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06-02-2017 01:49

So as you all have seen the initial roll-out of the new donation system has occurred. I want to cover a couple of topics so things are clear.

Transfers will be able to be done with any "NEW" points that you acquire. Old premium points will not be transferable. My thinking on this is if you had donated in the past I was willing and felt it was a good faith move on your part and you should keep all perks that you previously received from M2H. The money went to M2H to help support the game in the past and has no affect on us going forward. Therefore, all of those points have been reset to zero.

Some of you have received points due to a glitch in the game's prior premium point system. Some, knowingly or unknowingly, transferred some of these points giving them options that they should not have been entitled to. I do not want to spend the time tracking these and cleaning this up. There are far more important and fun things to work on. The new system has eliminated many of these points from the system automatically. We have no way to track the phantom points as they never actually should have existed. If you used to have an option due to these points and it is gone now we have no way to recoup them.

Now that those issues have been addressed, we are anticipating having the transfer of points available as soon as possible.

There are a few glitches that occurred and we believe that they have been addressed. Please send any other issues to the "Donations" category and we will get to them as quickly as possible.

Publicly, I would like to thank all of you for the overwhelming support over the past couple days. I would also like to thank our coder that has worked very hard on getting this done.

I look forward to the new additions we are already planning.
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Forum -> Announcements -> Donation System Initial Roll-Out

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