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31-01-2017 23:02

The donations system will be back in place very soon. On the initial roll-out will include all of the previous options and some minor upgrades to some of them. Other new and exciting options are in the works but need to be further tested.

Keep your eyes and ears open and will keep you posted.
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Mr. Addy
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01-02-2017 09:47

[2] 09:45 Borneo[C.]: I will do it bummie...think I locked and stickied my announcement
[2] 09:45 ShatterStar[Pond]: awesome.
[2] 09:45 Bummie[Nox]: Can i use your announcement post for that borneo?
[2] 09:45 Borneo[C.]: paypal is back
[2] 09:45 Bummie[Nox]: Just gonna post the entire convo in the forum
[2] 09:45 Borneo[C.]: there will be upgrades to existing options but the new stuff is still being beta tested
[2] 09:45 Murphy[-DRS-]: dang was hoping for that one lol
[2] 09:45 ShatterStar[Pond]: I remember i could never donate before because of mobile pay or safeway.
[2] 09:44 ShatterStar[Pond]: what are the payment options going to be available born?
[2] 09:44 Borneo[C.]: last footnote - no NEW options will be available on the original roll-out
[2] 09:44 Murphy[-DRS-]: example, sfb fishing cod/pike/salmon, option to choose which one to fish? maybe premium?
[2] 09:44 Borneo[C.]: I will be around to answer questions as much as possible until it is online
[2] 09:43 Murphy[-DRS-]: got an idea, dunno if it would be practical?
[2] 09:43 Borneo[C.]: again, please let anyone know about this chat so they can see what I personally said about things
[2] 09:42 Borneo[C.]: you can just turn it of when afk fighting to cut down on chance of death
[2] 09:42 Murphy[-DRS-]: yea i can set mine to every 10 mins for fighting then when im back to mining back to 20 mins
[2] 09:41 Borneo[C.]: the longer botcheck is always enabled when working on something other than combat
[2] 09:41 Borneo[C.]: (*B: At the premium options you can enable/disable the lower botcheck frequency for fighting)
[2] 09:40 Murphy[-DRS-]: nice hopefully some other goodies too ;)
[2] 09:39 ShatterStar[Pond]: Shame those only work in combat :o
[2] 09:39 Borneo[C.]: ok so Murphy, you will be able to get the new upgrade for botcheck times for 1000 points
[2] 09:38 Murphy[-DRS-]: i got there
[2] 09:38 Borneo[C.]: that way the value of the options you purchase now or received in the past have similar value
[2] 09:38 Murphy[-DRS-]: Unlocked 10000 Bot check between every +/-20 minutes instead of every 15-20 minutes(*B)
[2] 09:38 Borneo[C.]: would roughly cost the same
[2] 09:37 Borneo[C.]: if you got to the last tier in Mikes previous system I made it so if you got the individual items now...
[2] 09:37 ShatterStar[Pond]: That's not bad at all compaired to GBP haha
[2] 09:37 Borneo[C.]: so one other factor that I took into account
[2] 09:36 ShatterStar[Pond]: 5.39 USD is 5 euros.. o.O the rate has changed since last i looked xD
[2] 09:36 ShatterStar[Pond]: 5 USD is 39 more cents in euros o.O
[2] 09:35 ShatterStar[Pond]: that's not too bad atm :o
[2] 09:35 Bummie[Nox]: I know it was a prepaid card for 15 back then and some pf the points were sent to other players. I have 1250 points atm, so...
[2] 09:35 Borneo[C.]: 5% extra points for 50 euro donation
[2] 09:34 Borneo[C.]: the lowest donation option is 5 euro for 417 points...and the larger ones you get extra points
[2] 09:34 mshaw29[null]: Our economy is said to run best at 0.76 per USD... But you know... I wish parody was good too...
[2] 09:33 ShatterStar[Pond]: Unless you get crazy and do something like mike did born
[2] 09:33 Bummie[Nox]: Ya mee too xD
[2] 09:33 ShatterStar[Pond]: Still be getting the invasion list.. that's about all i want
[2] 09:33 Bummie[Nox]: I think it was 100:1 € but its been awhile
[2] 09:33 Borneo[C.]: The referral link has been removed until I get a good system in place that makes sense
[2] 09:33 Maria Reed[Ant]: i got my fiancee to join but didnt know about the referal link he still plays
[2] 09:32 Bummie[Nox]: Ive been playing for almost 11 years and have gotten around 9 ppl to join.... i forgot the referral link every time xD
[2] 09:32 Murphy[-DRS-]: they are in aus, i live there for 2 years, going over and changing to aussie dollar was ok but sucked coming back haha
[2] 09:32 Borneo[C.]: so Bummie - do you remember how many points you used to get per Euro?
