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20-01-2017 09:04

The challenge in the outlands doesn't seem to be hitting your enemies but more not hitting your allies. This made me think of the following solution.

What if we categorize people based on clan member / ally / enemy instead of name.
This would prevent name changes just to get a better position.

Off course with the new donation system coming perhaps it could be something to include there.
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Mr. Addy
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20-01-2017 09:21

As a player who has so far ventured into the OLs once but I could see this as a serious problems. Especially when Clans do their ventures into the OL or any time you are fighting. Grouping with of course, General Users up the top with at least a line between that and listings for clans/allies it would really benefit any PVP combat zone.
Cruz Nairb
20-01-2017 09:51

As someone who is generally the person suffering from friendly fire, I support this.
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20-01-2017 12:58

maart only wants this because we kill him all the time tbh it would make it easier for me to rip through mining parties and to defend my own so yes. I can always "misclick" if I feel like killing maart anyaway.
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20-01-2017 16:52

I like it, might make sense as a donation option as someone said.
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20-01-2017 17:09

There's some more possible solutions for this.
One could be a toggle option so that the attack button does not show for allies and/or clannies.

Another could be to have the attack button precede the username of allies and clannies.
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Ihit Youdie
20-01-2017 17:23

I disagree, mainly because thats just part of the outlands, its supposed to deadly, And its been this way since the start, why fix something thats not broken.
20-01-2017 18:27

No. Take your time and click the correct name. Many have worked around it in the past 10 years, it's part of the Outland as it is.

We already got OL allys. Do you really need more?

Edited on 20-01-2017 19:06
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20-01-2017 19:07

no from me

just learn some skills, then maybe you wont have these problems
20-01-2017 19:27

If you dont want people to split up your mining party all agree on a namechange with lots of AAAA or ZZZZ so nobody can interupt your nice green/yellow list of players in the OL.

Or just learn to aim
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20-01-2017 20:01

nah, the fact that you accidentally hit the wrong player adds a fun element to the OLs
20-01-2017 23:31

I see all sides to this, and I agree with them all.

Yes that would be a much better and easier system for avoiding miss hitting.

Yes it would take out the funny aspect of miss clicking and killing a clannie

Yes it would make groups more powerful.

Ive done my time in the OL and still go out now and then so personally speaking I do actually like this idea. However atm I am more interested in something being done to address new technology being used in the outlands. The current system is that same system that was designed prior to touch screen technology.

Some are more skilled in the OL, some are stronger, some have faster ping but thats how its always been and thats internet gaming from Syrnia to Call of Duty. However touch screen tech being used on a system thats designed for a mouse has its issues. Some of us have witnessed it first hand.
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A Swoosh
21-01-2017 08:31

Evert +1
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25-01-2017 23:40

I completely agree to this but touching up on evert post. I've been playing syrnia for nearly 6 years and 99% of my time playing syrnia been on my phone. I play in ols on mobile it's harder to heal but I would like to see somthing for a healing process for Mobile syrnia players like my self.
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26-01-2017 07:41

I say no, I feel like we don't need a way to make ol mining parties stronger and making it easier to click or not click a specific person would do that.
26-01-2017 14:30

I don't have an opinion here aside from commenting on the prevalence of:

"This has always been in place so we shouldn't change it"

I've made this comment before; you cannot float through anything and remain perfectly unchanged. Before you know it, the world is a wildly different place and you are outdated. There's a niche for AFK-timer games such as Syrnia, but at the same time, why not work to improve the game as much as possible? Thus, saying that we shouldn't change something because it has always been a certain way screams of laziness and fear of change. Change is not a bad thing.

Let's say this change is implemented. Let's say it's successful. Great.

Let's say this change is implemented. Let's say everyone hates it. Ok, then it is changed back to the way it has always been.

Why not try something new? Change does not have to be awful, nor is it necessarily permanent. I'm of the opinion that most things in this game will not change simply because a significant portion of the player base will suffer an aneurysm/heart attack combo simply because something relatively minor became different.

I feel that Syrnia has a lot of potential, but there are zero attempts to seek it out.

Sorry for the rant, but I see such comments consistently throughout this game, and they've really begun to irk me.
26-01-2017 14:40

I think the names in the outlands should be sorted randomly every time you move to a new location.
26-01-2017 15:25

I agree with c4
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26-01-2017 17:48

I also agree with c4
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26-01-2017 18:09

I like the idea of making a change to make The Outlands more fair.

From the solutions presented, C4's would be best for the game in my opinion. An element of randomness which removes the problem without adding extra advantages for clans (for the same reason I disagree with making this a donation option). Added bonus that it makes the fighting a little more chaotic.
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Dark Neroxus
28-01-2017 16:09

got to say I agree with C4
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29-01-2017 01:04

I am against this as a donation option because it gives an advantage in pvp to people who spend money.

Also, C4lvin's idea sounds fun
02-02-2017 13:53

Nope, doesn't need changing- You know when you go out there that it is a risk you take
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02-02-2017 15:51

C4 +1 it would make it a lot more fun and interesting!
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