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07-02-2017 17:01

Seems to be a lot of sh update suggestions, all of them nice. Heres a couple small ideas of mine.

Total raw hp
Total cooked hp
These could be per sh, or shs over all.

When I type in a search for burnt shrimp in all stockhouses, it would be nice to see a total for all under how many are in each, if possible.

Thank you for your consideration.
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07-02-2017 17:23

I like it! Could also throw in easier stockhouse searches. With consideration for a lot more in-depth categories when it comes to clicking on a stockhouse link in clan options instead of the slots taken/available and gp stored. Our logs are so long clicking view all logs and trying to search for an item that way lags my game for about 12 seconds usually. So any streamlining would be great.

Edited on 07-02-2017 17:25
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07-02-2017 18:45

To Whisky... Click the logs of the smallest SH your clan has and then toggle the drop down box to 'All Stockhouses'. That will stop the lag.
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07-02-2017 19:14

Yas, me like.
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07-02-2017 21:35

Sounds like a plan, lets get it implemented!
Cruz Nairb
07-02-2017 22:24

I'd personally like to see this implemented.
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09-02-2017 09:21


I'd like to see this as well.
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Forum -> Feedback -> Another small sh update

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