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03-01-2017 17:19

I'm sorry to be the bearer of such sad news, but our gentle kayeplay has fought her last battle, passing away on New Years Day.

Kaye was a very determined, sweet natured lady who preferred the comfort of clanchat, (she said World was scarey!) She had a wicked sense of humour and loved to tell us of her Family's latest achievements, her Granddaughters College successes and trips, all the normal fun things that make up a wonderfully supportive family.

Kaye wasn't well, but continued with fortitude and didn't give up the fight, in Syrnia she loved nothing more than giving some hapless creature a good pasting and loved her Saurus gear which PeZ had given her, a very determined lady!

Another beautiful light dimmed, *raises a glass*

"To Kaye! A beautiful lady inside and out! We will miss you"

Sleep deep Hon

Moderator edit:
We have received an invite to Kayeplay's memorial for those local who knew her:

If any of you are local and would like to join us for an ever-growing 'small gathering' to help swap stories with us, we will be gathering at her house on 1/7/2017 from 3-7. If you would like to join us, please email me directly @ [email protected]. You all meant so much to my mom ... mostly the people she met. I used to give her such grief for always being on her game while she visited me in California ... Thank you for being there and being the bright safe lights she needed!


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03-01-2017 17:31

Didn't know her, but my thoughts to her family and friends So sweet that PeZ was so kind(as he always was to anyone and everyone), to have given her a Saurus suit
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03-01-2017 17:33

*raises a glass* RIP old friend, you helped me come to terms with my new reality years ago and we had some good laughs and good convo's. You were a bright spark in a dark world, and never had bad to say about anyone. Your humor, intelligence and stories of your life and family will be missed greatly :c May you have peace in whatever comes next, and may your bright spark be the comforting light for others over there, as it was to me and others in this world.
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R2 D2
03-01-2017 19:02

I'm sorry...
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Rest in peace. <3
03-01-2017 19:31

I did not know Kayeplay but I can see that she was loved and will be missed. I'm Sorry for your loss.

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R.I.P Rizla 18.1.11
R.I.P Marmite 20.8.13

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03-01-2017 22:37

rest in peace kayeplay
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03-01-2017 22:38

Very sad to hear of Kaye's passing. We spent much time together in DRS; she was a great clannie and a kind person. I remember Kaye liked to watch old films, from Danny Kaye to Bruce Lee, and I used to enjoy swapping movie clips with her. Though rarely seen in beige, she was frequently active in green and will be missed here by many. RIP Kayeplay x

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03-01-2017 22:53

Sounds like I missed out on meeting a nice person who was a hoot. I am saddened that I did not have the pleasure of meeting them. May her family and friends cherish her memory and find comfort in her peace.
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03-01-2017 22:54


Rip Kaye you'll be missed
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04-01-2017 17:59

Prayers and love to family and friends. I know she will be missed by many here.
Cruz Nairb
05-01-2017 10:08

Incredibly sorry to read this.

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05-01-2017 16:04

RIP Kayeplay
05-01-2017 19:36

I knew her as Faile on Varamexia. Gutted! RIP
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05-01-2017 19:59

I also knew her as faile on vara. I will miss our chats about our families. She was always so kind and up beat. She is loved by everyone who got a chance to know her. We are all going to miss the sunshine she brought to our lives. I hope her family holds tight to memories of her for comfort, leans on their friends for strength and always remember how much she was cared about.
05-01-2017 21:19

I never had the pleasure but its always sad when we lose one of our fellow Syrnians.

RIP Kayeplay
RIP Rami/Liz: You were a true angel on earth and it was an honor to know you.

I am Evert!
05-01-2017 23:32

My condolences. RIP.
Dark Nero
06-01-2017 13:19

Saddened to ehar this news, a lovely player with not a bad thing to say about them, condolences to those who knew her well and to her family.

sad to see another Syrnian pass on but she will no doubt be joking with the others and fighting the syrnian mobs in the sky.
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19-01-2017 01:37

RIP kaye
regards to family
20-01-2017 18:12

I am the Bane and i bring the Pain.

R.I.P murderdoll22

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18-03-2017 04:18

i new you but a short time.but we share alot of laughs and alot of not so much fun .reality was always there .but you gave all you had and a bit more you reached for and grabbed for.i'll never forget you and your strength.RIP hun
raises a glass and cheers to you.

cant you just move out?

Otherwise I sadly agree with Preacher (maybe not the hammer), but your gonna have to front him up and possibly get a slap back. If you get hurt bad or it gets worse.. then use the hammer
19-03-2017 05:45

It was not my fortune to know her.

Sels sincerely written requiem makes me wish I had.

The community makes this game.

May Kayeplay's family find solace.
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