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07-02-2017 04:06

Currently, when a request from a stockhouse is made, you can change the amount and approve it. However, once you have approved it, you cannot change the amount, you can only cancel it. Therefore, current behaviour encourages requesting 1 of each item and leaving the request unapproved until the item changes, which is not particularly healthy.

I recommend having a second option next to "Cancel Approval", called "Change Amount", which will allow you to toggle the amount of resources allocated to the request.

I don't feel that this would make a great donation option, especially since if it were this could impact who permissions are given to in clan.



Edited on 07-02-2017 04:10
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Mr. Addy
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07-02-2017 13:11

As this would more be a topic of functionality of stockhouses, I agree this would not fall under donation options. If it ids implemented it would be more of a "you can do this now" update.
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Cruz Nairb
07-02-2017 22:22

A small but helpful change, yes from me.
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Forum -> Feedback -> Changing Approval Amount | Clan

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