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29-07-2016 17:54

The final column shows the amount of experience per growing time per seed. Experience includes harvesting. Data came from the manual and

If you see any errors, please let me know.

Farming levelSeedHP RecoveredEXP**Growing TimeExp / growing time / per seed
1Radish seeds12160.125
2Beet seeds12160.125
4Carrot seeds23280.1071428571
7Cabbage seeds34340.1176470588
11Onion seeds46380.1578947368
14Grain seeds*-8410.1951219512
17Tomato seeds510490.2040816327
20Corn seeds614550.2545454545
25Strawberry seeds718650.2769230769
29Green pepper seeds820680.2941176471
34Spinach seeds924590.406779661
39Eggplant seeds1028780.358974359
43Cucumber seeds1132950.3368421053
48Pumpkin seeds1236920.3913043478
52Apple seeds1339950.4105263158
57Pear seeds1443790.5443037975
63Broccoli seeds1546970.4742268041
66Peach seeds16491090.4495412844
71Orange seeds17521040.5
78Plum seeds*1855860.6395348837
84Avocado seeds19581290.4496124031
89Pineapple seeds20621040.5961538462
92Watermelon seeds21651490.4362416107
97Vervefruit seeds22711520.4671052632
100Fruit of life seeds301011530.660130719
Mr. Addy
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29-07-2016 20:24

This is interesting, never thought about it. Thanks
29-07-2016 20:26

So Plum seeds are the most time efficient for planting if you want pure xp gains?
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Anascan and Proud
30-07-2016 02:36

Beets and Radish are better than Carrots abd Cabbage xD

Queenie - if you see this, this is what I did on excel when we discussed it. (Not this exact chart, but used the same formula when you asked)

Well done Iota

And Fruit of Life is the best at .66

Edited on 30-07-2016 02:37
30-07-2016 03:18

This is awesome, thanks!
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30-07-2016 07:43

iota! Beautiful chart with amazing info! Thanks for posting it! I hope the chart can be stickied, and as additional info is gathered, updated. iota rocks!!!!
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Dark Nero
30-07-2016 11:43

well done, good work but can I ask, are the timers an average?

pretty sure I have had certain seeds exceed the time stated and be shorter as well...

I rarely pay much attention but I have noticed a few times that timers were off.

if you have gathered the times from Tlgrounds as well they state the following

NOTE: the average time listed in the table above is not the definite time the crops will be ready to harvest. There is a +/- number of hours for each crop.

so just a curiosity would this not affect the exp gained per second? or however you wish to define it.

so just as a heads up maybe state something like tlgrounds that the times are an average?
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30-07-2016 14:35

Nice guide!

To Benguin, this will not affect the exp per unit of time, on average you will get that amount of xp. Since you can't predict if the time will be shorter or longer than average I'd say this is about as close as you can get.

To increase the informational value he/she could possibly add time ranges and xp per unit of time lower and upper bounds. This would give a broader overview, but as useability goes most people will still use averages I suppose.

Edited on 30-07-2016 14:36
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Dark Nero
30-07-2016 16:06

thats what I was curious off cheers blurkies ;)
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12-08-2016 05:46

@blurkies - the average growing times on tlgrounds are from my own records taken over many hundreds (possibly thousands) of crops planted at all levels of seeds. Plum (+/- 2.5 hours) has the smallest "range" even compared to radish. Spinach (+5 days/-22hours) and pineapple (+5 days/-16hours) have the greatest "range" compared to their required level. The others have a more consistent increase in "range" as the seed type increases.

The table from the OP is experience per hour based on my average times. Most farmers like planting the highest level seed they can, while lower level farmers cannot plant the seeds with the best exp/hr... so this table is really only good for farmers who can grow all seed types and have a massive supply of seeds to maintain the higher exp/hr, or for those farmers aiming to increase their levels faster.
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