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06-10-2016 06:08

'A myth is a metaphor for mystery beyond human comprehension. It is a comparison that helps us understand, by analogy, some aspect of our mysterious selves. A myth, in this way of thinking, is not an untruth but a way of reaching a profound truth.'

- Christopher Vogler, The Writer's Journey

What is the Legendarium?

The Legendarium is a library of Syrnian myths, many of which foreshadow specific in-game events. If you discover a new flower, a new monster, a new island or a new type of contest, the Legendarium may give you background information or even subtle advice. These types of Legendarium story will always be stickied and locked.

The Legendarium is also a place where your Syrnian legends, poems and ballads are published. You can write about anything you like, so long as you set it within the medieval/ pre-medieval fantasy world of Syrnia. And you don’t have to be William Shakespeare to qualify: anyone can post here, even if this is your first attempt at fantasy writing.

If you wish to submit a scroll, please follow the guidelines below:

Story/ Poem Guidelines

  • Stories must be at least 300 words long (this does not apply to poems or songs).

  • Please check your work carefully for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors (spell checker is your friend!) It isn’t necessary for your work to be written in flawless or even particularly good English, but readers should be able to understand it.

  • Remember Syrnia’s medieval and pre-medieval settings when writing your stories. Writing about pyramids on Anasco or mounted knights on Serpenthelm is fine, but avoid scenarios featuring fast cars and machine guns.

  • Try to avoid neologisms (modern words and phrases) in character speech (e.g. 'Yo Amka, jus saw dis noob Barghrag kickin back at Outlands 13 & imma gonna go pop a Rood Horn in its ass!')

  • If you include other Syrnia players in your story, please take care not to write anything they might find personally offensive.

  • Don’t swamp the Legendarium with dozens of your stories. The idea behind this forum section is to include work from as many different people as possible, not for 3 or 4 players to monopolise it. Also quality over quantity is important. Please take time with your writing and check your work carefully.

  • Your work doesn’t have to be serious in tone: feel free to make it humorous or lighthearted if you prefer.

  • Finally, please post your thread in the Legendarium. If your submission is suitable then it will be stickied but not locked, so as to differentiate between player stories and stories that foreshadow specific game events and updates.

  • Any poem or story that follows the above guidelines is eligible for the Legendarium.

    Also, if you wish, I can correct any spelling, punctuation or grammar errors in your writing. If you want me to do this then simply message me and I’ll make any appropriate edits to your post. Unless so directed, I shall leave all posts as they stand.


    For anyone who feels a little nervous about posting a story or poem, take comfort in the fact that even the most successful writers in history have had surprisingly terrible reviews:

    '…impotence of imagination… little skill at narrative and no instinct for literary form. There is little over the head of a 7-year-old child. The climax proves extremely flat. The ordeals give no sense of strain… certain people have a lifelong appetite for juvenile trash'

    - Edmund Wilson (Literary Critic, Editor, Journalist) on The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

    'It is supposed to be funny. But I didn’t laugh once. Not once! This is because of his terrible writing style. He writes in cliches and adverbs'

    - Emily J (Teacher of English Composition) on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

    '…marginally less testing than watching Neighbours. And that, at least, is vaguely about real life. These are one-dimensional children’s books, Disney cartoons written in words, no more. Her story-lines are predictable, the suspense minimal, the sentimentality cloying every page'

    - The Guardian (June 2000) on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

    So if you find, after posting, that there are those who dislike your work… be assured this leaves you standing in some highly distinguished company!

    Serendipitous scribblings to you all


    P.S. If you have any Legendarium-related questions or ideas, please send them to me via in-game message or simply post them on this thread.
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