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15-02-2017 19:38

Flowers are great and all, but sometimes even that extra gift could make a difference, especially from an admirer. oh lala.

Would it be possible to attach gifts to flower deliveries?
Mr. Addy
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15-02-2017 19:39

Love this idea!
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The Couch Yeti
15-02-2017 19:54

Yes please.
Actually, as Cruz stated after -
I recall that having been brought up before and being thee reason it was shut down.

After thinking of what cruz stated I must change my answer to;

Let's revise how this would work ! Make it only certain items, such as ... based on Syrnia Market Value(NPC) prices - can't ship anything that costs over half of what the flowers cost? :o

Edited on 15-02-2017 20:41
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Cruz Nairb
15-02-2017 20:16

One issue: this could be abused to transfer items across the Outlands.
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15-02-2017 20:53

lovely idea i think
16-02-2017 07:08

The idea is nice and can easily be resolved for the concern brought up by Cruz. This idea is not a new one and has always been popular when brought up, I myself would like it.

The way yo resolve it is simple allow the person to attach one singular item to the flowers.

Another would be to not send your own items instead have options

Would you also like to send a gift?

Sweet gift +500gp

Strong gift +500gp

Manly gift +1000gp

Girly gift +1000gp

Wedding Gift +2000gp

Prices and what each gift can contain can be decided by bossman and his team but I think if you want it the idea of sending a random gift from a list would still be as effective as sending your own.

Edited on 16-02-2017 07:09
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Broken Halo
16-02-2017 09:35

could have a gift shop same as flower structured shop. picked up a tyre while walking, 10 tyres can trade for a toy car gift. something along that line, or random drops from creatures or skilling.
it would be a nice idea though having something other than only flowers for those who arent overly fond of them
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18-02-2017 07:38

As stated before, it would have to be put in place so as not to avoid the OLs and be taken advantage of. One possibility is that only 1 item can be gifted or only gp. I will think about this.
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18-02-2017 11:45

I would support this.
18-02-2017 12:44

How about this:

"A gift was left for you at Remer House of Florals (Or whichever location you leave it at), please come and pick it up as soon as you can!"

No OL hopping, and need to travel to the location to pick it up, and you can leave what you want.
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19-02-2017 03:33

Thanks! I should have specified when I made this that you can only attach 1 gift and a certain amount of gp, or as sheep said - to retrieve the gift/gp at the flower shop.
19-02-2017 03:36

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