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19-01-2017 12:46

I think this would be a great location for expansion.

Within the expansion could obviously be a new location, New creatures, quests.

A bit like most of the cave/catacomb systems you would need to dig/mine to access, Maybe once you have finished get auto attacked by a troll or something similar.

Within the new system could be the new fish that people have asked for along with other additions that people could suggest..

*tear me apart*
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19-01-2017 14:14

I know a certain King of Lizards who will be so excited about this idea.
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23-01-2017 02:34

hehe ^
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23-01-2017 07:11

Do you want nazgul? Because this is how you get nazgul
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05-02-2017 14:49

Not a Troll.
Not a Nazgul.

Though both very nice ideas.

When you gain access to Mordor Cave Catacombs you encounter:

Wait for it.....

Dark pedro

As it turns out, when Arch 5 was excavated, a dark spirit was released into the Arch complex. No one knows how it came to exist or be entrapped but is was an empty soul. As it strove to find it purpose and way, it watched the travelers of Arch to fill its empty understanding of life.

The person it watched most was pedro. Mostly because he is "The Cave King".

What it learned was Thieving, Combat and Generosity.

As it evolved it realized it wanted to be a Cave King as well. But because of its love and affection for pedro it would not challenge him for control of Arch 2. Following the long hidden tunnels between Arch and Mordor Cave it arrived in the Mordor Cave Catacombs and declared itself "The Catacomb King".

Dark pedro meets everyone who enters the Catacombs and true to his formation he engages in one of the following behaviors:

Thieving - He steals either all of your armour, weapons or food.

Combat - He attacks you using pedro's combat stats.

Generosity - He gives you a significant quantity of food or gems.

There is no pattern unless you are a member of "Dangerous Thieving Hobo's" (shameless clan plug) in which case you only get Generosity.

Thanks for reading.
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05-02-2017 23:48

Catacombs usually refers to a revered or sacred burial site, I think pedro deserves more of a Dungeon.
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