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07-02-2017 05:29

One of the donation perks is the ability to check the inventory of your houses from the stats popup.

The player inventory is grouped into sections. Boats, seeds, cooked, raws, tools... etc.

When you look directly into your house, the inventory is grouped in the same way.

When you use the remote feature, you get a list that is alphabetical.

Can this be changed so that when you use the feature, its grouped in the same way?

Or perhaps an option to toggle it to this format?

Mr. Addy
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07-02-2017 05:49

Best idea I've heard in a while. Simple, but makes things easier. I like it.
07-02-2017 08:02


Edit: I love the ability to check house/shop stocks btw.

Edited on 07-02-2017 08:02
Cruz Nairb
07-02-2017 08:39

This seems like common sense, yes from me.
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07-02-2017 13:12

I like this idea...know anyone in charge that we can talk to about it?

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Maranda - The world is a lesser place without you.
07-02-2017 14:29

If this is changed, I would prefer an option to toggle it, since I find the pure alphabetical listing useful in some situations--useful enough that I intentionally look in a house using my stats page even when I'm at the location of the house, just because I get an alphabetical list of the contents.

One example of where I use this is when I'm taking inventory of smithed gold items--I get all the gold items in the house listed together, where they're all separated when I look in the house itself.
07-02-2017 16:22

+1 for this idea with toggle
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Forum -> Feedback -> Remote inventory order

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