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13-02-2017 21:47

So ive been toying about with ideas for the BM for a bit of fun and I came up with this. Im sure it could be refined further or even some parts be completely tossed out.

Im not addressing cooking or level sets with this post im just focusing on the mechanics. For this plan I have used the BM running every day with multiple groups.

Point System

For ease lets assume im CL 100

Each Kill rewards 100 Points Base, Points are awarded and adjusted as follows based on my CL100 killing the following..

CL 90-100 = 90 Points
CL 80-90 = 80 Points
CL 70-80 = 70 Points

CL 100-110 = 110 Points
CL 120-130 = 120 Points
CL 130-140 = 130 Points

So as you can see killing below your level will still award points but less and vice versa for killing above.


First Place = 2,000 Points

Points Mean Prizes

Equites = 1,000 Points Per Item
Retiarii = 2,000 Points Per Item
Hoplomachi = 3,000 Points Per Item
Samnite = 4,000 Points Per Item


At the end of each month medals are awarded out for the following.

Most times killed = Wooden Arena Medal
Most kills +CL = Ruby Arena Medal
Most kills -CL = Emerald Arena Medal
Most Points = Gold Arena Medal
Champion (footnote) = Diamond Arena Crown

Medal Exchange

This can be discussed and amounts/rates sorted but for example purposes lets just assume the following based on a random exchange for 1 of the following (you do not get all 3).

Wooden Medal


Ruby/Emerald Medal

Battle Mage Tools (New Items)

Gold Medal

Battle Mage Tools
Battle Mage Teleport Orb (Single use to teleport to any island of your choice)

Diamond Arena Crown

This is the hardest reward to earn, once per month/per group this will be awarded and to receive the crown you have to meet the following criteria.

Compete in every BM appropriate to your CL
Have the most points.
Have the most kills.

I have made the requirements for this reward incredibly difficult as the crown can be traded in for the unique Battle Mage Armour/Weapons.

Armour = Def of dragon +10
BM Axe = Aim 150 Power 125
Complete Set Bonus = +10% Exp/+1% Drop Rate/

Just to make this even more harder to obtain the Crowns or Items from them can NOT be traded.

Anyways, if you bothered to read this far nice one
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13-02-2017 22:36

what kind of requirements would you put on the said "dragon armour/ Axe"?

I know that the slaymeoyrd was deemed "too overpowered" so i couldn't see these items added.

All in in, It sounds like a nice idea.
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14-02-2017 06:42

ive never cared much for the battlemage
having said that, i really really like this idea, and would probably start paticipating in it if something similar were implemented.
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G Bob
14-02-2017 19:18

I like the ideea. Something like this could work just fine.
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Whats a Bob without a G?
15-02-2017 00:03

I like the idea.
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Cruz Nairb
15-02-2017 04:37

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19-02-2017 00:20

19-02-2017 00:26

Ay-yi Captain Mark! I think most attacks/hits would be great too, would give a smidge of hope that people just don't run around trying to make "teams" or avoid fighting all together. It's a BATTLEmage, not a run around and hide behind a bush hoping that big meanie doesn't find me mage.

Edit: Maybe even a free-for-all, let the big boys out first then 2 mins later or what have you the next CL group goes out..etc. etc.

Edited on 19-02-2017 00:28
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-Aisle of Yew
19-02-2017 01:00

well thought out, I wonder has anyone ever considered socketing weapons and adding gems?
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