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08-02-2017 00:35

I know many will be hesitant for change to the Outlands because its always been the same and an important part of Syrnia from its implementation to now. But hear me out and please provide any relevant thoughts on how to improve the idea, or why the idea is not feasible.

The goal of this idea is to make the Outlands more active. I believe it would benefit active PKers - both high and low level, without making the OL any less dangerous to cross or any easier to mine the precious rare ores. Or at least that is my attempt - I may certainly be missing something as I have not spent as much time out there as others.

The easiest way to understand the idea is viewing this picture:

I believe it is self explanatory. Making some areas that are not important skilling areas or not efficient for crossing the OLs combat level restricted.

Obviously the largest detriment would be to very high level combat players. They are not "protected" from anyone, but have the number of players they can attack limited. In my opinion, the benefit of having more players trying to get to these protected areas will hopefully outweigh this detriment but I may be wrong. To get to the safer areas, the "protected" players must go through free-for-all areas. This could encourage mid-to-low level combatters to bring out KAs, waras, ogre gear etc to PK others in the safer area but allow you to attack them (and get larger loot than the average naked OL player) before they make it to ogre or senyn/crab's nest.

The CL restrictions and locations are welcome to be changed, I just threw together a rough idea. Feel free to criticize, preferably constructively.

TL;DR - Some locations in the middle have a combat level restriction to attack (ex. +/- 40 CLs). Does not make the OLs safer to cross or make the important skilling locations safer.

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Mr. Addy
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08-02-2017 00:49

First off I would like to say well done for such a well presented idea. The explanation and map is great.

Secondly I love this idea, I think the free for all zones and safe(ish) zones are well thought out.

Ive done my time in the OL over the years and I personally think this is a great idea.
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Cruz Nairb
08-02-2017 00:53

I suggest making all mining locations non-combat zones.
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08-02-2017 00:57

You would
RIP Rami/Liz: You were a true angel on earth and it was an honor to know you.

I am Evert!
08-02-2017 02:47

I really like this idea. It would make the OL more playable.
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08-02-2017 09:43

I like the concept I would love to see your idea with expansion also
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08-02-2017 11:22

As a virgin to the OL I must admit I like this idea however (and I am biased as I'm scared lol) I would like to see the odd space that is safe to all so if you can fight your way through (for example) 12 fighters and luckily won then you may want a breathe before carrying on. I don't think having them all other the place would work but maybe a few dotted around. Other than this I really do like the idea, well presented and well explained with the visual aid of the map. Well done.
08-02-2017 12:56

I think this is a great idea, and I don't see why it couldn't work.

But I also like Cruz's suggestion.
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08-02-2017 13:39

The Concept has Merit, it does not mean low level players are safe as higher can easily camp the zones and kill them the second they enter a neighbouring zone.

I would like to see if this happens an expansion of the outlands to include more locations more skills that are missing and just have scattered safe zones.
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08-02-2017 15:00

This is a great idea! Except for the noobs that get trapped in the middle..heh
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08-02-2017 15:59

I like it, it's well thought out and the explanation is good.

Still no from me though.

There are inconsistencies with the OLs. This isn't a way to fix/change that.
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08-02-2017 19:26

A wonderful, clear, well presented and well thought out idea.

How often do we see those?!

I think that we could definitely at least give this a trial run for a week, see how it works out.
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08-02-2017 19:49

There has been discussion of other randomized aspects to OL.

What if this idea were randomized to some extent?

The safe zones shift every 6 or 8 hours so that there's the opportunity for exploitation (and from multiple time zones), but ultimately it cannot last. This would prevent camping and it would also add a new level excitement.
08-02-2017 23:13

Didn't even look at the idea as I scanned through the comments saw about 2 people who actually use the ols so I discounted the rest.

All the ols needs to become more active is for all the gimmes who posted here to grow a pair and go out there and use it.

Cruz is a prime example of what can be done I kill him 10 ish ? times a week yet he still goes out gets his ore and xp and accepts the loss of a cheap pick and a few ore as payment.

