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27-01-2017 04:07

smithing, a resource processing skill like cooking has rather slow xp and unless you have a shop that you are constantly monitoring youre not going to make much money below gold armor/weapons. i was thinking about having a couple of tools to decrease the timer and/or increasing +dura chances.

item slot shield
decrease smelting timer
items required to smith Bellows 5 bars and 25 bathide

item slot shield
increase dura chance or decrease smithing timer
items required to smith Anvil 10 bars

Edited on 27-01-2017 04:08
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28-01-2017 16:29

instead of tools, just give smithers more means of earning exp, surely there are a lot of means currently in the game to supply smithers with the ability to get exp.

mod set Events

Villagers are looking for a smelter to smelt their ______ ore.

1000 left.

It seems ___________ is looking for a great blacksmith to smith some _____________.

thats an extra 25% exp right there which does not seem like much but it racks up.

Ability to repair damaged smithables.

for a portion of the item itself it allows to repair an item that has lost durability so if it is 0 it goes back to +1 if +1 it goes back to 2.

depending on the missing durability it will cost slightly more to repair.
exp is a portion of the items exp to smith maybe?


the concept to add more quests and lore into the game could easily supply the skills that are deemed tedious to level a means of earning extra exp from quests that can be a variety of difficulty to help with that extra exp.

BlackSmith Alliance

Similar to thieves guild but timed minor quests to supply certain material items for a small bonus exp.


hey I hear you are a rookie smith (levels depending on what material you can do) how about you stock me up with iron bars? I need 20.

another example

Hey kid I see you are climbing those ranks well, I need someone to help me out with an order, it seems I am short 3 Gold short swords, can you help?

to avoid people just taking items all items for the quests need to be smithed or smelted after the quests are accepted.
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Mr Tiddles
28-01-2017 22:32

Smelters gloves - ability to spawn two bars per one ore randomly for iron bars only.
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Forum -> Feedback -> smithing tools

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