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13-01-2017 12:24

*swing* *smack* *creak* *crash*


The forest rang out with these all too familiar sounds. The glare of the harsh sunlight reflected off the ethereal darkness of the young lumberjacks hatchet as it collided again and again into the trunks of mighty trees. It had served him well this past year, although it's previously reinforced shaft was showing considerable signs of wear. He took a few steps back, resting and taking a swig of water, admiring the incredible pile of logs situated at the edge of his workspace. Pulling out a small journal it was time to check how much longer he had to go. 23 logs. 23 more chops and swings and felling of trees until the quota was met. For he had been working towards the highest certification the lumberjacks guild awarded. “Grandmaster”. A title that carried great respect among members of the guild. A title that brought with it the license to use the strongest, rarest and sharpest of all hatchets. The Grand Purple Puranium. A hatchet made from the purest metal known to mankind.

"Almost there" he said to himself smiling, his thoughts occupied only by the even mightier purple hatchets sat back home at his cabin, waiting. It had been a long journey but the end was now in sight. He stood up, wiped the sweat from his brow and readied the last of his trusty obsidian hatchets for one final slug to the finish. All others that came before had lived a long and fulfilled life but had all eventually met their demise. He approached the tree, raised the hatchet high and released. With immense power and determination the head of the hatchet buried itself into the thick trunk. This swing was different though. The usual resistance felt with the hit which he by now knew like the back of his hand wasn't there. The resistance came much later. To his horror the lumberjack watched as the dark head of the hatchet shattered into a thousand pieces, leaving only the hilt still traveling. The hilt clubbed the tree and fell limp to the ground. In that moment time seemed to flow in slow motion. Falling to his knees in despair the strong, manly and mighty lumberjack let out a roar of anger. That was his last hatchet. He had no more stored. So close to his goal he found himself unable to continue, the title of Grandmaster just out of reach. Lady luck was not smiling on him today.
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15-01-2017 08:56

Engagingly and passionately written! When I read this, I actually felt like the hapless lumberjack who, having fallen just short of his dreams, fell to his knees and cried out:
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Cruz Nairb
15-01-2017 09:02

Enjoyable read, and congratulations on the level.
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