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18-06-2016 08:28

Genesis of Elves and Mortals

(Prologue to “A Treatise on Reconciliation” by Lyssanda Fern, Elven Loremaster)

My first account recalls an age of time unmeasured. Though certain myths sketch different pictures of the creation of Syrnia and the elves, I compose my summary based on our oldest surviving traditions.

My second concerns the creation and early history of giants, ogres and humans. I tentatively frame my second account within a chain of time’s rings (or ‘timeline’ as you earthy humans call it), for it is based on fragments of records that date roughly from the periods they describe. These fragments endure, and can still be seen today, preserved in weathered tomes within the Library of Penteza Forest. Accordingly I weave my timeline from broken strands, each fashioned by an ancient and forgotten hand.

1) Genesis of the Elves

Long years ago, gods of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire willed the world of Syrnia into being and wrought its shape and destiny.

Uru, Earth Father, moulded its form with his mind. Soliris, Sun Brother, illuminated it with burning eyes. The hands of Chalena, Water Sister, soothed the fires of creation, quickening life within virgin waters. As the first fish learnt to swim in the ocean, frantic tides encircled a single barren landmass covering a quarter of the globe.

As waters churned and frothed with divine energy, so the land slept. Then Elenya, Wind Daughter, whispered life into the dust of the earth until grasses, flowers and trees tore in triumph from stubborn sands. And all that was green and growing flourished under Elenya’s breath.

In passionate celebration, divine elementals of wind – the sons and daughters of Elenya – merged with the tallest trees, germinating life within. Hence the first primitive elves emerged from tree-trunk hollows, gnawing on fruits and berries as they gazed in wonder on Creation.

Then Nauru, a tempestuous, vivacious elemental, conjured gales and storms in the skies. Lightning struck the shapeless body of Syrnia, blasting in the land great craters that filled with rainwater. Yoroba, close in kind to Nauru, forged great tensions beneath the earth, setting rock against rock and stone against stone. To escape mutual enmity, they pushed upwards, forming proud hills and mountains. Nauru and Yoroba, captivated by each other's work, joined together in love, and found peace. Through their union they became Spirit, a gentle, balanced soul, who falls with morning rains upon the forests. Thus she was named by the elves: ‘Tear of the Dawn’.

Through centuries lost in time, the four gods argued over Syrnia's destiny. Eventually, to honour each deity's right to creative power, Uru and Chalena wove a thunder of earth and water to divide the land among them. Earthquakes that spawned tremendous currents rent asunder the single landmass, setting several islands adrift from the core.

The core we now know as Elven Island and its undersea tunnels of rock forged in the rift - bloodlines to the Outlands - became the Ogre Caves. The gods declared these the dominions of Elenya, who appointed Spirit as their guardian, for she was much beloved by the elves.

Yet some elves were caught in the cataclysm and separated from their kin, stranded on the first isle that elemental fury had rent and driven from the core. Hence the hapless castaways named it Remma (Elvish for ‘snare’), for on this fateful island they felt trapped, possibly even abandoned, by the gods. And alas the Remma elves, bereft of Elenya’s guidance and Spirit’s embrace, withered both in wisdom and stature. Over millennia lost in time their race diminished, and those who kept pure blood became the creatures we call gnomes. Yet others interbred with early human settlers, who arrived on Remma (now Remer) many centuries after its creation, and together they sired crossbreeds of the strangest appearance and behaviour. So alarming they were, it is said, that Remma elves and humans alike spurned them as abominations; driving them away from their settlements, forcing them to live in caverns beneath the earth lest their sight offend the gods and incur divine wrath. The Remma elves named them ‘raica’ (Elvish for ‘bent’ or ‘wrong’), the humans named them goblins, yet none now know whether this unfortunate race endures.

2) Genesis of Three Mortal Races

BC = Before Cataclysm (the first terrible manifestation of Lord Abu and his Dark Warriors on Syrnia)

19000 BC (approx) - Feeling the Elves’ loneliness, Spirit sighs upon the plains and the earth responds to her breath. Three brother races; the Altiru, Erelka and Manari; each taller and stronger than the Elves, emerge from the dust.

17000 BC (approx) - The Altiru grow tallest and strongest of all, bullying and dominating their smaller brothers. Spirit intervenes and exhorts them, through their strength, to serve their kin with protective love. The Altiru are filled with indignation and contempt. They defy their mother, striding petulantly towards the heights, whence they might gaze down mockingly upon their siblings. Today we know them as the giants of Exella Mountain.

16000 BC (approx) - Bereft of their mighty brothers, the Erelka feel lost and begin to wander the lands. For a while they tarry in Penteza Forest, yet soon feel slighted and scorned by the elves’ superior elegance and wisdom. Unable to find peace, they eventually reach the caves and strike deep within the earth, severing their connection to their skyward mother. Orphaned and alone, they are adopted by darkness. The Erelka gradually warp into grotesque travesties of their brothers - the beasts we now fear as ogres. And, in darkness, for many thousands of years, they nurture envy and malice towards the elves.

14000 BC (approx) - For five millennia, the Manari remain loyal to their mother. Yet, during the sixth, they tire of their windswept homes on Exella Plain and begin a passionate affair with the seas. Forging vessels to bridge the waters, one by one they abandon Spirit, seeking a new destiny of which they might be master.

13800 BC (approx) - The Manari reach Anasco, where earth elementals warmly embrace them as equals. Close kinship with the earth sharpens their minds yet dulls their senses - soon afterwards the Manari give birth to the first humans. Incapable of appreciating nature’s beauty, the humans grow restless and, attempting to bend creation itself to their will, they forge tools, weapons and machinery. As men take axes to Khaya’s trees, for no purpose other than to build grandiose houses, a red mist encircles Anasco, shrouding it from the rest of the world. Some say this was Spirit, still on Elven Island, retching elemental blood across the seas… a sign that her children had finally broken her heart.

My purpose in setting down these accounts is twofold. First, I wish to impart to my readers some idea of the relationship between elves, giants, ogres and humans. For despite our differences, many similarities persist. Elves, for example, are creatures of wind and children of Elenya. Giants, ogres and humans are creatures of wind and earth, and children of Spirit, who serves Elenya.

The scroll below presents a more detailed overview of the relationships between elven and mortal races. It is merely my copy of an original document that scholars may peruse in Castle Rose Library. Though its subject concerns the rather tasteless science of experimental interbreeding, much of the detail confirms my own historical research:

My second purpose is more practical in nature and concerns our future. Rumours of impending war, a war that might involve each of our four races, have in recent months multiplied on Elven Island. Thus I urge my readers, be they elves, giants, ogres or even stiff-necked humans, to take heed of the lessons you learn from these pages, whatever they may be, and – in doing so – not to dwell on that which separates our races, but that which binds us together. It may prove a little late in the day for idealism but I feel we could still learn much from mistakes made by elves and mortals, even those made in distant past.
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