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15-12-2016 17:58

Based on mining or woodcutting events that pop up on islands and the war between Elves and Ogres. Hopefully it's a worthy story for the Legendarium

The war was still going on. Ogres and elves have fought for a long time and they will continue to do so. For some reason the hatred between the two species is deeply ingrained.

Bodies lay around the broken gate, the ogres just had one of their assaults on the Elven Island and it had been a partly successful one. They had breached the Elven Gate and managed to get into the city Penteza, where the elven warriors, together with the half elves and dark elves, were able to hold them back.

“This has got to end!” the elven commander grumbled. “Today they got behind our gate.” With an angry gesture of his arm he brought the attention to the wood and iron bars littering the ground. “Look at it! It’s ruined! We might not be able to defend ourselves when they strike again.”

“Maybe if we asked the exiled elves…” one of the half elves started, but he was cut short by the commander.

“They were exiled for a reason.” He let out a sigh. “And we need our troops at Exella plains to fight off the giants from the mountains. The timing of this assault could not have come at a worse time.”

One of the dark elves glared at the others. “We need to strike, teach those ogres a lesson they will never forget!”

The war wouldn’t end, there was too much hatred between them. The commander would love to teach those filthy ogres a lesson, but now with the giants and the broken gate, he didn’t want to start another massive and undoubtedly bloody assault. He sighed and looked at the gate. That was their first priority, the gate had to be fixed. The elven warriors, dark elves and half elves were still arguing, but the commander didn’t listen to them. He gazed towards the trees of Penteza forest he could see in the distance, the tree leaves whispering in the wind. An idea started to form.

“Enough!” the commander shouted to silence the bickering elves. “Here is my plan…”

That evening the dark elves entered the ogre cave and sneaked into the outpost. Vorghs and Barghrags grabbed their weapons, but they weren’t fast enough and found their ends at the two-handed swords. They could hear the sounds of a party in Ogre town, most likely the reason why so few ogres were at the outpost. They were probably celebrating their victory and didn’t expect an attack so quickly. The fact they didn’t technically defeat the elves didn’t seem to matter, they had gotten a lot further than before which obviously was reason enough for a celebration. Another reason for the celebration could be a new attack, the ogres loved the idea of colouring the ground with elven blood after all. Either way, it gave the elves a chance to go into the cave.

Instead of going to the town, the dark elves went towards the Ogre lake.

“Ready?” one of them whispered to the elven mage.

The mage took some gems from his pouch and started mumbling words until they glowed. When they glowed brightly he threw them on the ground. As the gems shattered, trees started to appear. More and more trees, until a forest blocked both the path to the Lava Lake and the Ogre Camp.

Quickly the elves left again. The ogres were strong fighters and decent smiths, but they were terrible woodcutters. If they needed their weapons they had to cut away the forest first and that would hold them off for some time, enough time to fix the gate. Maybe they could get the humans to help them clear the wood, but even then the gate would be fixed before the ogres could attack them again.

~A few days later~

The elven commander stood like a statue, clearly agitated, but trying to keep in control. The path to the forest, to their forest was blocked. One of the ogre shamans must have done this. Like they had blocked the way to their Lava Lake and camp.

Now Penteza forest was unreachable, the path barricaded under rocks, unless they could clear the path. But elves were no skilled miners. Sure, they had their own pickaxe, but honesty commanded him to admit the ogres were far better miners.

“We should kill them all!” a dark elf exclaimed. “We can’t let them get away with this! Commander, just give the order and I will go in their cave with my fellow elves and I …”

“Silent!” the commander interrupted him. “We will get back at them. But this action is clearly their response to what we did to them.” He gazed towards the fixed gate. “I’m sure they’ll be waiting for us, we shouldn’t rush into battle.”

“I don’t think we should fight at all,” a half elf mumbled.

The other elves looked at him and he shrugged. Of course they wouldn’t listen to him, they never did. The hate between elves and ogres was a long-lasting one. Both sides claimed the others started it, but no-one was willing to end it.

“We shouldn’t engage in battle,” the half-elf tried again. “It’ll just lead to more aggression, more battle, more death.”

“Weakling,” the dark elf growled. “Always the same with you pacifist half elves. They won’t stop fighting. We should strike first, so they won’t have the chance to fight us.”

The commander felt a headache rising. It was always like this, the half-elves didn’t really understand the hate between the races, though they were the first to defend the lands against raids. The dark elves were aggressive, more aggressive than was good for them. The elven warriors stood silent behind him. They would follow his command, whatever he’d decide. He knew they hated the ogres as much as he did, but they kept their anger in control.

“If we offered a reward, I’m sure the humans would be willing to lend us a hand in clearing the path.” The half elf, who had some human blood, looked at the other elves. “If we ask them, the path to our forest will be cleared in no-time.”

“Do it,” the commander said. “Send a word to the humans. And I need a few scouts to go in the caves, to see what the ogres are up to. I’m sure they’re planning an attack, they will want to strike when we are clearing the path to our forest. We should be ready for that.”
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15-12-2016 20:26

I'd say this is a worthy addition. Great job!
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16-12-2016 10:57

Good work Liah! An engaging and well-written tale
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16-12-2016 11:10

I enjoyed it, thank you. Very well written.
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