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08-02-2017 00:52

When someone requests an item and it has been approved, that item(s) should be removed from the stockhouse, such that other people cannot take them. This way there's no question as to who gets what.
Mr. Addy
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08-02-2017 13:51

Hmm, I like this idea.
08-02-2017 14:28

Solution needs expansion in my opinion, the idea of it "disappearing" seems to create more issues

> if its removed is it searchable ? for approvers
> If the 2 people are non-approves the "approver" could delete from a to give to B
thus bypass the system. Since they need approval anyway
> What happens if its partial amounts like 250/500 cooked tuna
> What happens if a 3rd person picks another 100 of the 500 tuna,

> Does the leader have any different perms if so what ?

A less problematic solution would be , to give a Read Only list of the active approvals to all members [I don't think this is case currently on the clan options for those with Remove] , so people could check themselves

and maybe a visual icon on the image in the Physical SH (not sure how practical that is) to show "some" of is requested

OR a "Items reserved" Tab if that's possible to show stuff in "2 locations at once" for people that have issues loading the clan page. A check in the game is what im going for with this.

* if its a single item maybe you could remove the "request" , [if there's a current approval active] im assuming this issue refers to stuff like a single Rose Chest Plate ,

Since that wouldn't have the stack issue I listed above.

Edited on 08-02-2017 15:36
08-02-2017 18:23

A lot of those were Programmer Side issues, I think. I'm less concerned -how- the idea is implemented, just that it is.

I've had something approved before, gone to pick it up, and only gotten a partial or even none because someone else sought out the same item.
Tiptoeing Rhino
08-02-2017 19:41

I like this Idea also. I know nothing about coding too so not sure how hard it would be. Maybe just moving approved stuff to bottom of list of category in SH.
but who know maybe this and other things are already in the works By the looks of it Borneo has been pulling out his hair in confusion of what to implement or not.
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Thank you!
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Forum -> Feedback -> SH - Item Approval

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