[2] 09:32 Maria Reed[Ant]: yep aussie money stinks
[2] 09:31 ShatterStar[Pond]: It's not much of a difference to lose.. but that's a meal or two
[2] 09:31 Murphy[-DRS-]: Could be worse, could be a few years ago where it was 2 dollars to 1 euro nearly :o
[2] 09:31 ShatterStar[Pond]: I donated quite alot of USD to GBP to a different game and every 30$ was another 10$
[2] 09:31 Bummie[Nox]: Im happy 👍
[2] 09:31 mshaw29[null]: I live in Australia... all your currencies are usually horrible
[2] 09:31 Maria Reed[Ant]: well im dumb ive been playing syrnia for about 4 yrs not sure but at a guess and i just realised i have a referal link i could have promoted the game
[2] 09:31 Borneo[C.]: my accountant says I have to do it - they
[2] 09:30 ShatterStar[Pond]: Sucks for me too murphy
[2] 09:30 Borneo[C.]: you think I feel...preparing my taxes and I have to convert the server bill and the purchase cost to $$$ from euros
[2] 09:30 Murphy[-DRS-]: damn that sucks for UK players like me, euros matched to the pound after brexit :o lol
[2] 09:30 ShatterStar[Pond]: Dang.
[2] 09:29 Borneo[C.]: still in euros right now SS
[2] 09:29 Murphy[-DRS-]: ahh ok , hey born i hope theres longer bot checks id be interested in them
[2] 09:29 Borneo[C.]: Unlocks a trophy slot to show off items will be 500 points
[2] 09:29 Borneo[C.]: if you had it before Murphy you keep it
[2] 09:28 ShatterStar[Pond]: Is it still going to be donation in euro's or USD?
[2] 09:28 mshaw29[null]: All cool in that case
[2] 09:28 Borneo[C.]: so I know what I did right and wrong for next time
[2] 09:28 Borneo[C.]: I will throw out a couple examples but I dont want to get into all the pricing...I will let you guys complain or compliment when it comes out ...
[2] 09:28 mshaw29[null]: So it will be a, "Purchase your perk" with the points you put in from what Born has been saying
[2] 09:27 Murphy[-DRS-]: thing new upto 5000?
[2] 09:27 Murphy[-DRS-]: hey born, if weve put on for example 5000 points and what was for 5000 changes to 500 but you add more stuff upto 5000 do we automatically get every
[2] 09:27 Bummie[Nox]: Different thkng will be more than 100 points, or?. Like the longer intervals for bot checks
[2] 09:27 mshaw29[null]: Forum -> Announcements -> New payment option... states 1 euro to 100 points... not sure if there was a different change after that...
[2] 09:26 Bummie[Nox]: It would seem 1 eur was 100 points
[2] 09:26 Astiel[Nox]: O: i kinda want this now xD wanna get a trophy *-*
[2] 09:26 Borneo[C.]: how much was 1 euro worth in the past?
[2] 09:25 Borneo[C.]: let me take a quick look
[2] 09:24 mshaw29[null]: So I think Bummie was asking the value of the points... Is that changing? still 1 euro to 100 points or something different?
[2] 09:24 Borneo[C.]: you could get instead Unlock the Journal page: Be able to manage 10 notes. for the same 100 points
[2] 09:23 Borneo[C.]: you donate and are given can basically spend them as you please
[2] 09:23 ShatterStar[Pond]: Still around ofc.
[2] 09:23 mshaw29[null]: Ah okay I am getting it now
[2] 09:22 Borneo[C.]: you would not have to get to 1000 in order to get it, you could just get this one thing for 100
[2] 09:22 Borneo[C.]: however, if you didnt have it before you would be able to get it for 100 points
[2] 09:22 mshaw29[null]: Okay... Do you mean 1000 or is it different in the code?
[2] 09:21 Borneo[C.]: if you already had this feature before you will continue to have it
[2] 09:21 Borneo[C.]: for example the Hold up to 75 recieved and 10 sent messages was given a value of 100 points
[2] 09:20 Eugenekoh2[]BoS[]: *licks Borneo in greeting*
[2] 09:20 mshaw29[null]: There you are, you are now telling two people
[2] 09:20 Borneo[C.]: each item in the old system was given a value
[2] 09:19 Bummie[Nox]: *throws a bass at Borneo*
[2] 09:19 Borneo[C.]: ok so I will tell you about a little so you can pass it along or those can look it up in history
[2] 09:19 mshaw29[null]: I didn't want to assume in help chat
[2] 09:18 mshaw29[null]: I am still here... Bummie was asking from what you have talked about before the worths aren't likely to change but that is a assumption
[2] 09:17 Borneo[C.]: those that were talking about it still around?
[2] 09:17 Borneo[C.]: sorry I am late to the party in help chat a bit ago
Maranda - The world is a lesser place without you.
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