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25-11-2016 14:58

This isn't a push for speed, rather, a push for openness, visibility.

Give us an idea of current projects, planned projects, and so forth. Include the community!

If you look at all of the early access games out there, they often achieve success simply by keeping the community informed about current and future work. We want to know that things are in motion!

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25-11-2016 15:56

I do not want to know what is coming out as a player.

as players we are always curious but the aim is to surprise.

I would rather know things are being looked at than know what it is they are doing.

I would rather;

We are looking at the newer gems, we are resolving the issues and contemplating recipe's, this will not be looked at fully till after Christmas which we hope you all will thoroughly enjoy.

Do not tell us what most do not want to know such as new things, just tell us when things are being looked at such as the gems, the pirate weapons and current features that need looking into so we do not think they are being ignored for the new stuff.
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25-11-2016 16:58

"Give us an idea of current projects, planned projects, and so forth. Include the community!"

All of the previous Focus Group ideas are saved for Borneo to peruse for ideas he may consider for the future, including the concerns raised
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25-11-2016 17:14

Ive read stuff in previous suggestion threads and some people just have terrible ideas.

You mentioned early access games keeping players informed. We are not an early access game. This is an established 10+ year old game. An announcement when updates are confirmed for release is sufficient, as for input from the community on what changes should be added to future updates is not needed imo.
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25-11-2016 17:40

...never going to please everyone all the time

..It's Born's call now
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25-11-2016 19:16

I really like knowing what updates are being planned--that way I can protest before they are introduced if I don't like the way it sounds like they are being implemented.

I also really like surprise updates, as long as they aren't detrimental to the game as far as how I play it.

I think the staff are doing just great in how they're releasing updates--if they want to let us know what's coming, and sift through (or just ignore) all the complaints/suggestions they get about what is being planned, I'm fine with them doing that. If they don't want to let us know, so they can ignore (or sift through) all the complaints they get about how things should have been done, and suggestions about how their new things can be improved, I'm fine with them doing that, too.

I'm not too concerned about things not getting done. I see Borneo around enough that whether they're getting done or not is probably as big a deal to him as it is to any of us.
25-11-2016 19:30

In my opinion, communicating what has already been done would prove the work that's been put in to improving the game. This would show folks that wouldn't normally see the changes (ex. lower level players and improvements in AC5) to see progress that may not directly impact them at the moment.
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26-11-2016 00:17

I agree with Truant. I don't need to know what updates are coming up, however when changes are made I would appreciate "patch notes" relatively soon after. Maybe not immediately, let the community find out there is a new flower or something themselves for the excitement it creates. However, it would be nice to know that drops were tweaked or spawn rates tweaked as it is something that was the same for years.

If beset drops were increased for instance, someone busy fighting at kaldra all the time should be informed of a change that may influence them to fight at beset.
26-11-2016 00:35

I'm fine with surprise updates. Teasers are nice, but not essential. I would like better documentation of updates after they happen though.
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26-11-2016 02:08

I like Truant's thought. I really don't want much.

As it stands, I'm just assuming the game went into another pair of hands that isn't doing anything. Why? Because I don't really see any sign of activity.
Tiptoeing Rhino
26-11-2016 03:29

I just like knowing what has been done, mostly because I keep forgetting
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26-11-2016 14:10

Prom has a point, but we have many players who are very high levels, do we need to sent them on a trek to visit every spot in the game to see if anything new pops up?
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26-11-2016 15:19

The next update will be donation perks.

Born will be honest with what he wants the community to know and what the doesn't
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Luna Yuhi
27-11-2016 12:47

I agree just knowing what they are planning and when it is scheduled to roll out is nice. I would rather know they are making a project (even if the push it back) than to not know what is coming (if it ever comes)
27-11-2016 18:41

From a game development standpoint, some form of official updates are neccesary.

As someone said, no consistent and concrete information from the game admins on updates will lead to players assuming that nothing happens. While this may not actually be true or even "logical" (perhaps a lot of stuff is being worked on or even added to the game without an announcement), the assumption alone is harmful to the game as a whole. Showing that the game is under active development helps to attract new players and to keep old players around.