It works for him works for me and would work for you lot if you stopped trying to change it and just went out and used it.
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09-02-2017 00:16

Yeah sure, you have no idea what this feedback is about. Keep chatting that crap, someone will believe you one day.

Did not read it...LOL
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09-02-2017 00:22

"Didn't even look at the idea as I scanned through the comments saw about 2 people who actually use the ols so I discounted the rest."

Then read the post. If you want to rant about who uses the OLs and who doesn't, please make your own topic instead of posting an ignorant comment here. This has nothing to do with mining and is about making the OLs more fun and accessible.


To everyone else, thank you for your feedback. As Thorn pointed out, this doesn't address the current problem in the OLs with touchscreen unfortunately. And that should probably take priority from what I have heard about it.
09-02-2017 19:58

Didn't rant don't project onto me.

My point is valid you want to make something fun ? It's fun now it's accessible for all levels now, people just don't have the balls to go out so as usual someone comes up with a make it safe boo hoo plan.

When I see you in the ols as it stands I will take the time to read your idea till then it's just waffle from someone who can play but doesn't want to so wants to change it to make their life easier.

Go play out there discover it's real problems and we can have a conversation.
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09-02-2017 20:08

we need a town smushed in the middle of the ols , the town would be a quest platform area and would be a safe spot'' it would be 1 spot within the ols and the quests could use the skill areas already in the ols and the quests would not be safe it would include going intothe combat areas and could be for lvl 80 and up.
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09-02-2017 20:27

"When I see you in the ols as it stands I will take the time to read your idea till then it's just waffle from someone who can play but doesn't want to so wants to change it to make their life easier."

I looked at highscore history and guess what - I was out mining in the OLs daily before you were even in gold weapons. Funnily enough, you were no where to be found in those years. Just because you are a bigger guy than me in the OLs these days does not mean I haven't put my time in.

So now that I have discredited your claim, and you have taken this off-topic, please delete your posts and I will delete mine to preserve the integrity of this topic/idea.
09-02-2017 21:34

Very well written and nicely explained! I like this idea
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09-02-2017 22:43

After spending a great amount of time training combat for the sole reason of being able to survive and kill people in the outlands I'd love for there to be safe zones for nooblings to run to when I show up. Great Idea.
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09-02-2017 22:57

There's already 3 safe zones, OL 35, 1, and 13 XD
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09-02-2017 23:03

I'm wondering, can someone with a CL above 20 enter the CL 20 areas at all? If not, then once someone makes it in, it's extremely difficult to cover all of the exits or even know if someone has slipped by or not.
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09-02-2017 23:08


Everyone can enter every location in the OL, no restriction on going to these spots. The CL +/- 20 and CL +/- 40 areas mean you can only attack someone within 20 or 40 combat levels of your combat level. A CL 120 would be able to attack someone CL 100-140 in the CL +/- 20 area or 80-160 in the CL +/- 40 area for example. (These ranges can be changed based on what others/the game developers feel)

Hope that is a bit clearer.

@A Swoosh

How do you feel this inhibits your ability to survive/kill others in the OLs? Players that run to the combat restricted zones will still have to find their way to OL 1/13/35. Going to these zones when crossing the OLs would be inefficient so I believe the only players going in them would be other PKers, which currently is a tiny proportion of players. This idea would hopefully increase this proportion, allowing you to kill more players and at the same time allow other players (likely of a lower CL) to have more fun in the OLs.

I am interested to hear your side as it is important that players who currently care about/enjoy the OLs have a say in any changes.

Edited on 09-02-2017 23:16
10-02-2017 03:24

I like this idea.. this is one of the main reasons i avoid the OutLands completely. I feel no need to go out there to even attempt to do anything since i know that i will be killes instantly no matter where i am at with absolutely no chance at all..
Right now I am working on my 3-4 years of killing creatures before i will ever be able to go out there for any good chance.. not many people are as patient as that... and especially new players which I feel is one of the reasons so many people join and quit is because of this reason...
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