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09-02-2017 21:00

Here's a idea that's a little different and will engage your artistic flair!

We need a new banner to help advertise Syrnia. It can be .png format, illustrator/photoshop format, or an animated .gif
The size needs to be 468 x 60 ratio

These are the banners that you see at the top of websites, advertising different things.

Please email your files and Player name to [email protected]

Good luck everyone, let's see what you can come up with!!!

The Contest will end in approximately one weeks time
  • Winner will have their Artwork used to represent Syrnia.
  • There may also be some gems or Locked items as they are usually welcome!
  • Runners up will have an appropriate prize
  • The entries will be judged by Game Staff, all entries received will be shown at a later date

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    Only users can reply.

    Forum -> Contests -> Official Syrnia Contest #117

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