A simple development / changelog in forums and updates via the news and facebook page is enough to accomplish this. For stuff that is left for player discovery on purpose details can be left vague. For surprise updates, the log can be updated after it is applied in the game. But it should be announced at some point and in a consistent way.

It's not difficult or time consuming to add this and it does make a difference, so I agree with OP that it would be good if some form of this was implemented.
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09-12-2016 14:09

In another game there is a changelog in the forum where the admin puts every update or fix, even the small ones.

That is something Syrnia can use. Then the community can see what has been done in the past and see the game is actively worked on. We don't need daily updates, but everytime something is added or fixed, please tell us.

Giving a list of goals that will be worked on is dangerous. In the same other game the admin was constantly questioned about when this or that would be added, even though the admin had made it clear there were no clear timelines or deadlines for these updates.

Yes on updates to bugfixes or small additions to the game in a thread everyone can see.
No on letting us know what big things are planned (unless the admin enjoys impatient people constantly asking when things will be implemented)
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10-12-2016 10:13

"As it stands, I'm just assuming the game went into another pair of hands that isn't doing anything. Why? Because I don't really see any sign of activity."

We have had things added since Borneo took over the game =-) He also has a team that is doing things, etc. They/Borneo are working on christmas updates and I do believe the donations options so we can donate again with new options
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14-12-2016 14:54

2 quick points

1 if the playing population are notified in advance of an update and its delayed it causes trouble also it removes the mystery of finding them.

2 i wholeheartedly agree once released and part of general knowledge a changelog is a great idea to show new sign ups the game is still being looked after.

So id hate to see anyone told about updates but think its rubbish nobody is updating the log in page.
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16-12-2016 06:58

I think this is a good time to weigh in from my position...

The players will not be told of what is coming. As a player I always liked to be surprised with new things so thats the way I will run things.

I have been very busy in real life lately as my clannies will attest but there are some fun new things for Christmas coming. No structural changes but just some tweaks here and there.

There are talks in the background of fixes to this, adjustments to that but nobody can move forward without my presence - and that is by my design.I am intricately involved in all things that will happen going forward so when I get busy in real life, progress slows. This is not to say things are stagnant, but release is delayed until I am fully confident that things are the way I want them.

For Halloween for example, my graphics people were given their marching orders with where I wanted them to go with things. The legendarium storyline was written and edited via email correspondence between myself and Kari. The forum events or in-game events were planned by the event mods and looked over for final approval by me. If there are give-aways or contests, the prize lists are submitted to me and altered as I see fit. BUT, none of the team is given all the pieces so everyone can enjoy the fun to a certain extent with surprise. Only I have the whole picture.

I can say going forward, the donations issue is being worked on but until I am fully satisfied that it is the way I want it and it works properly you wont see it. If it needs to be pushed back again and again until I am satisfied I will do so. In the meantime I will continue to finance the game on my own with no responsibility on the players or regrets on my part. There are plans in the works for islands and events and pirate updates and new items, etc, etc at differing levels of development.

I do promise to do a better job of posting in the forums so people have a feeling that I am around and doing my job but I wont get into specific details about things with anyone unless they are involved with the development of that area or idea. I have tapped dozens of player for advice, guidance or suggestions in various areas. I read the forums (but seldom comment) looking for good ideas or things that I can work with. Many of these ideas are copied into my personal forum so I dont lose the idea over time.

Keep the faith. The doors are still open and the game is still running. A time will come when I do have the time to implement all the things going around in my head.

I will leave you with one final thing. Many of you know I have always felt there should be a bunny suit for Easter - just sayin'
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16-12-2016 09:39

I think that's as fair and straight answer as you will get.

Cheers & have a great Christmas!
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19-12-2016 15:58


Thanks for replying.
22-12-2016 04:45

maybe put the message board at login to good use doing this!
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22-12-2016 15:40

Thx for the response Borneo, truly appreciated
- -
23-12-2016 02:12

Speaking for Myself, I appreciate the honesty of you saying that you want things done your way and that you want your hand in all the pies. With anyone running a game, this is usually the case, but most do not have the fortitude to say so. It is also nice to know that you care enough about it to devote your time, money, and effort into improving / fixing things. We all know you have a RL of your own and I appreciate the fact that you have taken the reigns. 3 beers and a keg of rum for you sir!.....I'll drink them for you
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