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18-01-2017 23:50

Before you even think im talking about a chat channel that allows sexual topics jog on.

Im talking about a channel that is for adults only, a place were we can talk as adults and have conversations as adults.

A place I can visit and see a conversation going on that is more than hugging teddy bears and idiotic I love you's.

Now before you say how can you prove a person is 18+ dont bother, websites have been doing that for years.

World chat is no longer a place 90% of players visit due to the visual garbage and pathetic to and throws of its flow.
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18-01-2017 23:51

I agree!
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18-01-2017 23:51

+1 I fully support this idea.
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18-01-2017 23:52

Sure, but it'll probably just end up disabled like world
19-01-2017 00:12

i like it.
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19-01-2017 00:12

True, would get more players to chat.. aka.. more active players.
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19-01-2017 00:21

I like the idea, but would need some rules in place to ensure it doesn't just become a second world chat with less censorship.
19-01-2017 00:52

just thinking of security for born ect here, might help with approval if poss?

best way i can think of securing it is having it near the top of the premium options, not many kids have access to a bank card or could get away with spending on a game on one?
19-01-2017 01:49

*Thumbs up*
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19-01-2017 02:13

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19-01-2017 05:59

I like the idea, but I wouldn't bother to use it if it didn't at least have the same rules in place for language, etc. that world chat currently has.
19-01-2017 08:28

I'm not opposed to another chat channel with certain rules rolled back or tweaked.
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19-01-2017 10:47

I like the general idea of having more chat channels to cater for people of different cultures and interests. I think the main problem is that, with our current low levels of active chatters, such a channel would serve to dilute chat to depressingly quiet levels. Many would switch off either 18+ or Worldchat in favour of the other, or simply refuse to talk in one or the other (just like Clanchat vs Worldchat) and the Syrnian community would become even more divided.

Also, we'd need to define what an 'adult' conversation is. Should it include civilised conversation about politics, economics and religion? Are Pokemon banned? Are hugs allowed on the qualifier that they're restricted to one hug per day and that all huggers must be personally acquainted with huggees?

An 'adult' conversation is a highly subjective concept, so finding agreement and common ground would be excruciatingly difficult, as would policing such a chat.
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19-01-2017 11:44

Corps for Syrian Life.

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19-01-2017 12:40

I play a game with a rule free 18+ chat it's full of trolls and young kids with foul mouths there are no "adult" conversations as being an adult means you are wise enough to choose appropriate language.

You want it I'd not vote against it but I would go in just to troll the life out of all the people I'm too adult to do it to in our current chat system.
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19-01-2017 12:57

I loved NSFW on Varamexia, honestly having someone monitor your chat for every blasted thing you say gets old. Even though I understand wanting to keep a clean chat for those younger players and some sensitive adults, I really can't see the harm in allowing the players to discuss topics over PG-13 as long as it's consenting and not harassment. Obviously racial slurs, harassment, and abuse altogether should not be tolerated but as I mentioned earlier today in World chat.. in those instances as adults they know how to use the block function for its intended purpose.

Will this slow down chat in the World Chat channel? Absolutely, but at least there is a choice.

I may be new to Syrnia but I've been playing timer based games since 2008. You can't appease everyone but as far as chatting is concerned; if players feel like they are getting scolded for speaking their minds... they'll stop chatting altogether.

And it's easy enough to lock the +18 Chat so that players that choose to enter have to acknowledge that they are a consenting adult that is able to handle topics outside PG ratings.

*Two-thumbs up*
19-01-2017 13:06

Nothing to stop any of you chatting on Chatzy/MIRC etc- but really not high on my agenda as it normally degrades into a slanging match
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20-01-2017 10:23

I fully agree with Kari on this. and I am not against it but not really for it either xD
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20-01-2017 17:32

Stupid idea.
20-01-2017 20:17

I would like something like this as long as the profanity rules still applied.
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20-01-2017 23:18

Actually I was more aiming to a chat channel that still has to follow the current system of rules but it has an 18+ age limit attached. Proof of age would need to be given before access is granted.

My main issue is world chat has just become a playground and its nothing more than that.

Directing players to use another chat platform other than Syrnia chat is also just going to water down the channels.
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20-01-2017 23:45

As I feel this targets me personally, I would have to oppose this idea.
20-01-2017 23:53

And you are?
RIP Rami/Liz: You were a true angel on earth and it was an honor to know you.

I am Evert!
21-01-2017 00:00

I am not apposed to it.
21-01-2017 00:47

I'm for it. It'd be nice to have a chat where you are allowed drugs and sexual references along with the syrnian spirit of no one trying to pick up someone like on most adult chats I saw.
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