like to take a poll from the players and see how you all feel?

Me personally, I feel they should only be used on smithed items.

Its a simple poll with only 3 options.

Please Vote via external site.


Seems the site I chose was useless. Sorry folks

Edited on 19-02-2017 02:39
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19-02-2017 01:24

Cant vote right now due to mobile Evert.

But i only find silks worth using on special equipment.

Smithed items i will always prefer Aim/Power enchants.

So no.
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19-02-2017 01:28

silks was a good idea for lasting longer on non-smithed items but the random can be just as fast to break without it
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19-02-2017 01:38

Silks screw up the value of ores, and the value of smiths. Remove 'em!
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19-02-2017 01:39

I would really like to see the soft silks more used perhaps in a form of Trade that can be used to enhance Trade skill. Since most people don't waste time with Soft Silking a weapon/armour for +1, would love to see it added towards another skill.
Hard silks can require smithing as per norm; Silks could require a new Skill, or incorporate trading skill more with Commerce Trades between continents and cities(which is done by set npcs in different towns located at different locations in the world asking for different materials each day depending on the location the npc is located.)

Such as -
(For any random Junk item in the game that's deemed useless)
"A man on Dearn island is seeking soft silks, and is willing to trade valuable items for bundles of fine silk."

Exchange them for some "random" other item, seeds, ores, woods, etc - and gain a bit of experience in trading doing such.

*Edit in response to SS below*
Oi you, read my second line - but yea, see it seems I am saying remove them from the first line, so I am deleting the comment;
"I would Love to remove Soft silks, but Leave hard silks. No one -wants- a 1 dura on their rare weapon/armor(or anything they'd dura for that point.)"
Hopefully my edit above clears up what I was meaning, didn't mean to quite say -remove- them entirely !

I'm saying give them a trading skill set for SOFT only silks, which can be used as exp towards trading. Opening higher commerce possibilities by exchanging items for materials/coin/perhaps rare items from foreign lands yet unexplored(which could be a way of introducing new weapons such as the ones listed in the combat suggestion for trolls.)

and still retain Hard silk as +2 and requiring 30 smithing to use On materials, and gaining a bit of exp as is.

End edit.

Edited on 19-02-2017 04:16
19-02-2017 02:49

I use hard silks often. As a high level woodcutter, and woodcutting taking a while to actually earn a decent income from silks really help get my money's worth out of puranium and obsidian tools which otherwise would likely wipe out my profits.
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19-02-2017 03:38

Then would you compensate my soft silk hoard, if they were removed Yeti?

I put alot of time grinding out at sorer lair, so if that were to happen, i want compensation
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19-02-2017 05:51

Love hard silks. Dont own any non smithed items without a silk on it
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19-02-2017 11:54

Maybe scale the drops on silks way down, make it to where it is worth something.
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19-02-2017 12:57

Silks are not a terrible addition, silks allow more to reap the rewards for their hard work by allowing their higher tier weapons, armor or tools to last longer with the added loss of an enchant slot.

I feel what we are doing now is entering or we have long entered a stage of the game not foreseen in the original development, there is no way M2H envisioned such a lengthy spell of the games life, what was then a good idea and worked well will now have flaws due to a few points.

people exceeding expectations and leveling way beyond the boundaries first envisioned by M2H:

for example Sorers lair, a lot more people can fight there safely and even afk, what this does is lower the value of the drops and supply eventually outweighs the demand, this has happened with Koban, Ogre and to some degree Elven gear.

Ore values have dropped due to the increase in people who can mine it and mine it well, this is a true case in ols when the likes of high cl fighters can ultimately sit and heal.

continuing on another point would more than likely be supply and demand which ultimately comes down to 2 points one is the supply which I have already stated is likely very easy right now and demand is down to break rates.

Personally, I feel there is a lack of demand due to the increased durability of items without the silks, I am sure they are Random but people would argue they break loads whilst others would break hardly any.

If you want something to work again you need to increase the demand for the supply and the only way I can see that happening is 1, look at break rates or 2 look at how the item in question is distributed.
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19-02-2017 15:05

I use Soft silks on Syriet and Obby tools and Hard silks on Pura tools and special armour and weapons. But my clannies do have a choice if they prefer enchants.

Silks are fine as they are, some can't afford to keep replacing expensive tools/weapons/armour so they are good for those players and new clans.
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19-02-2017 19:40

I use silks for my obby tool as well or any other special item
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20-02-2017 00:25

I love silks. If they weren't in the game I think a lot of players would honestly just stop buying pura tools, the cost isn't worth it without the added durability from the silks.
20-02-2017 00:54

Silks help soften the monopoly on hard to acquire smithed/non smithed gear. As the game evolves this hurts lower end item prices as more players begin to acquire them. As someone pointed out this moderates out as other market factors come into play.
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20-02-2017 09:52

I think soft silks are a bit of a gimmick now that hard silks are so abundant in the game.

I would like to see a better use for soft silks without compromising hard silks
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20-02-2017 16:22

I'm with TermaMatrix and Prome on this.

I also use soft silks on Syriet and Obsidian tools, except Obsidian cauldrons, which I hard silk along with Puranium tools. I don't usually silk any weapons at all.

Silks haven't ruined the market for high-level drop items--things like Koban axes, Waranerus spikes, and Roodarus horns have dropped in value because of how much easier they are to get with a lot more high-level fighters in the game. Although I do have a couple of +2 dura Koban axes lying around from back when they were worth a lot more than silks, I wouldn't apply a silk to any unsmithed weapon, unless it was for someone else who requested it specifically.
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