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09-05-2016 13:20

We are currently looking at making some changes to the donation system and including some new perks for players to unlock.
We already have some in mind but would also like to get opinions from the players on what extras they would like to see so please post below with any ideas you have bearing in mind the following guidelines:

1. They will not affect the mechanics of the game.
2. They will not encourage or promote a pay to play/win system.

Also this section is not to be used to flame others ideas just for posting your own ideas or supporting an already posted idea

Thank you and we hope to see some wonderful ideas.
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09-05-2016 13:28

A few ideas.

1. Donation option to see if the items you planted are ready for farming, similar to being able to check the items you have stocked in your houses.

2. HP values added to cooked/grown items.

I don't see any of them adding any major advantages, but it would make life a little easier for the people willing to pay for those options.

-Jeremy Clarkson
09-05-2016 14:02

Ability to check farms from stats WOULD be very nice, yeah.
Much like house contents, or events list.

Ability to open a museum (rather than using shops as museums and cluttering up the shop's list with shops that aren't actually selling things.) It wouldn't change the dynamics and would benefit other users, too. (Or perhaps even adding this to construction - New wood sink, too)

Friend's list. Similar to Clan member's list. Lists location and player & whether online/offline. Ability to "opt out" if you don't want people to know your on/offline status. Have to confirm in order to be added to someone's list.

Maybe how much HP is in a house (upon clicking the house's link in stats, or even at the location)

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09-05-2016 15:54

Always a big no to friends list of any kind.
Donate to buy certain outfits that don't add any stats or speed, but can represent a skill or a style.
Clan crests.
One click outfit changes.
Ability to get the invasion winners of a town ranks sent to you by the citizens once the invasion is over.
Added info to event list; more detailed skill info, how many creatures.
Titles in front of our names.
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09-05-2016 16:06

+/- 40 minute botcheck

I think the highest atm is about 20.
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09-05-2016 16:15

Friends list - as long as you control who sees you online.
Specific outfits
Clan crests.
One click outfit changes.
Longer botcheck option
Seeing farm progress - on the fence with this one.

Edited on 09-05-2016 16:16
09-05-2016 16:41

No to longer botchecks as that could already be qualified to pay to win.

Yes to Citizen sending msg about Invasion rank after clear.
To see crowding of specific Locations even if not there.
Search Option for a item for all your houses in the stats Option.
More Layouts/designs of the syrnia Screen.
Option to see offline Players at a Location (as we had before) but not able to thiev them.
Option to see whole Chat history of the day (whole day). As from now when you check yesterdays history, you only see the Maximum number of lines your Chat is Holding.
Able to hold more Messages as up to 300 as 150 is not much at all right now.
Mor Journal Pages.
detailed info on Invasion list.
Being able to put a "aim" for your skills like (You have 34202 Silver. You Need 26.222 to achive your Aim.)
Option to remove closed Shops from shop list.
To Change Chat Color as scripts are not allowed as they where back in the time.
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09-05-2016 18:16

- Eully sell value added to items in your storage.

- Overview of what is in all of your houses. Simular to the options you have while managing your clan stockhouse.

- More extra stats to show might be nice too. But that might as well be added to the extra stat donation perk already.
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Dark Nero
09-05-2016 18:26

Remove the current event list perk!

I state this as I feel, the Event list ruins a lot of the aspects of invasions especially when it comes to pirates. I think there needs to be some mystery involved again, what is wrong with searching islands for invasions? it hurt no one when it used to be the case as the community came together to share information.

with the current lore direction from mods already in place I feel this is a time we no longer need the event list and we can move towards mystery again and work as a community to find things and not be shovelled things into our laps.

I think the community has gotten very lazy when it comes to aspects like invasions or even some skills, we no longer work towards the reward we are simply told things and we do it? to me that aint really all that fun.

as a form of replacement for the list;

more special stats
suppose maybe a 25 minute bot (30 at most)
extra information from partaking in Bm or invasions.

as in information is sent to you via a message regarding BM logs or your results in invasions.

I am not sure I would say a means of checking your farms state as I said witht he event list I feel the community is getting lazy and this sounds like just another means of making something easier.
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09-05-2016 19:14

Donators option shorter botchecks(10min)?
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09-05-2016 19:49

Given we already have the donation option for longer or adjusted botchecks in general, I don't see how it is pay to win.

And no to the farm checker, that's definitely a paid advantage.
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Ricktimus Prime
09-05-2016 19:57

An additional trophy slot on the right shoulder above the shield spot.
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09-05-2016 20:09

Masque when you claim that seeing farm slots is p2w, longer botcheck is also p2w.

-Jeremy Clarkson
09-05-2016 21:10

Make the rest of the items in game, sell able to Eully market.

I myself would like to be able to see if you farms are ready, like being able to check whats in a house.
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09-05-2016 21:54

Echoing some of the other peoples ideas:

1. A longer botcheck. Say 30 minutes?

2. View farms.
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10-05-2016 07:25

Please don't remove any of the current perks, they are rather nice .

Donater option to remove login bot check, this is the only botcheck I find really annoying.
10-05-2016 09:02

I would say no to a longer botcheck.

1. A button to force a botcheck, so you don't have to re~login just to get a bot when you are going away.

2. Ability to see how much fame a person has, just for fun.

3. Extra stats like number of wood cut, Number of different Seeds planted, number of ores mined etc etc.

4. Botcheck Alarm, a normal alarm serves the same function, This would just be making it easier.

5. A way to see when you will level, 'Another 10,000 chops at this location to gain a woodcutting level.'

5. Ingame goals you can set and that others could see if you want.

6. Extra Layouts.
The Sinner
10-05-2016 09:07

An option to turn Syrnia 3d
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10-05-2016 11:10

1. To be able to read BM logs.

No to longer botchecks.
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10-05-2016 11:11

Just a question with this, does this mean that the donation levels will be going up again in terms of amount you can donate or will these perks be added within the current structure
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Dark Nero
10-05-2016 15:47

I would not mind an extra stat to show what IS planted in your farms when you check house slots via extra stats BUT no to actually having a timer showing when they are ready.
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11-05-2016 09:37

Re: farming
I wouldn't think a timer, but a "Growing"/"Ready"/"Rotten"/"Empty" & which type of seed/plants.
Maybe even an "X/Y slots empty".

Edited on 11-05-2016 09:41
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11-05-2016 09:38

I agree with Redcap, that was my intention from the start

-Jeremy Clarkson
11-05-2016 10:18


Us veterans are no doubt the main contributors, it would be insane not to add something for us. I have almost been around 11 years and would like to help out, but I want to know it's doing something, like I am not the only one to donate to get +50msgs or some crap.
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12-05-2016 14:36

How about an ingame time clock, I'd use it to check spawn times instead of typing something in chat(when chats dead) to find out if its time for another run.
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